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  • A Night Ruined by Fireman Steamboat


    Malay Mail Newspaper Today

    A night ruined by Fireman Steamboat

    Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 02:21:00
    MIU is disappointed with the Jaya One branch of Fireman Steamboat & BBQ Restaurant over her experience there recently.She made reservations for 20 persons at the restaurant for a birthday celebration on Aug 29, and requested four tatami tables, with one of them being the VIP table.“I made it clear that the first table should be the VIP table, and confirmed this with the restaurant manager numerous times before the event. However, one day before the event, I informed him that only 16 people would be attending, but I still wanted four tables,” she said. On the day of the function, MIU said, some of her guests arrived before her and she learnt from them that only two tatami tables had been reserved for her function.“I immediately called the manager, but he refused to give me an extra table I wanted, saying it is restaurant policy that a table must seat eight persons. I know for a fact that the table can seat six as comfortably, as I had dined at the outlet with friends a week earlier,” she said.

    However, the manager insisted that two tatami tables would fit 16 guests, and it took some argument before he agreed to give her another table. But there was more shock for MIU when she reached the restaurant. She found that the VIP table she had reserved was given to another customer. “This was the second disappointment. I sent him SMSes, but he did not reply. After that incident, I received no follow-up or apology. I felt embarrassed bringing my guests there for a birthday dinner, which had to result in an argument, spoiling my night. “I paid for 20 diners that night, and even paid for jugs of drinks for my guests. I feel the service and treatment I received from Fireman Steamboat & BBQ was terrible and I deserve an apology for a ruined night and the way I was treated over the reservation,” MIU said.

    A FIREMAN Steamboat & BBQ Restaurant spokesman said the restaurant has applogised to MIU over the miscommunication that took place.

    He said MIU had made reservations early, but changed the number of diners to 16 at the last minute and therefore the arrangments had to be amended. “It was a weekend, when our restaurant is always full. The tables in our restaurant are meant for eight persons and with only 16 of them, two tables are good enough. We need to accommodate a full house crowd,” he said, adding that the restaurant had also given the diners a complimentary round of drinks.

    “We offered her an apology and complimentary drinks. I think the matter is settled,” he said.


    I reiterate that there was no "apology+complimentary drinks" given to me to even consider the matter settled. The only complimentary drinks I have was under promotion as a everyday.com.my member and agreed upon during my purchase of 20pax vouchers to dine in this restaurant. This was BEFORE the matter happened and not AFTER. Infact I had to pay for 5 jugs of caring herbal tea, 2 ice water & 1 100plus for my guests that night. I also have more than 20 witnesses who agree with me that one tatami table cannot fit 8 pax. Here's a picture of the table, you tell me if this can fit 8 pax comfortably? How many hours for 8 pax to cook on this small griller?

    I had REMINDED Mr. Lee on Everyday.com.my on my reservation

    Seriously, I don't think my "last minute" changes would pose a problem since it was more of a reduction rather than showing up with more guest then I have confirmed. By all means if he gave me 3 tables to fit 16 pax I would be okay even if I wasn't informed of such "changes".

    Also I had already asked Mr. Lee of Fireman Steamboat & BBQ whether on 29/8 (Saturday) I could reserved 4 tables. He said NO PROBLEM and I even reminded him again a day before the event that I'm coming. He should have called me but instead I had to fight for my guest on that night to be seated comfortably and he still insist that 16 pax can fit 2 tables & even told me that it was restaurant procedures to change customer's reservation without informing the customer <-- omg?

    I am truly disappointed at Fireman Steamboat & Barbecue for such "statements" in an attempt to maintain their stand they're at not fault at all & added the twist of "apology & complimentary drinks" that settled the matter. Let the consumers be a judge of good customer service. No customers will complaint if they had receive a satisfactory response/service from any company/shop. Here's an article by Consumerist.Com on How to Apologize. My night at Fireman may be spoiled, but my quest for good customer service and consumer right will not just stop here! May the force be with you!


    1. I can be ur witness ..no worries!!!
      fight for the customer rights!

    2. Miu,

      d 5 jugs of herbal tea are they on top of the complimentary herbal tea?

