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My Facial Review on PhotonLife, Bangsar

discovering advance beauty technology at Photonlife

Today I would like to introduce to you all a new facial place in Bangsar, called PhotonLife. It's a few shops away from Bangsar Post Office. Michelle from PhotonLife invited me to try their signature facial "Instant Face Lift" using PhotonLife® ITALY Beauty Technology, based on my beauty profile. I would normally not go but after reading the description of the facial, I was curious on how their beauty technology would help aging skin bounce back to youth. Another reason was because this facial salon also specializes in removing white heads, oil seeds, "milia" seeds or any kind of heads on your face.

PhotonLife arrives at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

sneak peek inside PhotonLife

couple's treatment room

not like any other "firming machines" out there

The Instant Face Lift helps to reverse the effects of aging by means of penetrating deep into the facial layer to "jump start" your inner cells to boost the production of collagen and elastin. In other words this facial is an anti-aging facial that uses the Italy & Swiss advance beauty technology to lift, firm, and improve your skin complexion. Since skin will be lifted, one can achieve a more refine facial  and jawline contour with prolong treatment visits. Also not to forget, the machines also stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation, so that you'll have a healthy glow after the facial.

I met the owner of this salon for a brief moment and could see how the treatments has benefited her and her loyal customers, all whom are quite matured but with skin and complexion that looks healthier, younger and flawless than me. What a shame I was thinking, I should really invest in a good facial care salon like PhotonLife so that I would have beautiful skin like these ladies.

how aging affects us all

SO if you are facing any of the problems listed below, are of mature age, worried about aging then you should really consider trying this facial out. Especially when they have the first trial session of RM99 instead of RM349.

  • Skin dryness
  • Skin thinness
  • Ashen complexion
  • Loose and sagging skin with poor elasticity
  • Formation of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Weak absorption power of the skin

1 session of PhotonLife Facial is the result of 10 traditional facials treatments.

Cut short on the lengthy introduction, I'll move on to my experience at PhotonLife. My facial was 2.5hours long with eye & neck treatment. It started with consultation with Michelle, who had quite a long chat with me. I was seriously jealous of her complexion. It's so smooth, I want to believe she use make up coz no real human being would have so flawless skin (her boss as well). Using a machine, my body, health and skin conditions can be obtain! Until today I still don't believe there's such machine. It's just too comprehensive. Anyone who go please tell me if u can believe it too?

skin consultation & analysis with Michelle

this skin analysis could tell your entire health/body condition!

my treatment room

My treatment was done in this room, very quaint and English like. The treatment bed was comfortable and cozy, felt like I was in my own bed. My beautician remove my make up and double cleanse my face. Then came extraction, she used a skin softening lotion to soften my blackheads for easier removal. I did not enjoy the extraction part, I would advise to skip this if can. I had my eyebrows shaped as well. Something that is a bonus for me when I do facials.

PhotonLife® ITALY Vitalaser® 

Here's the best part, Michelle came in to specially demonstrate the use of the PhotonLife® ITALY Vitalaser® (1st machine) which is uniquely designed for cellular repair and regeneration; with 6-7 cm penetration into skin cells to:

  • Activate natural cellular hormone and regenerates cells
  • Firms and hardens muscle tissue

PhotonLife® ITALY Lightmouse®

The second machine in the treatment is called PhotonLife® ITALY Lightmouse® which is uniquely designed for skin collagen and elastin reproduction; with 1.5-2 cm penetration to skin layer:

  • Instantly Boost Collagen & Elastin On Skin
  • Effectively eliminates Wrinkles, Fine Lines & Crowfeet
  • Specializes on Neck Firming
  • Instant Smooth and Fairer Skin
  • Tightens skin surface
  • Safe, Effective & Reliable. Results is comparable  to Collagen Injection

During the use of both machines, I didn't feel any pain at all. It was quite nice having your face massage by the machine. I could have fallen asleep if Michelle didn't talk to me. She gave quite a good explanation on the entire facial process and the use of the machines.

this face lotion kept my face hydrated for a week
(probably coupled with the machine effects as well)

Now because my face is dry that day, Michelle suggested to use the MR.B® ITALY Emulsione Viso (Face Lotion) for hydration. The beautician massage my face with it, letting my face absorb the goodness of the lotion which left my face hydrated for a week. After my moisturizing lotion session, a Bd Professional Serum to calm my skin down was given.

Now you know why this facial is 2.5 hours long, because it's not over yet at this point. I still have double masks to enjoy for 1/2 an hour. I was given the skin whitening mask + modeling soft mask instead of deep oxygen mask (my sensitive skin is not suitable for it). A shoulder massage was given, the beautician had strong arms I must say. I got to know the regular customers here like her  kind of strength. I would prefer a much softer touch, now don't call me a lesbian ahaha.

see for yourself the before & after results

After 30mins, my facial came to an end with toner, moisturizer, and sun block application. I checked my face, it was firmed, plump and hydrated. I was glowing too (yay). The after results is instant and visible, though I feel if I was much older with sagging skin, it would be even more obvious to see the after results. I am impressed with the machines, seriously thinking whether I should invest in this anti-aging treatment to look 10 years younger. I just can't get the picture of the boss out of my mind. Her face was fabulous.

1st trial offer RM99 instead of RM348

This treatment is completely pain-free, no side-effects, no injection, non-surgical and the result is visible & instant! PhotonLife will further explain to you more about the treatment and show you the before-and-after pictures of our clients during your visit. Should anyone be interested, you can contact Michelle or Louise or visit their website and facebook for more information. PhotonLife also has other treatments available for face, body and hair removal.

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44-1, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03 2284 2916 / 2201 2916

Business Hours:
Mon - Sat: 10am - 7pm
Sun: 10am - 6pm



  1. Aiyooo... Shud have called me when u were ere... I stay nearby. We could have go yum cha...

    1. sorry oh..that time belum kenal u lagi haha

  2. Wow, I would like to try. But after that, are they pushy with signing up? Subsequent treatments exepnsive or not?

    1. I was rushing off to another event so didn't get the chance to know their packages. Buying the facial in packages is better than ala carte sessions. Can't be sure if they're pushy, I don't like pushy salons too babe.

  3. Wow!! The "after" facial effect is gorgeous!! Will definitely check this place out.

  4. Too bad I hate Bangsar area, parking there is a nightmare. >_< Used to go there regularly for my braces appointment.

    My fave spa would be Indasari Spa, Tmn Setiawangsa. They have membership programme, only RM30/year but it's worth it if you go there on a monthly basis. Maybe u wanna check it out. ;)

  5. Glad u enjoyed urself dear! I usually go for my extraction of "seeds" too haha!

  6. The photonlife in Penang sucks! the service is really bad, its the first time i went and this snob lady instead of giving me the package i bought did a lousy job instead!!!


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