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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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    The "10 DAYS NO SHOPPING" challenge starts today 7th September - 16th September, 2009 (11.59pm). This is a challenge that everyone and anyone can participate freely without obligations. For 10 Days you SHOULD refrained from shopping (but buying food is ok). Shopping for shoes, clothes, cosmetics, presents, etc is not allowed! The goal of this challenge is to see if we can survive 10days WITHOUT SHOPPING.

    To make it interesting, I will drop tasks for everyone to do (whether you're participating or not). Tasks are little "let's get our mind off shopping" activities that you can do. They can be workshops (free), sampling activities, collecting/redeeming samples, anything that does not involved buying/shopping/seeing your moolah run away.

    If you pledging or following this 10 DAY NO SHOPPING CHALLENGE, you can drop your name & blog links here. If you're a blogger, you may post daily about your thoughts & "planned" activities for everyone to read. It's like keeping a 10-DAY NO SHOPPING DIARY.

    GOOD LUCK ALL, I'm also on the 10 DAY NO SHOPPING challenge! My Pledge for the 10-DAY No SHOPPING CHallenge:
    • I will review samples & blog about it
    • I will "try" to blog about the workshops that I have gone to
    • I will get down to writing the complaint letters
    • Donate my Magazines to Cafe/Hair Saloon
    Today's TASK

    Jess told me that Skindeco blogged about INUOVI cosmetic @ Facebook,giving out voucher to redeem free gift you can download the voucher from Connie@Skindeco's site or directly from the site click here to download.

    The INUOVI Free gift worth rm60

    I went to One Utama for lunch and drop by the I Nuovi counter in Parkson Grand, 1utama (New Wing). It's next to Anna Sui counter and they just open for about a month or so only. I'm guessing this is a chance to let people know that "HEY I'm here now!" promotion. My redemption went on smoothly, the girl greeted me and took my coupon. She gave me the free gift and explained to me what it is. I had a "confused" look on my face when she show me a brown n white cosmetic product *lol*. The brown part is the brow color and the white part is the brow wax (so your brow hairs don't go like jungle).

    MASK TASK: 7th-13th September at Participating Guardian Stores

    Redemption for Jeunesse Masque starts TODAY!

    Have you heard of Jeunesse Masque? During my schooling days (mind you I was quite a drug-store skincare/cosmetic whore then) I would buy Jeunesse Masque from Guardian Pharmacy because of the yummy cream splattered strawberry mask the lady with avocados on her eye area. This time I think Jeunesse Masque is trying to make a comeback by having this sampling promotion in participating Guardian stores.

    I redeemed "Gommage" Foot Scrub!
    (the sparking foot & foot scrub is not for sale in 1utama Guardian, so I redeemed both)

    There's also a PROMOTION going on that's so tempting I think you will break 10-DAY NO SHOPPING CHALLENGE in a minute. Can you RESIST IT? Don't try to shop in secret, I have plenty of spies around (even in Guardian Stores).

    Task for 7 Days Sampling

    A Clinique A DAY Keeps The Doctor Away. Have you redeemed your Clinique 7 Day supply custom-fit Supermoist Makeup yet? I have! I got mine in rose beiged. There's 6 shades - natural beige, true beige, cream beige, caramel, golden and rose beige.

    Clinique's New Supermoisture Makeup

    I got my custom fit done and I'm now wearing ROSE BEIGE.

    See u girls tonight at Tropicana GSC for the Movie Premier of "The Ugly Truth". I love Butler & Katherine Heigl! Can't wait for it! OH I'm so going to enjoy this. I love romance comedy!


    1. Hi Hiro,

      Nice 2 Meet u 2, thanks for taking interesting in my blog & yes u feel free to link it if you want to.


    2. Miu, if goint to cut hair ok or not? ;p

    3. I suppose cutting hair that don't exceed rm50 should be ok.

      If you're cutting, styling, rebonding, colouring, treating, etc the works = NO NO.

      Unless it's free and sponsored by your hubby.

    4. Hahaha... like that also can... miu u can force ur brick buy things for u 1 woooo

    5. out of the free will of the person and not through excessive begging, threatening, hints, seduction to shop without paying ok!