      As i recall, the 1st round of herbal tea we had (at least d table i was sitting) was not in jugs but in glasses only ie 1 glass per person.

      Frm wat i read on the everyday.com site, i thought it was ONE complimentary jug per ONE table.

      Did our dining group drank EIGHT jugs of herbal tea???

    3. btw, i didnt see any tables on the ground floor where we were that sat 8 ADULTS to a table.

      Really, i cant imagine how 8 normal sized adults with normal buttocks can sit at the tatami table.

      maybe 8 v emaciated famine stricken adults can.

    4. thanks Cai Wing!

      Pigita: yes you're correct, we only had glasses of complimentary drinks instead of jugs from Fireman under the everyday.com.my promotion and also upon purchase of 20pax coupons from Fireman Restaurant. This is BEFORE the complaint happened.

      I paid for 5 jugs of Caring Herbal tea + other drinks. I also don't recall ordering 5 jugs of caring herbal tea, infact I had ordered only 3. The other 2 jugs, I can't account for it but the Waiter said there was total 5 jugs. Oh whatever lah nvm.

    5. eihh...anymore come to apology to you that night?!

    6. sorry la miu, i ordered 1 more jug of herbal tea when the first jug at our table finished wor.

      Should've asked u first, apologies.

    7. No way! How can the table fit 8 person???? It fits if we're going to sit there only without eating (we have to move our hands and arms right?). DUH!!! The worker (a girl) there is damn impolite when she tell us that the table is cut into 2. As if she's the boss and if she really is, that's even worse!!! How can they have such bad customer service?

    8. i think you should write in and correct the misinformation. tell them they had lost 1 customer + 15 potential customers + many other recommendation for their poor attitude. tell them the 16 dissatisfied customers will continue to condemn this place until a formal apology were to be had.

    9. Liars scared d trying to cover Up. HAHAHA..

    10. I can be your witness too! Omg... even we squeezed in 6 pax was just ngam ngam only! don't have extra room to move around!!! lucky janice sit beside me... otherwise i don't think i can move freely la... kakaka...

      but i do think the shop manager owed us an apologize la... plus i don't remember if we order so many jugs of caring herbal tea!! they siao 1 kah? simply charged their customer?? boycott boycott!!! cannot go there anymore la... so lau yah restaurant!!!!

    11. Dont worry Miu.. we support u.. we know who are the culprits and liars.. Im boycotting the stupid place...

    12. I just don't get it how these people still want to maintain their stance when we have brought our complaint to the press! No apology from them, and simply (over)charging us for drinks. What complimentary drinks?? If complimentary drinks as their way of compensation, then there shouldn't be any charge on the drinks stated in the bill!

      It's just impossible to fit in 8 to a table. Even if we try fitting 8 kids to that table, it would be ridiculous, let alone fitting 8 normal-sized adults!

      Fireman management is just too much!!!!

    13. terrible service :( I dont think I wanna go try that restaurant.

    14. Too bad, its our 1st also our last time there.

      We do not like to be treated like this. We are not stupid neither we are blind. If Fireman did not think they owe us a apology, then we owed them the word GOODBYE.

      p/s: We even got better treatment at Mamak stall for RM1 drinks!!!!

    15. boycott la fireman at jaya.

      and hope everyone who googles up reviews on this particular branch of fireman is aware of this incident and will be cautious when dealing with them.

      still think the manager mmg muka tak tahu malu la, siap can claim all sorts of things.


    16. such bad, arrogant service, ugh. agree that the manager = tak tahu malu.

    17. Good Grief! They are already in the wrong, summore want to cover up their act aa? Just apologize and be done with it lah! Don't they know that bad publicity for a restaurant sticks with them forever?? They might as well shut it down for being unhygenic.. huhu. Nvm, Miu.. just stick to ur guns and watch as these morons get what they deserve -- public boycott!

    18. OMG! what a sad case! I will not go then!

    19. service might be bad when it happen to me, perhaps they have improved already by now (nearly 1 year oledi since it happened) and considering so cheap the food, a lot ppl would not be bothered by what happened to a girl and her party guests for a night.

      Well it takes months to gain a customer but only a few seconds to lose them.

      I will NEVER go to FIREMAN again, even if it's DIRT CHEAP.


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