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Congratulations Neubodi Milan Winners!

you're going to love your new body!

It took a while because everyone's slogan of what do they expect from a body shaper is fantastic! but the judges narrow it down and finally we have 3 winners to whom we think has the best slogan. *DRUM ROLLS* Congratulations to Angel, HaniBunny and Mrs.K! you girls win the prizes below for your fabulous slogans!

 Grand Prize Winner: Angel Kee

Second Prize Winner: HaniBunny

Third Prize Winner: Mrs Blogs

All winners will need to collect their prizes and have a fitting session with Neubodi at Neubodi, Paradigm Mall on 3rd November, 2012, 11am. Neubodi experts will be there to guide and explain the Neubodi Milan body shapers and collection to the winners so it will take a couple of hours. 

Grand Prize: Angel Ng

Follower ID: Angel Kee/Angel Ng
Name: Angeline Ng

Slogan: What do you expect from a body shaper?

[B]ring the curves out of me[O]range-peel effect gone[D]rain off the cellulites, fats and water retention[Y]ell "SEXY"
[S]how the world what I got![H]ide my flaws[A]n immediate source of compliment![P]rep me instantly for any style needed[E]liminate my need of dieting, slimming and exercising![R]ebuild my confidence!

2nd: HaniBunny

follower id : HaniBunny
name : tengku Yuhanis Raja Mahmood
email :

Slogan: What do you expect from a body shaper?

Definitely to be confident and sexy. not all people born with perfect body. so using body shaper would help people and me to be more confident and sexy. but the most important thing its, the terms to be comfortable. who want to wear sum thing uncomfortable. i know the motto " beauty come with the pain" but i wont sacrife myself to be pretty. hope using body shaper from neubodi im gain my confident, feels comfortable, help me flaunt my beautiful curve and feel's great . thanks =))

3rd: Shantini
Follower id : Mrs Blogs
name : Shantini
e-mail :

Slogan: What do you expect from a body shaper?
I don't expect a body shaper to take me from zero to hero, neither do I expect a body shaper to turn my 38-29-38 into a supermodel's 36-24-36. I would be more than happy and grateful if it could just smooth out my lumps and bumps, and keep my flabby tummy intact, just so for a brief moment, I can feel like I"m 21 again coz as they say, giving birth changes your body :)

About the Sponsor: Neubodi
With an aspiration to provide fellow women with perfect-fitting and flattering everyday lingeries, two Malaysian women did an extensive research and came up with the nation’s first Bra Fitting Specialist retail chain: Neubodi. The local brand provides brassiere, panties, body shaper and lingerie care products. Aiming to portray the best of women’s silhouettes, each lingerie product is hand-cut and hand-sewn. For its dedication, Neubodi was awarded with the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand award in May 2011.

Neubodi outlets are located at One Utama Shopping Centre, Empire Shopping Gallery, Bangsar Village II, Hartamas Shopping Centre, Paradigm Mall, Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre, Suria Sabah Shopping Centre, Tropicana City Mall, Wangsa Walk Mall and Sunway Giza.

For more info, visit


  1. congrats!! not surprise that Angel won!

  2. Thanks Tammy!! And Thanks Jean!! Join the Esprit contest!! :)

    1. Yes please do share the contest out :) to your friends to join!

  3. i cant believe i wins it. thx u soo much Tammy =)) thx Neubodi =)) wow cant believe it =))

    1. Congrats Hani! are u able to be present on 3/11 at Paradigm Mall to receive your prize and go for fitting? :))

      P.S: Your slogan was great btw

  4. Hi Tammy, oh no, just checked, I guess I am too late right? Congrats to all the winners and awesome contest!


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