      Jess: somehow u all got the impression he pays or gives me money is it?! my bf don't give me money or buy me gifts or shopping for me! he don't believe in giving, or gifts or valentine or birthday or christmas presents. Opposite of me. And he don't believe in spending money as well.

    6. miu... my fren wedding need pressie... buying pressie consider shopping anot? ><"

    7. Y.E.S

      my suggestion:

      I know you girls shop a lot during sales. It's time for u to get a basket, assemble your own home made wedding gift basket for the bride/groom to be.

      A Bath Basket
      A Romantic Basket
      A 18SX Basket

      Put flowers & Candles to complete it. Wrap or Tie with ribbon/plastic flowers.

    8. Miu,

      wah, i like that eyebrow thingy mah. Does it come w little brush?

      Normally i will only draw my eyebrows (n mascara), other things lazy. Ppl always say short eyebrows = short life, so gotta do lor.

    9. so many freebies to redeem...but i so lazy to redeem...

    10. I think you meant GERARD Butler lah...

      (don't mean to be so pedantic, but I'm just saying...)

    11. wah the other day i went to get the foundation. the lady gave me Superfit! i want Supermoisture!! grr... i need my moisture.

      wah I Nuovi one so cute!

      haha 10 day challenge is way too short for me. i don't even get to go out that often anyway. so sad.

      enjoy the movie! i wanna watch it too. someday...


    12. someting wrong wit the B.LIV promotion..they replied me n mentioned delivery failure...pls check ur spam folder ya

    13. wings : i alredy email the sponsored to check.

      Miu : check out me, im going to dig dig for more freebies! I WAN WIN YOUR CONTEST

    14. I GOT MINE :)


      Thanks Have A Nice Day

    15. hehehe..miu dear, i managed to complete the mask redemption task, inuovi task and the clinique 7-days foundation sample task..plus, i already filled in my details for the cellnique redemption task.basically, today's task r all completed with only rm1 damage..dats for the parking fee at BU.i havent been shopping since last week's sunday (30/08)which is dday-8 already...can ah?hehehheeh

    16. Thank you for your concern to warn others :) Lucky for me, I have friends who e-mailed me about this when they saw your warning or I could have just missed out on this particular post and never know.

      Yummy411 is on my blogroll which imports information on her latest post. I've removed her link from my blog so hopefully that solves the pop-up problem.

    17. Hi Connie!

      SORRY BABE!!! I was too busy yesterday rushing work off before lunch time. I asked my friends to alert you as they saw the post without the alert popping out. I couldn't go into your site anymore due to the block to leave a comment. I don't have your email as well so the best was to ask others to let you know.

      But it's strange as my friends said it didn't happen to them, i figure my anti-virus or etc is just pms-ing for over sensitivity.

      Hope there's no problems on your side, glad u got it out :)

    18. Candy's got TWO of the cute Nuovi browcake - 2 different colors. One darker brown and 1 more like milk chocolate color.

      wonder what the difference in color when used.

    19. Hi hi... ya. i'd like to "enrol" for the 10 Day No shopping challenge as well.. i didn't shop yesterday.. So that was definitely good.

      I'm way over my budget now. so it's crazy.....!


    20. hi.... i did two of the tasks already... the bliv. and nouvi voucher.

    21. Now that the problem has been resolved, I would really appreciate it if you took your warning/alert down. Wouldn't wanna freak people out unnecessarily, would we? ;)

    22. Weird, Miu, the link for the B.Liv isn't working. Am i the only one having problems?

    23. su yan, yeah it's weird.. i think they took it down already due to "problems".

      even those who have submitted, the email is rejected and comes back in your spam box.

      I have deleted this task, apologies to all. I hope B.Liv clean that mess up.

    24. Hi girls..

      really want to joint this 10days challenge.. but.. nak raya ah minggu depan.. need to buys things lot..

      to make more fun for ur challenge.. u all can try la Bobbi Brown long-wearing eyes event.. they will do make over for you..


      good luck girlsss

    25. hey miu...not sure if you already knew about this or not....
      i saw there is maybelline lipstick for free this saturday....
      i saw at sns website


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