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Blog Break

Girls, I'll be on a blog vacation from today onwards as I need to let loose and relax a bit. I will still be running around town, attending events & so on. For the time being, do read through my posts for the past week/month/year. You'll find some post quite interesting I'm sure. If you find any post you like do let me know! During this blog vacation, I might still blog and I will still chat! (when free). My nerves has been getting to me and I need a blog break. I'll try to reply all questions, comments via chats and email asap. Questions on Chats/Shoutbox might be left out as there's loads of chats there which I can't follow due to time contraint as I'm aslo working. If anyone has any serious questions or urgently needs my feedback/reply kindly send me an email (a reminder that I haven't reply it yet). My email box is swarmed with 100 over emails everyday from everywhere. I can easily miss out an email or forgot to reply one when I'm trying to read emails in a rush.

So yes I'm not arrogant, I'm just either :( too worked up, no time to sit down and quietly read my emails and reply them in detail. You need to knock me off with a reminder or two, don't be shy. And if I missed anyone's order, please let me know. Arigato everyone, thank you for your support and I love you girls.



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