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  • Ayam Penyet Ria (The Summit) Review


    my favorite ayam penyet restaurant

    Anyone of you tried Ayam Penyet before? I know there's a few shops here and there in town. Heck I tried the one in Curve, at Kajang and at Gardens MidValley, still nothing beats the all time ayam penyet restaurant - Ayam Penyet Ria, The Summit USJ. Granted it's a bit far from where I am, I never failed to get my ayam penyet cravings satisfied. How? gorge myself silly with my 4 favourite dishes namely the below before I go back to the city.

    ayam penyet, iga penyet, sup ekor lembu & udang penyet

    kwaakkkkk kwaaakk (wait this is duck not chicken)
    kokookokokokokok kokookokok!

    The Ayam Penyet Ria Story

    Ayam Penyet Ria, an Indonesian chain from Batam, made its mark in ever crowded food hall in Summit Subang USJ mall. Literally translated into ‘smashed marinated fried chicken’, the restaurant serves up a traditional Ayam Penyet among other dishes from Ibu Ruth’s authentic recipes, an infamous Indonesia culinary expert. What once used to be served only during special occasions to courts of royalty and guests of honors, one can now savor this at all times in a quite a few countries all over Asia.

    blogging this makes me hungry T_T cries

    brought my foodie friends to come eat
    (Sidney, Fishie, Aliez, Jean, Jennifer, Yum List)

    the 4 dishes I love the most here!

    especially the iga penyet (beef ribs) it's a MUST try

    gado gado RM5.50

    Gado-gado (in Indonesian or Betawi language), also known as Lotek (in Sundanese and Javanese) is an Indonesian dish or Indonesian salad consisting of boiled vegetables served with a peanut sauce dressing.[1] It is differed from lotek atah or karedok for its fresh and raw version of the vegetable covered with peanut sauce. Another similar dish is Javanese pecel. It is thought to have originally been a Sundanese dish. It is widely served from hawkers carts, stalls (warung) as well as in restaurants and hotels both in Indonesia and worldwide. 

    the delicious ayam penyet set RM12.50
    (comes with rice, mini soup, mini keropok buah)

    I just love the crispy skin and bones on the ayam penyet. Using free range chicken, it's marinated  and fried then served with white rice, kangkung, tempe, raw cabbage and cucumber. The meat is moist and tender, paired with the lovely spicy sambal and rice which I say brings me to a spicy heaven. I love spicy food so this just makes my day. The bones are not as smashed, but yes u can still crunch it down. 

    iga penyet set RM16.90
    (comes with rice, mini soup, mini keropok buah)

    OMG the iga penyet is no.1 I tell you! one should not leave this place without trying their best seller the iga penyet. What is it? it's beef ribs, moist, succulent, you can peel it off the bones and start chewing on the meat in your mouth. Slowly enjoying the meat-soft-juicy-fat sensation. All dishes comes with the usual sides of veggies and tempe!

    udang penyet set RM12.50
    (comes with rice, mini soup, mini keropok buah)

    Udang penyet, while it may need you to peel off the skins. The prawns are big, juicy and fresh. I'm kinda particular with seafood, so this is a thumbs up. However one must get down and dirty with the udang, and I say forget using your spoons and forks. Just dig in!

    sup soto ayam RM5.90

    sup ekor lembu RM10.90

    Honestly I wouldn't go by without ordering the sup ekor lembu (oxtail soup). The broth is not overpowering or peppery like in some stalls, just perfect for pairing with the ayam penyet. Eaten with the rice, gives you a hearty meal experience. If you're looking for a more affordable alternative, try one of the soto soups available! chicken/beef (RM5.90) or vegetarian (RM4.90).

    the best food is always eaten with the best friends!

    one lucky reader to win 2 Ayam Penyet Set Meals!
    (redeemable only at Ayam Penyet Ria, The Summit, USJ)

    There's more dishes to savor from Ayam Penyet Ria. They put up a menu on their facebook page so check it out there for price and selection. If you like my review, guess what? I'm giving away a pair of Ayam Penyet Set worth RM12.50 (comes with rice, mini soup, mini keropok buah) for a lucky reader who can tell me why they want to try Ayam Penyet Ria! 

    How 2 Enter "Ayam Penyet Ria" Giveaway?

    1. Leave a comment with the following details:

    Follower ID: (don't know how to follow? click here 2 read how to!)
    Question: Tell me why you want to try Ayam Penyet Ria?

    2. Don't forget to like Ayam Penyet Facebook
    3. Don't forget to like Plusizekitten Facebook
    4. Please download Nuffnang X and read my blog on your mobile!

    Terms & Conditions:
    Giveaway starts today 1/10 and ends 5/10. Winner will be contacted. Redemption of the set meals expires 15/10. Redeemable only at Ayam Penyet Ria, The Summit USJ by appointment.

