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Doctor Doctor there's something in my Eye!

 plusizekitten going for her eye check

Thanks to Johnsons & Johnsons VisionCare, I have been invited to review the Johnsons & Johnsons Acuvue Moist Dailies Contact Lens. Now hey I love dailies! (disposable daily contacts lens) it's man made miracle for the truly lazy and on the go girls like me! whenever I need a change, I just put on my dailies. I don't have to worry about eye infection caused by maintaining my contact lens or the protein build up on the lens, cleanliness of the contact lens container, etc. All thanks to dailies, where I can put on the contact lens in the day and by night just take them off and throw them away. 

my trip to the Optometrist at Vision Space

I thought it would be easy, just go get my prescription and then get the contact lens. My last box of dailies, do u know how I got it? by getting my power from my glasses, pay up and go home. Apparently no, you can't just buy contact lens like this! you have to (and I stressed) have to go for an eye check by either an Optician or an Optometrist. An Optician is where you do the normal ABCD reading on the wall while they change lenses on that weird gadget you wear on your face. I was lucky to have my eye check done by a Optometrist (eye care professional) at Vision Space (Damansara Utama). This is the first time that I am going through a comprehensive eye check which proves to be beneficial as I learned the many advantages of seeing one, like how I know I don't have diabetes from just looking inside my eye (retina).

the usual eye check involves this

I shall skip the general eye checks and head to the big guns. There will be photos with description of the machines used on me. Its crucial to go through these machines (after checking your right and left eye power) It will help in knowing which contacts lens (size/type/etc) would be suitable for me to wear and also the current health state of my eye (risk of Glaucoma/infections/etc). Contact lens isn't about just the lens power, but the type and size is important as well to prevent your eye suffering from discomfort or problems. The common problems are I hear are headaches after wearing contact lens! my eyes are red why? there's pain whenever I blink! or help my contact lens got lost in my eye (horror!).

tonometer measures the pressure in your eyes
(high pressure = risk of glaucoma)
(low pressure = risk of eye rupture)

this is a Tonometer, it puffs air into my eyes!

slit lamp & keratometer next on in line

slit lamp to detect cataracts, infections, dry eyes, etc

keratometer to check curvature of the eye/cornea
(important for contact lens fitting, checking size and type
of contact lens suitable for your eye)

Fundus Camera to take a photo inside eye (retina)
(able to check if you have diabetes!)

I am so relived that my eye is in a healthy state!
(photo shows it's clear and there's blood flow)

here's my retina photo don't get freaked out!
(healthy eye photo, no Diabetes!)
the differences between healthy & abnormal retina

Efron Grading Scale for Contact Lens Complications

Efron Grading Scale for Contact Lens Complications

I saw the same Efron Grading Scale for Contact Lens Complication at Vision Space, however the photo I took is too blurred. I found this Efron Grading Scale poster online, hope it's useful for those wearing contact lens to determine your eye health/condition against the scale to see if it's normal or serious. For example I notice most contact lens user has blood shot eyes. One of the many reasons why this would happen is that the contact lens is not giving enough oxygen to your eyes.  Please visit an Optometrist if you have any of the serious conditions.

meet my Optometrist Huey Yee!

I would like to thank Johnsons & Johnsons VisionCare, Vision Space and my Optometrist Huey Yee who's been patient and kind to me throughout my first comprehensive eye examination where I asked so many questions. She helped solved one of my many worries about contact lens, which is how I should know whether a contact lens size is suitable for a person? (too big, too small, causing it to move and to get missing up in your eye somewhere or cause pain/discomfort). Huey Yee said the Keratometer examination will determine the curvature of the contact lens which a person need. With a series of blink examination while wearing the recommended contact lens, she is able to determine if the contact lens will moved while my eyes blink. This is such a relief finding out what size/curvature is suitable for me! an important part of wearing contact lens.

Machines/Tools used for my eye examination:

