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  • Chanel Ultra Correction Lift



    Calling all "10-Day No Shopping" girls! ignite your freebie hunting skills on 3-9th September, 2009!


    If you have a copy of The Star Newspaper today 2/9/09 flip to StarTwo Page T7 and you'll see a whole page advertised by Chanel to introduce their "Ultra Correction Lift". Tear the page down like a hungry she-biatch and visit your nearest Chanel @ Parkson Counter to discover the product and take hom a 2-piece sample to try. There will be loads of promotion going on for this event and even a RM150 fully redeemable Workshop to learn all about this and how to make up.REMEMBER your task is to TRY not "BUY before you TRY". It should be "TRY before you BUY".


    Candy went to Pavilion Chanel using the newspaper cutting to redeem the sample. She was told she could not redeem because "its only for members". Based on exactly what's advertised on the page, it does not even say MEMBERS ONLY. Chanel and/or it's staff - by rejecting Candy and/or any other customers based on this advertisement in The Star Newspaper, not only make consumers angry but they could also violate consumer rights viz "MISLEADING AND DECEPTIVE CONDUCT, FALSE REPRESENTATION AND UNFAIR PRACTICE" using Bait Advertising to lure customers to their counter with the intention of not supplying/giving the samples.You can read Consumer Protection Act (Malaysia) Part II - Section 13, 14 (And whatever that is applicable).

    I hope its not just Chanel Pavilion that made Candy unhappy. If anyone has been rejected/unhappy about this you may call Chanel to lodge a complain/report to seek an explanation.


    1. that's fast. i just saw that page! then there is the workshop. you going?? do we really need to tear the page? only 3 counters. or do you know if normal ones like in 1U have it too? thanks


    2. hello abby, i just finish the post up :) with the workshop in it.

      Bring the page to redeem just in case bcoz it's your best weapon against:

      "Sorry Miss don't know what you're talking about"


      "Sorry u need page to redeem"

      I read the 3 places in KL/SEL is Pavilion, Subang Parade and Sunway Pyramid. I guess 1utama is not in it :(

    3. kanasai u...mus complete task 5 meh...if hav to drive to PAVILLION/SUBANG/SUNWAY to get the stupid samples...WASTE TIME N PETROL ONY!!!! consider FREEEBIES meh...hav to pay car park somemore!
      if u dare to post tis comment..U POST LA!!!!!11

    4. I'm not forcing anyone, but instead of shopping on that day, u can window shop, grabbed some samples to do testing.

      Don't purposely drive to go take samples.

    5. KNS u ..u really post my comment!!!
      i hate u now!!!

    6. haha reply so fast. then got one naughty post also. poor Miu.

      ya la. if it is just those 3 then cannot go lor. 1U then ok. so bad wan. its a Parkson promo. not actual Chanel.

      oh well....you go get yours and make us drool!! i need to go on shopping ban also nya


    7. abby..
      tis is how i communicate with Miu

    8. how about for those who get the sample voucher not through The Star?

      I got my voucher thru email!

    9. wah if dont wanna perform the task then dont laa.... wad for go flame ppl's post... Ridiculous...

    10. oo.... kidding onli izit.. i tot really cari gaduh~~ hahaah

    11. Pls go to malaysia gov website and complained.keep the newpaper as proof
      this is because there are misleading customer.

      Luv u..

    12. hey miu, can la.. use the newspaper can get the free sample. I know coz I bring kawan along and newspaper, the gal got call office asked and say can take!!

    13. I think if the counter do not provide sample as advertised, this could be due to communication breakdown from Chanel management to their staffs.

      But the Chanel staffs should at least take effort resolve this asap so that the public is not mislead by this.

    14. Buaya Wing, i know la. joking only ma.

      my my....bad image for Chanel. such a high end brand too.


    15. is that really just can redeem it at those 3 places ? coz me n my sis went to the chanel isetan klcc , and the SA said their promo will start on next week wor ~dunno whther it's an excuse or wat..
      and when we go to parkson klcc , the SA dun even wanna entertain us >< .... feel so bad ><

    16. haha..i got the samples ady ^_^


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