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Samsung Smart Camera: Social Sharing via Wifi!

today I'm sharing lots of pictures on facebook

I think I've been flooding the newsfeed of my facebook friends online by sending nearly 100 photographs I've taken via the wifi-sharing feature on my new toy the Samsung Smart Camera MV900F. It's real easy as I played with it for a week already. Watch my video below for a short tutorial on how to use the wifi sharing feature. Forgive my quality of video recording as it's night now sob sob.

watch my video on how I fast I share my pic on facebook!

pic uploaded & facebook friend scold me

Do watch my video! if u don't watch you won't know how this goes unless my instructions above is so easy you can do it too! I just got a facebook notification and my friend Cik Suzlin has commented - asking me to stop posting pics on facebook! HAHAHHAHAH OMG.

clearer view of the social sharing window

more info about my pink camera with wifi magic
click here


  1. i was kinda playing with the camera while i was at lowyat just now. i like the touch screen but not very like the design.

    1. I like the touch screen too and the fact that it's pink! *my fave gadget color*


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