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Maybelline's Simply Fabulous Party


Sunday Aug 16th at Twenty-one Kitchen & Bar

Last month, I was invited by Bei Shan a reader of mine to Maybelline's NY Simply Fabulous Cocktail Party at Twenty-One Kitchen & Bar, Changkat Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur. Von Von was also invited so both of us went! Buaya Wing was hospitalized so she couldn't make it, poor girl. I'd like to thank Bei Shan for inviting me :)

look at the yummy food!!!

TV crew, Media & Guests! the place was packed!

Von Von enjoying herself

Baby Shannon & Me

It was packed with people from all over! I met another reader @ blogger Baby Shannon who suddenly came up to greet me! it was my first time meeting her face to face. I got to know her from the MAC Hello Kitty Party at MidValley few months ago! what a small world that we finally met in this cocktail party by Maybelline!

Finally we met Bei Shan! she was so gorgeous, especially her eyes they were mesmerizing! like an exotic tropical bird. I seriously want to know where to get those falsies too! Bei Shan you looked great :) I hope you make it to the finals and don't let all of us down! YOU GO GIRL! I'll be watching the show and rooting for you okay? Hope to see you again and maybe this time a picture together?! (before you become famous and forget me sob sob).
You can check out more pictures/videos of the Maybelline NY Simply Fabulous Cocktail Party and the 10 contestants at the Simply Fabulous Maybelline New York @ 8 TV site or at their Face Book! The finale for this reality show will be on 18th October, 2009 10pm. We can start voting for our favorite girl on 28th September, 2009 from 12 morning to 1th October noon!


GRAND PRIZE: RM10,000 in sponsorship
+ A Trip to New York City + other prizes totalling up to RM50,000

  • 1. Calista Wei Fen Leah Liew, 22
  • 2. Kimberley Cham Siang Fen, 25
  • 3. Susilawati Mohd Ariff, 24
  • 4. Steffanie Vanessa Schubert, 19
  • 5. Nalinder Manoharan, 27
  • 6. Preeta Sharenia Nithianantham, 21
  • 7. Zhareen Anshary, 19
  • 8. Ng Bei Shan, 22
  • 9. Nik Syifa Unnur Nik Aziz, 21
  • 10. Nurdiana Ashraf Abu Bakar, 25


  1. Thanks sooo much :)
    It's my honour really, to have you there as my guests ;)
    You guys look great too!
    Ya...we didn't have enough time that day, will certainly find a time to take pictures with you ;)

  2. oh before i forget, i won't forget you one la...i'm your fan ma ;)

  3. I think you meant to say the finale is 18th Oct, not 18th Sept - otherwise finale tomorrow alredy over before start! LOL..

  4. You and that food post the beautiful girls no problem but the gorgeous deserts I can feel my sugar levels rise!

  5. Shan: It's a honored for me too! thanks for the invite Shan! btw sure or not won't forget? so can i choose what kinda of souvenir I want from New York already? hahaha!!!

    Becks: haiyah.. a lot ppl there.. have to find territory to stand T_T

    Beetrice: yeah you're right!!! thanks for pointing that out!

    Sherry: yum yum wish u all were there too so we can rock it down!

    Jamie: hahaha control!!!! go watch your froggie anime! r u done watching all 14 dvds already?!

  6. ohhhhhhhh jealousnya ... next time invite me la :p

  7. sure won't ;) perhaps sth from stila? haha...

  8. Bryan: this u gotta ask Shan here!!! hehe....

    Shan: OMMMGGGG STILLA OF COZ.. wuwuwuw????? must buy 10000 handphone vote u liao..

  9. bryan: if thr's another chance i'll invite u ;)
    miu: haha...that's a lot of investment :p

  10. bryan: if thr's another chance i'll invite u ;)
    miu: haha...that's a lot of investment :p

  11. bryan: if thr's another chance i'll invite u ;)
    miu: haha...that's a lot of investment :p

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