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Rene Furterer's Scalp & Hair Beauty Workshop Review

have you experience Rene Furterer before?

2 weeks ago, I attended the Rene Furterer's Scalp & Hair Beauty Workshop at Berjaya Times Square Hotel. It was a Saturday morning, perfect day for a workshop. You know one of the many reasons why I love going to a workshop is because I get so much out of it, as a consumer :) it beats just buying blindly from a store when you can experience what the product and brand really is in a more intimate session in a lovely hotel or venue. What's more you get special prices & gifts for just participating! That's why I'm an avid workshop worshipper until today. Thanks to for all the great workshops updates on their facebook fan page!

the workshop poster

Now my post won't be spilling in the dirt about what I learned from the workshop, it'll be more on the great 10 reasons why I love this workshop instead. Why am I doing this? because there's just too much to cover! Mr. Damien Tavernier, the speak from France taught us so many things about hair care, scalp care and the which products are suitable. One of the reasons why you should not miss the workshop next round (if they do again). The workshop is only for 2hours and this is what we experience there! Check out the photos below.

Whats' Rene Furterer?René Furterer is an expert hair care brand with products made of essential oils and plant extracts, designed to reveal and enhance beautiful hair. This parallel between hair and nature is a perfect illustration of René Furterer’s drive to use hair-enhancing active ingredients from nature. René Furterer uses a unique and original method that offers personalized treatments available as a salon service, or take home personal care.

Berjaya Times Square Hotel, KL

let me sit here!!! (zooms to book spot)

1. Great Learning Place

I love that the workshop is held at a exclusive place like Berjaya Times Square Hotel, KL. It's big, spacious, comfortable and real classy to have a workshop here. You can imagine you're going for a banquet but actually you're coming in here to learn about scalp and hair topics from Rene Furterer. Air condition, comfortable learning area, water available and plenty of room to move around.

products catered for your hair needs

Mr. Damien Tavernier was the speaker

2. Up Close & Personal

It's not the same as asking a stranger in a store what's suitable for your hair type. You'd need to already know what's your hair and scalp type and condition to be able to already purchase the products. At workshops, it's a different scenario. Take it from me, it's much more personal and beneficial to be able to learn from the professionals who can tell you what their products do and which are suitable for your hair and scalp. Questions can be asked without feeling the need to be shy and that's a good thing because that's how we're going to know what's good for us.

hair demonstration & hands on guide
3. Demonstrations & Hands On Experience

At workshops, it's not just about one way in one way out. It's also about having that experience by yourself so that you can bring it back home to practice. Say you have all the lecture notes already but you don't have practical sessions? are you going to remember how it's actually done? At this workshop, demonstrations were given with a volunteer participant (Lisa Chow) and the teacher will show and guide participants how it works. Everyone else had time to play and learn, so it's a fun session I say.

wooden hair brush for everyone to use

4. Product Testing on the Spot

Also I love the fact that we get to try the products on the spot during the hands on session. What other way than to really know if you love the products right? Sense, touch and feel everything. Than know if you'd love to own it :)

participants during hands on session

Wing loves their products until she bought some back!

secret tips to bring back home

 Esther enjoying the workshop

 Fatin gets a specialized session

5. Affordable Participation Fee

Did I miss this out? It's only RM20 per pax to have such an experience on a weekend! Convenient and affordable for us working ladies, moms, students to have time off doing something we enjoy other than shopping. Which is testing products and getting to know them better.

 we learn what type of scalp & hair condition we have
to better understand what products is suitable

I needed to answer a few questions

6. Scalp & Hair Analysis

Nowadays everything is technology based. There's ipad stations at the corner of the hall with a hair and scalp analysis system. There will be someone at each station to guide the whole process and to explain what the analysis is about. Real easy, it started with the scalp analysis where they used a machine connected to the Ipad to scan my scalp area. The result will show what type of scalp I have. Next I have to answer questions on the Ipad about my hair which I won't disclose here due to personal reasons haha (my hair is not that healthy).

about my hair, like if I have dry or frizzy hair?
(I have both haha)

you don't need to crack your head thinking what suits you
the system will let u know in the end!

7. Attractive Discounts & Offers!

Of course I love a good buy if a product is impressive! At the Rene Furterer workshop, there was a special discount given to us on any purchase of the product. It's already reflected on the price tag. I was so impressed with their Complex 5 that I wanted to buy it but my wallet this month was empty due to my recent clothes haul. The hair kit sets were popular among the crowd, my friend bought one suited for her hair and scalp needs after getting the results from the analysis.

 promotional sets for us to kick start our journey

 special prices on products for us that day

8. Gift With Purchases (GWP)

And for knowing we love gifts from shopping, they came prepare with tier gifts to seduce us! It was up to tier 4 where you'll get even the wooden hair brush that can massage your scalp. 

 GWP Gifts oh boy :D great for shoppers

 come dress in green to get a mystery gift

9. Mystery Gifts

For anyone who come in the brand's signature color, they get a special mystery gift. I got mine which is a Rene Furterer candle! OH HOW I LOVE CANDLES! Was really happy. They really know how to make us all feel good.
I won the lucky draw omg! feel so happy

10. Prizes!

Of course, the mystery gift is just a bonus. What everyone was waiting for in every workshop session when it ends is who will be the lucky ones who paid attention to the workshop lessons and manage to answer the quiz questions correctly. They will get a big hamper like the one here below! (I'm so freaking jealous). My jealous went down when they called my name, as it turns out I'm one of the lucky draw winners! yay... at least I got a 3pc gift to take home and kiss them good night. 

I went to spy the prizes won from Q&A session
(so big set! I'm jealous)

With all my 10 reasons why I love workshops, I hope to catch the next one soon to learn more about beauty and wellness. It's always a great session when you go with friends, I went with a group of good friends who was as excited as me. Till then, if you're looking forward to attend your first workshop do visit to find out more workshop updates. They also give out free samples! just register and apply.

For more information on Rene Furterer products, rituals of care please visit There's a online analysis that you can do but if you're looking for results and professional diagnosis, please do visit Rene Furterer Institute at Pavilion to experience what Rene Furterer is all about. The institute is a real beauty to be at, where one can enjoy hair spa treatments and let your senses be awaken.

Rene Furterer Insitute
Lot No 6.29.00, Level 6,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21439308


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