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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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    pssst.. let me tell you the secret to a healthy body silhouette

    Do you know there's an alternative way to looking good, shapelier and slimmer? No dieting required, no popping of any kind of pills and no hitting the gym just to look good in your dress for an upcoming dinner. We Malaysians have so many dinners to attend to, weddings especially! So if you're preparing for your wedding photography or are one of the bridesmaid, what's the quickest solution to nipping your tummy, looking 10 pounds slimmer in your dress and an amazing shape to show off?

    what every women should have in their wardrobe

    What is a Body shaper? is it a dress? wait maybe it's a meal plan? Can it be surgery? The answer is NO, NO and NO! Body shapers are shape wear garments that can instantly slim, flatten and enhance most areas of the body including breast, stomach, waist, hip, thigh and buttocks. Contrary to the common believes that body shaping garments are uncomfortable, tight, heavy and even hot, modern body shapers are now more comfortable corsets and girdles that can help shape any part of your body, not just the waist.

    back then
    “Women, have for centuries in many counterparts of the world used girdles and corsets as a mean to shape their figures into what they believed at the time, the perfect shape. Regardless of age in time and place, this notion remains perpetual up to modern-day in trend,” - Estee Ong, General Manager of Neubodi.
    the magic of body shapers, instant curves
    no matter what your body size!

    video on tips to looking slimmer & shaper in photographs
    (body shaper is one of them!)


    Neubodi Milan Body Shaper Giveaway for 2nd & 3rd prizes!

    Now the best part about knowing how to look great is actually witnessing the transformation yourself by winning a Neubodi Milan Body Shaper worth RM899! It's simple; just tell me what you expect from a body shaper?

    Leave a comment with your follower id, name, e-mail and slogan.
    Slogan: What do you expect from a body shaper?
    In 100 words, tell me what you expect from a body shaper? Be it a past experience or expected outcome. The best slogan wins a Neubodi Milan Body Shaper worth RM899!

    The Prizes
    Grand Prize : Milan Body Sottile (worth RM899).
    2nd Prize: Milan Hi Waist Derriere Lift  (worth RM388) + a pack of bamboo charcoal panty (3S PANTY worth RM 69.90).
    3rd Prize: Milan Mid Waist Derriere Lift - (worth RM 369).

    Terms & Condition:
    Giveaway starts 8th Oct - 16th Oct, 2012. Announcement of winners on 19th Oct, 2012 followed through with an Exclusive Neubodi fitting session schedule for all winners at Neubodi Paradigm Mall outlet and their new Neubodi Milan Body Shaper!

    Obtain the complete body envisage, discover the sensuous comfort 
    of Neubodi Milan Collection's Body Sottile

    Milan here I come

    Neubodi Milan Collection fabric detailing
    Banking on the latest technology in the state of art fabric from Italy, Neubodi Milan is a creation of a derma-cosmetic evolution, clinically tested and proven for its effectiveness as an evolutional slimming partner. With the use of its microencapsulated fibres, the Neubodi Milan Collection of bodyshapers has the ability to decrease on concentrated and stubborn fats, effectively reducing the “orange-peel effect” and counteract water retention. 

    Rich in natural active ingredients such as caffeine, retinol, fatty acids, aloe and vitamin E, it is designed to be your beauty ally even during physical activities as it aids in cultivating skin microcirculation – resulting in an improved tissue oxygenation which burns fats more quickly, especially during sports and exercises!

    Benefits of wearing the Neubodi Milan Collection
    Shapes to a more natural refine body physique
    Reduction of body fat
    Reduction of cellulite
    Reduction of water retention
    Improve skin firmness
    Improve blood circulation
    Increase metabolic rate
    Relieve back ache
    Restructures and improve body posture

    About the Sponsor: Neubodi
    With an aspiration to provide fellow women with perfect-fitting and flattering everyday lingeries, two Malaysian women did an extensive research and came up with the nation’s first Bra Fitting Specialist retail chain: Neubodi. The local brand provides brassiere, panties, body shaper and lingerie care products. Aiming to portray the best of women’s silhouettes, each lingerie product is hand-cut and hand-sewn. For its dedication, Neubodi was awarded with the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand award in May 2011.

    Neubodi outlets are located at One Utama Shopping Centre, Empire Shopping Gallery, Bangsar Village II, Hartamas Shopping Centre, Paradigm Mall, Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre, Suria Sabah Shopping Centre, Tropicana City Mall, Wangsa Walk Mall and Sunway Giza.

    For more info, visit http://www.neubodi.com/


    1. Follower ID: Angel Kee/Angel Ng
      Name: Angeline Ng
      E-mail: angeline84ng@gmail.com

      Slogan: What do you expect from a body shaper?

      [B]ring the curves out of me
      [O]range-peel effect gone
      [D]rain off the cellulites, fats and water retention
      [Y]ell "SEXY"

      [S]how the world what I got!
      [H]ide my flaws
      [A]n immediate source of compliment!
      [P]rep me instantly for any style needed
      [E]liminate my need of dieting, slimming and exercising!
      [R]ebuild my confidence!

