learning to pause instead of pressure

BFM 89.9 Interview with Tammy Lim

part 1 of the interview - about tammy lim personal shopper

BFM's She Fah (producer) & Me

part 2 - her blog, her readers, she loves them all


  1. >_<"" u sound so kan cheong and nervous .....good job >_<"" salute much........

    tutu J

  2. wish list system in malaysia?

    Can it work or not? everyone wants money especially during weddings...

  3. maybe the chinese like angpao for wedding, but for malay wedding, most give gifts instead of money and they have hantaran/etc it can be incorporated into a wish list system.

  4. Good good.. i want to learn how to "squeeze" the SA...i alwiz kena bullied when i go shopping....

    bullied customer... lol.. ^^

  5. So I might have to get you to shop for me but it sounds like you had some fun on the show but started out a little nervous but lovable good to know your having fun now and enjoying your shopping I always loved to shop always loved to see what was new! enjoy your self and hope you can keep up to your new found fame or are you two famous for me to say hi anymore!

  6. oh em gee (hope you get this comment even though its been a year!)
    u know i've jes been back in m'sia and bfm is the ONLY radio station i can withstand listening (coz the rest have outdated songs and speak terribly) and congrats for being in the show!!!!!!
    i think u answered purrfectly well when she fah asked you 'are u encouraging people to spend more' coz it aint u who 'put a knife' at those people to buy! its thanks to you that we got to know these super prices and be a better shopper coz of the savings! hey babe, if u ever gonna go again on bfm let me know!!!!

    xoxo elle


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