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Lewre Pre-Renovation Crazy Deals Mid Valley


from 29th Sept - 5th Oct Lewre Mid Valley
(next to Coffee Bean)

two pairs for RM50!

Calling all Shoe Fanatics! Lewre MidValley is having a clearance on their shoes! This means heels that you see for RM326 is now only RM25 (if u buy 2 pairs)! Everything and anything as long u buy two pairs, each will be only RM25! one pair is RM30? I can't remember coz I bought two pairs (the 3rd pair is shared with Jean!). See my heels? are they pretty? it would cost me nearly RM1k to get these 3 pairs and I only need to pay RM75 today! Hurry befure your sizes and shoes are gone! we went KRAAAAAAAAAAAAAZEEEEEEEEEE I tell u! Lewre is centre court, on the way to Cititel Hotel, beside Coffee Bean, opposite Secret Recipe/MPH.



  1. it's so crazy! if i free i will go again b4 5/10!!!

  2. Jean: heyyy gimme ur maybank no coz i wanna bank to u yah!

  3. Fatin: lol surprised u havent kicked in the lewre craze yet!

  4. do they take credit card or cash only? any pumps?

  5. Anonymous: cash only :( the pumps are gone by the time i left..

    i am not sure if they will restock or not :(

  6. wuwuwuwu...regret didnt buy more!! now 1 pair RM70 already!! :(

  7. WHAT CINDY? now is RM70 a pair?? if buy two still rm50 or not?

  8. what a crazy deal ! I wish I was at KL too >_<

  9. yes!! now is RM70/pair... RM100 for 2 pair! but.... not all shoes 2 pair RM100, selected only.
    Now more on comfort shoes, original price around Rm200-300!!
    so so sad didnt grab everything on sat!! bye bye shoes.. =(
    anywhere, sales until tomorrow!! *sob sob*

  10. so means not worth going anymore la? is it?,,,,,,,pls tell me b4i too late go tmnrw.......
    the rm 70 per pair condition still nice or not???

    tutu j.....

  11. so nice, I don't buy shoes now someone complaining if I buy so stick to old ones, even sandal rosak wear la. just the inside come out already.. but blh wear


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