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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • We Love, Sustaining Passions Workshop: Couple's Retreat Workshop


    couples workshop to bring back the fire!

    Being in a relationship is not easy. The fairy tale stories our parents used to tell us does not end happily ever after in marriage. In fact it starts right there. Someone needs to tell a story about how to keep a relationship strong and passionate! to share with us the ways to make it click by knowing what makes it tick.

    How do one sustain passion after many years of marriage? 

    There's where Mr Paul Jambunathan (or Paul J as he popularly known as) comes in. He will be teaching 6 couples, carefully selected & sent off to an all expense paid workshop at a beach destination, on We Love, Sustaining Passions Workshop.

    We Love, Sustaining Passions Workshop is a community based initiative designed to help married couples reignite and sustain their passion for heightened intimacy and, strengthened relationships. 

    To be held from 19 October until 21 October 2012, the free workshop will help couples revisit and relearn crucial elements in sustaining relationships; the importance of mutual communications to understand and meet each other’s expectations to drive their romantic relationships. The Workshop seeks to empower Malaysians to continue to lead healthy love lives for overall physical and emotional well-being.

    According to facilitator Mr Paul Jambunathan, Consultant to the We Love Campaign, the workshop will help couples re-evaluate and relearn crucial elements in sustaining relationships. Paul J believes that its important for couples to revisit their marriage to identify areas that can be improved in their relationship and thereon find ways to work out the differences, disagreements and dissatisfactions! Relationships are always about talking, being open and working out issues together as a couple. Intimacy issues such as Erectile Dysfunction (ED) also play an important factor in a marriage. Most men find it a taboo to talk about or even broach the subject of ED!

    To make this possible, Paul J will take six couples through six (6) crucial passion-packed sessions that will bring about a positive impact as they journey on as a couple in the future. There will also be a Doctor on board for a medical perspective to get to the bottom of what ED is all about.

    Should you know anyone who might be interested in this workshop, please ask them to drop a line to welove.sustainingpassions@gmail.com or call 016-6130686

    Kindly take note that as there are limited couple seats for the workshop, interested couples will have to go through a selection process by the workshop panel. 


    1. wow... If can I wanna participate but the date falls on my boyfriend's birthday and I already planned a celebration. >.< too bad, Thanks for sharing this yah!

      1. thanks for visiting my blog nicole! hope it's a happy birthday celebration^^

    2. wish can go...but dun tink my hubby will be interested. He's busy lately. :(

      1. try convincing him to spend more time with you? especially on learning how to spice things up... hehe


    3. Love to go but seem the workshop is for married couple and I'm not.

    4. aiyakkk..sounds sooo interesting leyyyyy..im interested!


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