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Clarins Nude Inspiration


Tomorrow (10th September, 2009) there's a media launch on the Clarin's New Nude Inspiration Autumn Make-up Collection at Isetan KLCC. There will be 4 invited celebrities, refreshments, make-up demo, makeovers as I was told by Avon, Clarin's Beauty Assistant today. This event starts at 10.30am until 2pm. Media, bloggers and anyone interested are invited to attend. Did I mention there will be goodie bags?

sneak peak of the event!

the celebs! Jojo, Chelsea, Hannah & Daphne
(all so pretty.. so pretty!!!)

poor kitten's face b4 makeover

TADAAH!!! after Clarin's Nude Autumn Makeover!

fatin, buaya wing & me
(only buaya wing did not makeover)


  1. anything to do to register?
    what if everyone just go and they allow all in?

  2. that's why i feel its so strange..

    but that's what the BA told me.. anyone who can come.. can join.. and she says it's working day so not many ppl will come to this event..

    seems like casual but also.. important? since got 4 celebs coming..

  3. yaya, must be a lot of medias&datins or what....
    sound interesting but im so scare kena reject then everyone will look at me......

  4. omg! i like make up... u going??? who else going? can i go???? ><

  5. tak boleh recognize 1 celebrity pun


  6. pretty miu, wow.. celebs they too :) yeah.. they are pretty too.

  7. joey,

    i recognize the name "daphne iking" but not the face.

    U put all 4 in front of me, i can only say "Oh, leng luis" fullstop. Not "OOOOHHH WOW, dis dat celebrity!!"

    I remember i was shopping once and after attending to a lady in front of me, the SA turn to me n said "that was 'some singer's name' " - right in front of my eyes, also i cannot identify. hahaha


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