      1. ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and slap slap... quite creative huh..u? at home very free right? (sarcastic tone)

      2. Tammy, don't la leak my secret out. Free to fill in my time with satisfying yet fulfilling knowledge seeking experience. By reading blogs!!! :) I wonder whose blog that is...

      3. waseh Angel...your slogan is a killer!! :))

      4. life-muses,

        Thanks dear.. This is what happen when creativity meets necessity for such great product from Neubodi :)

    2. Follower ID: Fui Fui
      Name: Fui Fui Lee
      E-mail: fuifui@gmail.com

      What do you expect from a body shaper?
      With body shaper, i hope to be able to walk in a store, find a nice dress and when I walk out from the fitting room, there would be a promising smile on my partner's face and not a disappointing head shake!

      1. haha.. i get that feeling too Fui Fui, in the end we want to impress the people we love the most!

    3. Follower ID: sherlene
      Name: Sherlene
      Email: sherlene91@hotmail.com
      Slogan: What do you expect from body shaper?

      Neubodi Milan Body Shaper,
      For fatty in jeopardy,
      It's shapeless woman saver,
      To become gorgeous lady!

      i'm not english-educated and i've tried my best to come out with a "poem-liked slogan".. really wish to have it as i'm seriously out-of-shaped now!!
      i'm short but overweight.. sigh.. did exercises n dieting but i don see any effect.. sob T.T

      1. Sherlene, short but overweight.. Kinda reminds me of what my late dad say... "Dear girl, you are not fat, you are just short"


        Honestly, I got tongue tied. Not only I am fat, he just reminded me of my other weakness, short. Nevertheless, I love him still.

      2. Haha.. Guess what? I'm not even 150cm.. many said I looked like primary/secondary students, in fact, I'm already 21! Shd I feel happy cuz I looked younger than my actual age? but I don like ppl to tag me as "immatured/kid/child" just bcos of my height.. I can even buy kid's tickets..==

      3. I would say when you are young, you want to look older. When you are older, you want to look young. I never gotten the chance to look younger than my age. Seriously!

        We always want what we don't have.. You will have your mature time in the future. For now, have fun with your youth. :) Trust the woman who misses her young age..

        I hope there will be a time where my age freeze and I never look a day older ever again. :)

      4. this sounds like Nona talk show now... !!!

        Sherlene, thanks for participating :) I appreciate your effort to give your best slogan in the form of a poem! Good luck to you my dear.

      5. Tammy dear.. you really commenting on each reply? My email flooded...

      6. so sorry i have to reply! courtesy sake hehe... sorry no more liao

      7. Hahaha.. Its ok... I enjoy reading your reply as much as other slogans..

    4. Follower ID: sherry
      Name; Sherry
      Email: sherrygo@hotmail.com
      Slogan What do you expect from body shaper?

      (b) big body part of me gets curves
      (o) oversize shape becomes hour glass
      (d) drop bust size can boost up
      (y) you make me belive there's body shape in me

      (s) shout out loud that I want to look slim!
      (h) hot and sexy body with Neubodi Milan Body Shaper
      (a) agree I am plus size there's Neubody Milan Body Shaper for me
      (p) pairing the body shaper with clothes I love
      (e) easy to wear no diet needed
      (r) reduce of body fat, celluite, water retention of me

      1. wow another creative entry.. thanks Sherry :)

    5. Follower id : Nina Skutik
      Name : Ailina Fuad
      E-mail : ailinafuad@gmail.com

      What do you expect from a body shaper?
      I'm a singer in a band and have been out of shape like forever and i hope with NEUBODI BODY SHAPER, i will be singing with more confidence. Singing with a co-singer who is super skinny, i can never get the attention from the people, no matter how good i sing. I hope it will boost my appearance and for once i would like to steal the attention from my super skinny co-singer. :-)

      1. oh Nina! i feel u dearie! often I stand beside my gorgeously hour shape friend and feel like her shadow! Good Luck for this contest!

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Follower ID: Deb Y
      Name: Deb Yong
      E-mail: dyin2liv3@gmail.com

      Hi Tammy!
      I would like to win a Neubodi Milan Body Shaper as I’m confident it will make me look from fat to fab during my wedding this coming March! I believe this pair of body shaper will help to enhance and accentuate my curves and at the same time hide all bulging and unsightly parts. I want to look my best on my big day and I’m sure it’s the ONLY thing that can help me to achieve that. Winning this piece will be a dream come true for me! I look forward to the instantaneous and effortless transformation it brings! ;)))

      1. Oh DARLING! CONGRATS!!! that's happy news for me to hear! there's so many people getting engage this year, I'm so jealous of u all. Especially u! getting marry this year :)

        GOOD LUCK for this contest!!!

