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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Give Your Glasses The Day Off


    Quote of The Day for all Geeks with Glasses

    Sometimes I feel it's quite boring wearing the same old accessory on my face. I have three (3) glasses (called it what u want spectacles, frames etc). First one is a serious looking one from CK (yay baybeh), the second is a geeky black one from Guess (sadly not Gucci) and third is a cool pink frame to spook people. I got this brochure from Johnsons & Johnsons VisionCare that kinda hits me, "Give your glasses the day off" it says. Never thought my glasses would need a day off, what would I wear if my glasses went on a vacation or strike? 

    yea u guess it, daily contact lens to the rescue!

    Has anyone tried Acuvue Moist before? I have been using Ciba Vision for some time. Now I'm going to try Johnsons & Johnsons Acuvue Moist and see how Moist it is! (grins). RM100 for a box, okie cheaper than Ciba Vision which I bought last year. Guess how many months this would last me? I can send my glasses away for a really long vacation! 

    1-Day Acuvue Moist RM100 per box
    (check out promotions at stores to see if any!)

    I have always been wanting to try this out, finally now with the chance :) a review will pop up soon! What myth should i bust this time? Contact Lens are too drying? Contact Lens are troublesome? Contact Lens make your eyes blood shot? what are you worst fears/concerns wearing contact lents? I heard horror stories =_=!!! people who wear contact lens n it got lost inside their eye! serious! this is my friend that came to mamak with me and then complaining he has to go see doctor coz his contact lens went up his eyes. Freaky!


    1. im a big supportor of contact lens, because since wearing them for 10 years, my eye power no increase, infact my astig went down! whoopee

      but with contact lens, its all abt cleanliness, really got to keep hands and container clean, to avoid eye infection. daily lens are d best but exp >.<

      xoxo elle
      ps: im using b&l toric lens RM280 for 6 box

    2. Elle: huh.. so magical one your contact lens experience. The b&l toric lens rm280 for 6 box is dailies/weeklies? wow not bad the price!

    3. it happen to my friend too...the lens went up but luckily managed to take it out....
      from what i learn from the optical people years back when i wanted to purchased my 1st contact lens... they said to avoid all those problems, we have to try and error all types of contact lens until it suits u.coz everyone is different... some comfy with thick lens and some comfy with soft lens....

      i agree with elle... it's all about hygiene... can not be malas2 to take good care of lens...

      i've been loyal to geo lens for years now... it's far cheaper with 1 year life span. and it's fun with all those colors....

    4. Pink Princess:

      yeah u r right! O_O i didn't know there's so many procedures b4 can buy contact lens. I bought my Ciba Vision by just giving my specs to the spec shop, they check the power n let me buy the contact lens terus. When i went to get my johnsons n johnsons.. fulamak.. banyaknya procedure..check mata O_O!!! what kalau shape of the lens x suitable, will move when ur eyes blink/roll.

      Geo lens! how much? can use for a year?

    5. Am in the midst of stocking my normal contact lens other than color lenses, which shop got good promo??

      Miu, since ur using daily lenses, is even more hygient than the one we use for monthly or biweekly. Am using Acuvue 2 weeks life span. Rm 75 per box. Only when u need to keep the lense in the box rendam in solution that one need to wash ur hands bla bla bla, urs jst wear then throw..easy. Not much procedure. Oh also dun store ur lense casing in the bathroom where the place is moist more bacteria will grow easily on ur lens casing.

    6. yup... geo lens for 1 year.... the price between rm30-40 online whereas outside is far expensive and usually they sell it 0 power...

    7. Doroshi: so many shops now got promo :( normally i go to One Utama, there got so many optician shops so can do full survey of the promo n prices at one go.

      prefer to wear dailies coz i am not good at taking care of serious stuffs like this n don't alwiz need to wear everyday but occasionally I need to wear for make up n events.

      OH Thanks for the tip! i see in movies n friends house..they alwiz store in bathroom one?! crazy oh then!

    8. gah O_O so cheap geo lens? do u wear the power or non power ones? I don't dare to buy cheap ones :( am very particular about contact lens n eye.. phobia of eye getting bad.


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