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Sneak Peek: Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque


Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque
Review Coming Up Soon!

And also the latest Kiehl's Sunflower Color Preserving Hair Care range catered for color treated hair which is coming out in October, 2009. I was lucky to be given the chance to try the hair recovery pak (hair cream masque), shampoo & conditioner and boy does it smell great! (in fact too great that my bf is complaining the whole room smells like peach fruit). I actually had a hair spa this morning before attending the Origin's Be The Change event at Gardens. Did anyone smell my hair?

Kiehl's Sunflower Color Preserving Hair Care Range


  1. Ano ne, how come you didn't cover the whole face? Trying to imitate the Warriors?? Hahah...

    Ooo did you? I don't know about the scent (so many people there today), but your hair looked very straight!

    I guess people who don't colour their hair can skip this one!

  2. coz it's for oily/enlarge pore skin. My face is combination so i didn't cover the entire area. Only focusing on my T-Zone where my fat blackhead pores are and my cheeks.

    While using the masque, i'm also trying out the sunflower preserving hair recovery pak muahaha...

    oh the scent is overpowering i can smell it whole day.. n my bf threatened to throw me outa the room.. he even open all the windows in our bedroom whcih is 5 windows... 2 fans.. clearing the air.. huuhhuhuhu......... he said if he can't sleep tonight.. he's goin to kill me..

    my bf is not a perfume/scent person T_T

    i air dried my hair n did not comb it at all... it's also bcoz i had it rebond naturally by Jean Yip Hub (curve). Along with silky recovery pak + conditioner, i guess it made my hair look kinda straight.

  3. Ah i know that. I got a sample. Haven't used only. You're not the only one with fat blackheads dear.

    Wah! Multi-tasking! Did you use too much product? Haha... poor thing your bf. Haha...tell him to smell his pillow then. Use charcoal maybe?

    Wah really? Cool. I hope all the Recovery Paks are like that. Need to try that Amino Acid one we got.

  4. hehhehehe...i know.. lotsa ppl have blackheads lar...

    can masque hair n face same time mah :D

    i only used recovery pak, follow by the sunflower shampoo and then conditioner. The scent itself is quite strong, some may not like it.

    The recovery pak is really good :)

    but the shampoo is too stripping and must used with the sunflower conditioner after.

  5. Miu,

    d sunflower oil products, u said d scent is "overpowering" - is it pleasant scent or not?

  6. considering i used all 3 hair products for my hair spa.. the scent is quite strong.

    It's the scent of peaches/apricot. To some who don't fancy peaches.. might be too off for them. I love peaches so i love the scent :)

    my bf.. no he's complaining.. coz he's never been a scent of any sort person.

    nose like dog

  7. OH! I'm eagerly awaiting this review! I got some of their samples and have a couple of things that concern me so I want to see if you have a similar experience ^_^

  8. saitangelius ok ok u should try! btw what's your skin like? combo? oily? sensitive? I was advised to use on my T-Zone coz i have dry but combi oil T-zone. So i used mainly on my T-Zone n i tried on my sensitive cheeks to see the results.

    Sherry: yes babe, got body spa, foot spa.. n hair spa hehehe... it's when u pamper ur hair.. n do all the masque, shampoo, conditioning.. treatment..

  9. hi dear, the hair masque can apply on scalp?

  10. on hair nia doroshi

    cannot on scalp, too oily :)


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