    AYAM PENYET RIA (next to McDonalds)
    LG 37 & 39B, Lower Ground Floor,
    The Summit Subang USJ,
    Jalan Kewajipan,
    47600 Subang Jaya, SEL.
    Tel: 603 8023 5780

    Business Hours: 11.30am – 10.00pm Daily


    1. join the giveaway :D to eat? hehe

    2. Is this taste better than others chicken shop?
      I've never tried before but it looks yummylicious!

      1. :) it's the one I always go to for my ayam penyet cravings! so much that I'm doing this giveaway instead of reviewing some Italian Restaurant :))

      2. Follower ID: shiro
        Name: shiro
        E-mail: ycchen920@gmail.com

        I am gonna try this coz so bored of the chicken served in other places...either they increase the price or shrink the size of chicken or the worst is the taste not consistent!
        The big prawn make me so hungry, I'm seafood lover!
        The sup ekor lembu make me so wanna gulp gulp gulp in one go!

        Miu, why tempt me with those photos? Can see cannot reach now T__T

      3. thx for joining the giveaway shiro!! but this time using randomizer, winner is carol. Coz i only got 1 prize to giveaway.

        Should try!!! I'll probably have a party at Ayam Penyet this year... so.. maybe everyone can try!

      4. congrats winner Carol :D
        I love this happening blog and see lots of entries :)

        Yeah! partay!!
        I'll definitely pick a day to go for ayam penyet recommended by you!
        yummy yummy!

    3. Wait, I go PC and reply... Suddenly felt my dinner was no good compared to ayam penyek!!

      1. sorry sweettieeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sob sob...

    4. Follower ID: lyksell
      Name: Lee Yun Kiew

      Why I want to try Ayam Penyet Ria because "kampung ayam", where to find commercial restaurant with this promise, I can't resist keep on thinking the freshness and healthiness of the chicken

    5. Follower ID: ktyung
      Name: KK
      E-mail: ktyungseem@hotmail.com

      Poem for Ayam penyet Ria:

      Bila senang pergi jalan-jalan,

      Mesti datang ke Summit Subang,

      Disini ada Ayam Penyet Ria,

      Sekali cuba tidak pernah lupa.

      I tried this few times before, it is so yummy and makes me crave for more! HAHA

      1. omg.. let me fwd ur poem to ayam penyet to see?!!!

    6. Follower id: Hanna H
      Name: Hanna H
      Email: ms.nurhanna@gmail.com

      I want to try Ayam Penyet because I want to get down & dirty with its yummy-looking udang penyet. What spoon and fork?

      1. YEAH SUPPORT UDANG PENYET!!! hahahah I like your humour still hot as ever!

      2. Hahaaa thanks dear. Well i kinda feel sorry for the udangs as Ayam Penyet has been hogging all the limelight. A great addition to Ayam Penyet Ria set eh? ;-)

    7. I want to try Ayam Penyet ria because you made it look so good and am in search for a substitute for the great indonesian food i had when i was in Indonesia. It's also really near my place.

      follower yeoh kristen
      name: kristen yeoh
      email: yeohkristen@gmail.com

    8. Follower ID: Angel Kee/Angel Ng
      Name: Angeline Ng
      E-mail: angeline84ng@gmail.com

      I would love to return and try at Ayam Penyet Ria for their sambal is so addictive! Sekali cuba, Mahu lagi! I have to try Iga Penyet after reading "Evil Tammy's" review and the only closest way to getting that fitted in my hectic month is by winning this (So that I HAVE to go before the 15th) and that will automatically bring the yummy sambal taste to my tongue.. *still craving*

      1. their sambal is the best...slurp.. n oxtail soup n iga penyet omg......

    9. Follower ID: Carol Lim
      Name: Lim I Lin
      E-mail: carollil.8888@gmail.com

      I want to try Ayam Penyet Ria @ Summit because I have so far only tried eating one at Sunway pyramid, and I like it. So I would like to try and find the best. Plusizekitten says this is the best place she ever ate, so I want to try too.

      1. yes :D if u get to eat Ayam Penyet let me know if it's the best!!!!!

    10. I would like to try but...it's too far away,it's been almost 4 months i never been there :'(

      1. awww.... it's okay dearie... faster go bising at their fb to ask them open 3rd branch in KL!!

      2. Ehehe,will check what's their fb first,by the way,where's their 1st outlet??

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Missed this that day but I win the giveway from Leo's blog :)

    13. Giveaway Ended! thank you all for joining. The winner is Carol Lim !!!

      Please try the ayam penyet and give your feedback back here! I will email u to get your contact details.

    14. Congrats Carol Lim!! Still craving for my iga penyek.. Time to come up with 1001 excuse for him to go with me.. :)

    15. YAY!!! I WILL go and try and let you know if it is the best!! =))))~

      thank you thank you.

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    21. Ayam Penyet From Indonesia is the best


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