To measure the pressure within the eye.
Too high the pressure will indicate risk of glaucoma, too low will indicate risk of eyeball rupture.
The pressure of the eye was build up by the fluid in the eye.
Testing by this machine is simple; it will not touch the eye, just a soft air puff blowing out.
Fundus CameraFundus Camera
Taking picture inside the eye (retina). To check for condition of the retina and to detect certain eye diseases, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinopathy etc.
Like normal photography, with a closer distance.
Retina is a layer of nerve formed with millions of light sensitive sensor to capture light/image that you see (like the film of a camera).
Slit LampSlit Lamp
To check the front/anterior part of the eye especially for contact lens wearer. To detect infections, dry eye, cataract, allergy reaction, swelling etc.
Just a slit of light shinning towards the eye, non-invasive.
It’s a must to check if a person wants to wear contact lens healthily.
A portable instrument to check parts inside the eye. To detect cataract, glaucoma, and diseases related to retina. And to check for floaters.
Like a torch light, just shinning the soft light to the eye.
To measure the power/prescription of the eye without the respond from the patient. Mostly used for children and illiterate people.
Light source coming out.
To measure the curvature of the eye’s front part/cornea. For contact lens fitting purpose.
Non-invasive, light coming out.
Cornea, a very important part of our eyes, transparent, it is where the contact lens will sit on.
Colour Vision ChartColour Vision Chart
To check for colour vision defect.

This is not a paid advertisement. It is a sponsored comprehensive eye check by Vision Space before I am recommended my prescribed contact lens. Johnsons & Johnsons VisionCare is serious about contact lens and good eye health education. I'm happy that I was given this eye check and not just dumped me some boxes of contact lens to review. I hope this review on my eye check would help those to be prepared or equipped with some knowledge of eye health check and/or finding the right contact lens to wear. Visit an Optometrist (folks at Vision Space is nice) to inquire for price/contact lens recommendation. 

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Vision Space
114G, Jalan SS 21/35, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya
47400 Selangor
Tel: 03-7729 7269


  1. o.o i dont dare to go for eye checkup like this, scary!!!!! ><

  2. hihi...those machines are extremely exciting!hihihi...

  3. Hey dear do we have to pay for an eye check like this? How much yea? :) Am thinking of going for one myself!

  4. Nicole: hahah dun scare dun scare! very good to check if got rick for glaucoma/diabetes/etc that slit lamp and fundus camera.

  5. mizlullaby: hahhhaha yeah especially the one that can macam xray our eyes n tangkap gambar our retina!!

  6. vixen: roughly around rm100 more or less, depending on full or just to check certain things (like the kandus camera to check inside eye if there's any pre-stage diseases).

  7. oh. that's pretty steep lol maybe I'll just stick to glasses for now. or should I say start with glasses? (I just made one yesterday, but have been wearing contacts without the eye check)

  8. Vixen: u been wearing contacts without the eye check? where u buy them from, maybe u can get an eye check with the optician shop (where u purchase your contact lens, sometimes they're kind enough to do more than basic eye check for you if u voice out your concerns). The rm100++ is because of all those machines used but at certain shops, they do give u free eye check with glaucoma when u purchase something. I have been giving the same offer before :D but I turned it down because I had to rush off somewhere after purchasing my glasses.

  9. Oh.. I don't like the pressure one. I get so nervous cos I know it's going to blow air into my eye.

  10. Jean: u dun have to worry loh.. u no wear glass/contacts.. but when u get older, need to do checking for glaucoma so can treat earlier.

  11. Isabel: >_< that's how i felt too!!! omg..was just anticipating when it's going to blow.. somore need to open eyes cannot close when they wanna blow into your eyes. But the results is shock haha..

  12. ooo... this eye check looks so canggih wor. I've not had such an extensive eye check up before. Usually, I try to have my eyes checked at least once a year, mainly to see if there is an increase in power or not. Hm... RM100 plus for this extensive checkup, sounds expensive. But I guess for us who wear contact lens, it's a good investment?

  13. Hi Miu, I'm the Optometrist from Vision Space. Thanks so much for your great writing on your "eye test experince". Well, to clear the doubts, our aim is to make sure everyone's eyes are healthy, so the price...if one purchased something from us, we will deduct it off (that kind of thing...)For contact lens wearer, better to eye test every 6 mths to prevent infection...

  14. Oh ya, we are setting up our website, can I link this page of blog from our website?
    (under news & events)

  15. Dear Aw, yes pls! thanks ^_^ can I have your website too when it's set up so I can link it here.

  16. Sue: not just for contact lens user, for anyone actually, macam health check, your eyes also need to check coz one of the common problems with old age is glaucoma. If can detect earlier, better.

  17. Hi Optometrist from Vision Space! thanks for clearing our doubts and explaining about the price @ waive upon purchase. This would encourage customers to check their eye upon purchasing. I use to purchase glasses but i have never gone for such an extensive eye check b4, only the one with Alphabets checking.

  18. Hi, our website is up!!!
    Posted your link there, please visit:

  19. i really like my eyes to get examined since I consider the eyes as the most important organ in our body. At the moment I maintain my eyes by applying eye cream products that my doctor advice me.

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