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  • Shu Uemura Christmas Collection with Aya Takano


    check out the up-coming Christmas collection!
    the website is super cute!!!
    the limited edition train case (not for sale like Tsumori Chisato)
    the holiday collection palettes! argh so cute
    omg cleansing oil also in cute packaging!
    ARGH I must get this cute eyelash!!!

    WHY! this year's Shu Uemura's Holiday Collection called the "Abracadabra Fantasy" a collaboration with Aya Takano  is so adorably cute, girly and it's PINK! compared to Tsumori Chisato (spacey galactic cat!) to manga-ish pink dolly like! Hell will break loose in my pocket this holiday! Can't wait to see the actual products for this! Check out the http://www.xmas-shuuemura.com/ and the making of the video there too! 

    Shu Uemura's Christmas Collection
    "sure way to kill all BFFS"!

    BowWow Magic Queen Limited Edition Palette
    (Eye Palettes rm198)

    limited edition color palettes & cleansing oil!
    (cleansing oil rm110)

    lip duo tint & gloss rm90 each

    peace and harmony mini brush set rm190

    blush tint in miracle cherry (salivating at this)

    oh what's this cute lil pouch?!

    I just don't know how I am going to be able to resist this collection. I got the whole Tsumori Chisato Christmas collection last year but this year will be difficult for me! I am so hawking the eyelashes! there's a premium limited edition one called Dream Coaster RM70 where u can customize your own using the stickers from this collection and the Magical Windfall, a pair of partial eyelashes decorated with magical symbols ornaments on it. OH MY OH MY! Screaming now!


    1. the train is so damn cute!!!!!!!

    2. OH MY GOD, SO CUTE and am gonna DIE!!! Love them all! Pls let me know when they gona come out, i wanan touch and see and perhaps buy :P

    3. meaning have to save up alot starting from today and hold myself back from buying other things... but how if most of the fall collection are to die for??!!! (gasp) \*0*/

    4. Fatin: I KNOW ARGHH n they turned it into a art dolly museum!

    5. Doroshi: i will get the the BLUSH TINT FIRST! this really never see from Shu Uemura b4!!

    6. Pink: that's what i have to do! can i trade in my last year's collection for this years?! SHU UEMURA WHYYYYYYyyyyYYyyy!!!

    7. yes yes i will buy the blush tint too! Droollsssssss so dolly tis shu set!! Arghhhh

    8. I do wish if they have make over using this set! It will be super super awesome! :))

    9. WOW very cute...... a little much with the whole case but very cute.
      Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ... vividfusion.blogspot.com ...Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    10. Doroshi: if they let us make up like those two "BFFS" on poster.. a lot ppl will go crazy over it! Buy a Color Palette, get a free Abracadabra Makeover (pink background,stars n heart stickers!) put on the fake eyelashes and snap photo!!!!!!!AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Cath J: LIKE 10000000000000000x here too!!

    12. Miss Krimson: XD thanks for visitng my blog!

    13. Nicole: HOW WE GOIN SURVIVE NI? sigh

    14. Miu: YES YES!! That's what i meant! And yes if they do such thing, mayb i will go bankrupt and buy the set to get the makeover n snap pics, but i also hope they dun hav such deal, I will be so broke! :(( I think i need to start clearin n sellin my stash to get the money for these! HELP!

    15. OMGGGGGGGGG !!!! so CUTE leh......die man :p :p

    16. Wow this is the most gorgeous shu collection! Such a sucker for pinks. Hopefully not all sold out. Think it will sell really well!

    17. Oh thanks Miu for posting such great pictures!

    18. DOroshi: i also will go bankrupt! darn... T_T i hope they have a packaged deal for this or a cute BFF workshop! then at least it's a all in one deal..

    19. Shuaddict: we r o suckers for pink n going to go crazy when this is launch in the xmas holidays! arghh... that's it lah.. the girls will ask their BF's / Husbands to buy them this for new year present.. etc etc.. bday/xmas. I will have more pictures up once Shu Msia gives me some updates :D

    20. Any word on when will be released? I want the palette so bad. Yeah if good husbands & boyfriends do their research for Xmas they will get this for us (or we could 'hint' lol)

    21. Probably in Nov/Dec just like Tsumori Chisato collection. But seriously.. if they package it up

      RM300 (inclusive of one item from abracadabra)
      -get makeover like abracadabra
      - A4 photo
      - special abracadabra freebies (last year they give tsumori chisato mirror! and spend rm1k get tsumori chisato pouch)
      - 5pcs gifts..
      - etc

    22. so cute !!! I like the model's makeup ~~~ really really so cute ~~~

    23. irresistible collection :) definitely getting the dreamcoaster n blush tint ^^


      so adorable... but last year punya i pun tak guna yet...

    25. MUAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      but last year u got that awesome pouch.. which everyone hunted up n down.. i somore heart broken 3 times bcoz of the pouch! wuwuwu..

    26. i saw the this collections have been published in ISETAN newsletter. palette rm190, cleansing oil rm110, others i cant remember :D

    27. where cn i find it around kl?
      wanna collect all these
      damn! really cute

    28. farysa, check out my latest post! (just now)

      u can rsvp to the xmas parties launching these collections and there's goodie, activites n gwp promotion!

    29. wah so cute, look the train hehe...


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