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Check out the MANGO Fall/Winter 2012 Collection


guess who is the face for Mango this fall/winter?

Hey girlfriends! Mango's New Fall/Winter 2012 collection is in stores NOW!. There's four basic lines: Evening, Suit, Casual-Sport and Jeans plus the other designers collection such as the Arabic collection or Limited Edition collections. What I love about each collection, is that you can mix-and-match the garments to your individual style and personality :).

watch the fall/winter video featuring Kate Moss here!

Kate Moss is the protagonist of MANGO's F/W'12 campaign and shows us in this TV ad the main trends for the season with her characteristic style. Don't miss the chance to discover the collection with one of the best top model of all times.

The Fall/Winter Collection features include epaulettes, patch pockets, contrast piping, leather adornments, buttons with military motifs and padded garments. There is also a clear influence of architectural forms which add new volumes, with particular emphasis on volume sleeves and waists to which frills have been added in skirts and dresses. 

sneak peak at the collection

I personally love the colour palette of the Fall/Winter Collection which different shades of khaki become the neutral tones of the season. Especially when Kate Moss is showing off them with her amazing tan and glowing skin. You can be sure to expect colors that compliment the seasonal splendor of black and white winter outfits while deep and bright colours such as cobalt blue which adds energy to the Fall. 

Click here to check out the Winter/Fall Collection Catalogue at MNG Website.


  1. wish i can find something for the wedding dinners upcoming...diet diet...

    1. check out Mango, the colors for their collection is suitable for a wedding dinner :)

  2. Kate Mosssssss!!!! She look so cool in their photo shoot..

    1. yes she is... one of the best models around

  3. Personally i prefer the Cruz sisters more. Kate Moss is too British for Mango. Haha.... Love the striped sweater though

    1. I like how she makes the collection look effortless beautiful on her.. makes me think I can also look as gorgeous!


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