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Uniqlo Opening Soon in Malaysia


I am going to shop shop shop! 4/11/10 opening date
Fahrenheit 88 (Formerly known as KL Plaza)
179 Jalan Bukit Bintang


  1. oh yea, counting down the days!! unfortunately (or maybe blessing in disguise) not many other msians are aware what Uniqlo has to offer!

  2. msquirk: yeah shhh.. more for us..!!!

  3. OMG serious???? see u there XD i got class, and i cant imagine 500 ppl queueing there @@!!!!

  4. msquirk... i agree with u too. not yet aware but later it can become be the next cotton on. so let's grab everything during opening week ;-)

  5. Miu, where it is??

    Last few days my mom only ask me to get into one in hokkaido and buy some shirt for my bro.

    Nw i can save my money and ask her to go d one in KL. hahahaha...

  6. Fatin: hehehe...... i am going tooo

  7. Nicole: i don't wanna think how 500 ppl can go >_< i duwan kena trample on.. or babarians push me..

  8. phatgurl: :D muahah better than cotton on!!

  9. Christine: yah buy from kl easier.. plus convenient also sizes n all. It's opening on 4th Nov, at KL (opposite pav) at new shopping mall call Fahrenheit (formerly known as KL Plaza)

  10. Yup yup, neighboring landmark is Starhill Gallery. I love their bags!!! If only Muji opens in Msia.. I will start finding jobs in KL city! LOL

  11. have you gals tried www.go-uniqlo.com?

  12. Hey Anon,

    Thanks for the link!! I hope I won the all-paid-for-expenses prize! /excited/

  13. I have won 7 x RM 20 voucher has been trying my luck for something better for the past 3 days.

  14. Hey June,

    I have RM60 vouchers but upon checking the T&C (font size 2 in super light faded grey) located at the bottom of the voucher, it states that we can only use each voucher per bill and total bill cannot exceed RM1000.

    Very potong stim. I thought about it and decide to harass the cashier by paying each item with the voucher on that day! That means I will visit the counter couple of times irregardless of the queue! Bwahahahaa... ideal???? :


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