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Body Shop Fahrenheit88 Grand Opening

13.10.10 a date not to forget

the dreamy launch of the Body Shop Fahrenheit88 opening

Yesterday was way dam cool! first if you are a Body Shop Facebook fan, you'll know that Body Shop gave away 30 invitations to their facebook fans to attend their Dreams Unlimited Fragrance Launch Event at the newly opened Fahrenheit88 Shopping Centre in the heart of the city! At the same time, Body Shop also announced their official opening of their flagship store here with a big bang! and I do mean big bang! (there was drum band playing! not imported from Africa!). 

grand opening of their flagship store in Fahrenheit88

Goodies Galore Thanks Body Shop!

Fast Track a bit, as it's a working day I just needed to share with everyone why this party event is so awesome! A friend who once launch the opening of her store in Mid Valley said that the first day is always important for business. She's Chinese and she believed that if customer shops in their store on the first day, it would bring luck to their business. I wonder if The Body Shop believe this too, coz you know what? they gave the lucky fans each a RM88 cash voucher to shop for anything they like in the store! (minus promotional items of course). The number 88 is also a Chinese lucky number which means "Rich Rich". 

body shop fans registering to go in

borrow photo from Nicolevina to show RM88 voucher
(mine too fast eaten up so forgot take pic)

Besides the cash voucher, everyone was in for another surprise only when u use the voucher! a goodie bag would be presented to you at the cashier counter when u pay up for your purchase using the RM88 cash voucher. The goodie bag is AWESOME! it has the Melinda Looi cotton shirt which I was eying in the store! a product from the dreams unlimited collection, which can be either a lotion or a shower gel. I got a lotion RM55 but I saw Fatin a bit sad with her shower gel RM45, so I exchanged with her. I don't need lotions so I don't mind having a shower gel as long I can see my friend happy.

plusizekitten getting her caricature done

tarot card reading for everyone!

Also in the photo u see attached here, there's a caricature of myself with my new hubby a.k.a Canon 550D DSLR which Jack the Artist drew! (without asking me if I want a camera inside) he's so smart!!!. Tarot Card reading was next but I have already had mine read with the same lady someway back this year at the Chic Pop event in Bisou, Mont Kiara.  All in all an enjoying party with the goal to shop! Guess what I bought? 

write your dreams on the dream tree!

the "dream tree"

KenBy hanging her dreams on the tree

light up my life

Kenby, Fatin & Vina17 (celeb style)

pretty flowers everywhere here

amazingly tall dreamy woman

Fatin, Xin Yi & Kenby (aloha girls!)

Plusizekitten & Xin Yi (Hola!)

Buaya Wing & Jean (lovers?)

comic - your friend's job scope

Well stay tune, more pics! just no time to edit now. Work Work Work first! More Pics later! Attached herein also a cute comic about friendship.


  1. best best...i lambat answered the RSVP, so by the time i answered it, all the tickets have been allocated :((

  2. haha, too bad din get to take photo with u eh >< next time lets snap snap!!

  3. thanks tammy for the nice photo...girl, ur new hubby hv a great function! DSLR really make the!!*_~
    arghh.. aloha girl need a beach vacation!:p

  4. Thank you for sharing this... My RSVP was rejected due to over due date... T__________T

  5. did i look so depressed?! lol! thanx for exchanging with me.. had too many shower gels already.. *hugzzz*

    do you notice something.. with your new camera, you're hardly in the photos.. lo!! lurv the pics though!! *stab stab*

  6. The dreamy woman dress is so fantastic, I love the wild mix of colors!

  7. Your pictures are fantastic, love them all, looks like you had a great time.


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