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Baviphat Secret Recipe

Baviphat -secret recipe- Parkson, Pavilion

A few days ago, I was invited to meet the CEO of Baviphat at the Baviphat counter in Parkson Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. I brought Buaya Wing as she was the first person who told me about Baviphat skincare and cosmetics that launched this year (Baviphat is popular in Korea). She told me the products are all so cute and interesting, with prices that match our purse (well my purse since I am practically cent-less now). During that time, I dropped by Baviphat counters to have a look see and the products are indeed an interesting mix-match of eye catching colors, graphics and cartoon. One can buy something from RM10.90 (face mask sheet) till a whopping RM180.00 (powder foundation).

guess which famous boy band endorsed with Baviphat?

There's many reasons why you would fall in love with Baviphat products, one - either you like the products, two - the cute fruit shape skincare products that might be mistaken for a real fruit, three - you're a BEYONCE fan and four - you're a huge FT Island (Korean Boy Band) fan. Seriously, even I don't know who FT Island is until I see them posing with the fruits here. Though the middle guy seems vaguely familiar, like I have seen him in one of the Korean dramas before.

variety of quirky cosmetics available

colorful and eye catching

sleeping pack- he sits on the moon to serenade you
EGF Anti Wrinkle Sleeping Pack

Fatin @ ChocolateCatz here too!

things that caught our eyes!

Fiona showed us a few popular products

would get this just coz I love BB Creams

Two Times BB Deep Cleansing Oil RM39.90
This is something new to me, a product that's specially made to remove BB Cream! I mean yeah normal cleansing oil would also remove BB Cream right? now that's intriguing, would it be because their BB Cream is so famous that they come out with a cleansing oil to use with it? Made with more than one type of oil (olive oil) this is something I would try just because I am huge fan of using BB Creams.

Black Head Goodbye Clear Wash RM39.90
Fiona says this is a really good product to remove blackheads, just by spritzing onto a cotton pad and apply onto your nose and leave it on for 10-15mins. I tried it the other time, but I don't see any blackheads coming out. Maybe I will try it again though just to be sure, or maybe the cat on it is too irresistible to resist.

Mangosteen Skin Clear Peeling Toner RM45.90
For those with sensitive skin like me, Fiona says their Mangosteen Skin Clear Toner is one of their popular products that removes dead skin cells, while the mangosteen pulp extracts soothes, calms your skin and making it more resilient. I love eating Mangosteen, but I never knew this!

Baviphat is popular for their BB Creams

Magic Girls Magic BB Cream SPF30/PA+++ (fresh for oily skin) RM59.90
Afraid of using BB Cream because you have oily skin? Baviphat has a BB Cream just for you, try the Magic BB Cream which says to make u feel fresh even after wearing it. 

Island Girls BB Primer Fix RM59.90
Now this is something I don't really understand yet. It is a BB Cream or is it a BB Primer Fix? or both?

Office Lady BB Cream SPF45/PA+++ (light/natural beige) RM69.90
Triple action BB cream contains EGF for resilience, while diminishing wrinkles, freckles, and blemishes. Upon application, your skin immediately becomes fresh and soft with luster.

they got fruit masks, peeling gel and lip balms too!
strawberry toxifying mask 100ml rm49.90

Paprika Skincare first to catch my eyes!
(and now get to review too! omg)

Thanks to Baviphat & Fiona, I was given a Paprika skincare set to review called the "Paprika Trouble Out" which is oil free. It includes the Toner RM59.90, Essence RM69.90 and Emulsion RM99.90. Fiona told me that the Paprika skincare is natural and it's rich in Vitamin C and high in anti-oxidant. Paprika is a spice made from grinding dried fruits of Capsicum (see cute capsicum shape skincare e.g peppers/bell peppers). Though in general we use paprika for cooking and it's spicy, the skincare is not hot n spicy when used (I dare u to try haha). Though it's pretty hard to understand the products as it comes in Korean language, hopefully they start to print English ones to label on their products so Malaysians could understand the usage and description on the products.

Cool Tip: Do you know that Baviphat uses natural ingredients like fruits and fermented organic grains? It's suitable for those in their 20's to their 40's.
we not spicy but we r made from capsicum

if u have a choice, which body scrub?

free tester by showing this leaflet

Well my posts is just to highlight this lil' new brand all the way from Korea to our cozy country and a variety of the skincare to cosmetics products that you can discover from their counter. Do check them out if you're trolling in Parkson Pavilion and Subang Parade. You can also get a free tester by showing them their leaflet (available on their counter). Also if you're a fan of FT Island, don't forget to apply for a fan meeting with FT Island in the end of 2010 by getting a member point card from Baviphat (ask them). 

FYI: Baviphat Fruit Mask & Lip balm can also be found at The Shirts Studio (old wing Sunway Pyramid & new wingOne Utama).

Fruit Mask+Essence RM89.90 (N:P RM130)
Baviphat Promotion This Month

3 Mins Magic with Mango Brightening Mask

peach all in one peeling gel & lemon whitening mask

apple ac therapy sleeping pack & strawberry toxifying mask

Baviphat Promotion this month is their Paprika Essence + Fruit Mask selling at RM89.90 (normal price is RM130.00)Baviphat, FT Island or latest promotions check out their Facebook Fan Page here or (Malaysia) (Korea). Their Best Seller is the Mango Brightening Mask (100grm RM49.90) 1million pcs sold in 2009! called the 3 mins magic. Oxygen bubbles will form after 2-3 minutes of use! (I am so getting this). 


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  2. Wow,the products so colorful and interesting. Might take a look..


  3. Joey: hahha yah time to get new hubby.. hahhhaaa

  4. Manwinder: yeah price is also not bad. I am thinking of getting that mango brightening 3 mins mask. The fact that oxygen comes bubbling out.. intrigues me! rm49.90 wonder can use how many times.

  5. i absolutely love love love the packagings!
    eyeing the sleeping pack, soo vintage! :)

  6. cute eh the packagings! reminds me of Benefit too, who has cool packagings.

  7. Stacey: yeah.. if i have money i buy for xmas gifts..

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  9. did the paprika work good on you?? i wanna try it >.<


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