    8. Follower id: Lady Alie
      Name: Alicia Mak
      E-mail: ladyalie@aliesez.com

      What do you expect from a body shaper?

      1. Give me hourglass shape without having to remove my ribs.
      2. Contain in all my excess fats from spilling out of the gaps.
      3. Extra boost to my non-existent boobs.
      4. Not having to look like a "bah-chang" when I wear slim fit clothes.
      5. Reduce cellulite so I don't look like an orange.
      6. Doesn't have seems sticking out so if I wear tight clothings, I don't look like I'm wearing a porcupine skin inside.

      1. you listed 6 reason hah! especially like no.4 bah-chang.. hahahaha

    9. Follower ID: Patricia Yau
      Name: Patricia
      E-mail: patriciaamber@gmail.com

      Neubodi Milan Body Shaper best solution for loosing inches off body while looking sexier and feeling good, giving me the maximum back support and posture we need especially in IT field like me. It can instantly improve body shape that I want while giving me an hourglass figure! Great products that will help shape my body in the way I have always wanted especially after my post partum and also help me to eliminate toxins through the sweat & also gives me a boost in self-esteem

      Thank you and wish me good luck!

      1. that's what the Neubodi Milan Body Shaper will do! good luck Patricia!!!

    10. blog here.. I mean spread the giveaway here http://wholuvcosmetics.blogspot.com/2012/10/win-new-body-with-neubodi-giveaway.html

    11. Follower ID: Jean
      Name: Jean Yong
      E-mail: purplewardrobe@gmail.com

      Slogan: What do you expect from a body shaper?
      Of course I expect it to bring out my nice figure which is currently hidden under my layer of disguise (the fat)! =p
      I wan hourglass shape body!

      BTW, wanna shoutout to Angel Ng, ur slogan is awesome!!

      1. Thanks Jean dear!! I also want hourglass shape body.. Wonder which one better... S or Hourglass?

      2. yes her.. slogan is awesome... maybe that's why everyone else not joining?!

    12. FollowerID: Jessica
      Name: Jessica
      Email: jesscapywong@yahoo.com

      Being blessed with a fuller figure, I do find that wearing clothes that are body hugging could be a problem when my 'love handles' show. Body shaper could help me to achieve a flawless (or near to flawless) and seamless silhouette! Result: A more confident me and a greater looking me!

      1. love handles :) I have them too haha! Good luck Jessica, love your radiant positivity.

    13. ID: Yeoh Kristen

      I expect the body shaper to be what I am paying for i guess, which means doing wonders as I have not been able to lose my post pregnancy weight.

      I expect the Neubodi Body Shaper to immediately give me a closer to hour glass shape that i have been missing for a while while relieving me of my backaches and enhancing my posture.

      In the long term, continuous wearing of this state of the art italian fabric will help me slim down by reducing my body fat, cellulite, increase metabolic rate and improve skin firmness and blood circulation.

      Last and not least, it will definitely restore my self confidence when i have dinner dates with my husband and girls night out.

      1. Yes I do agree, I want what works for what I'm paying for too Kristen! good luck to u!

    14. follower id : Arisa Chow
      name : Arisa Chow
      e-mail : arisa1443@gmail.com

      A miracle (sounds abit too much?lol) and a cure to my low self esteem and eating disorder problems. Being an anorexic/bulimic since i was labelled "fat" during my earlier modelling days, I do LOVE food but now i'm too paranoid to even eat because of my slow metabolism which causes me to gain weight VERY easily by that means within a week i can gain up to 3 kg(my love handles and bloated stomach are the most obvious) I would love to eat normally again without having to worry about my stomach & waist running out of place :)

      p/s : don't get me started with my grandmother story about my bad back posture, sucks to be born with so many health problems lol at least i have all 10 fingers :D and i know you are gonna smack me kau kau after reading this XD ohoho~

      1. wow u make me scare to eat now too......

      2. that is the price i had to pay for being vain :-( Now all i wish is to have a normal diet again, but i'm mentally unwell. Anything i eat automatically gets thrown up :(

    15. follower id : HaniBunny
      name : tengku Yuhanis Raja Mahmood
      email : yus_blooms1982@yahoo.com

      definitely to be confident and sexy. not all people born with perfect body. so using body shaper would help people and me to be more confident and sexy. but the most important thing its, the terms to be comfortable. who want to wear sum thing uncomfortable. i know the motto " beauty come with the pain" but i wont sacrife myself to be pretty. hope using body shaper from neubodi im gain my confident, feels comfortable, help me flaunt my beautiful curve and feel's great . thanks =))

      1. I wish the term no pain no gain would go away! I have always been wishing that everything would come naturally... and with no pain!

        good luck to u Hani Bunny!

    16. Follower ID : life-muses
      Name : Karen Oh
      E-mail : karenoh.my@gmail.com

      Mine pretty simple. I expect the body shaper to tuck in my baby bump so that I don't have to hold my breathe each time I want to look slim! :)) Of course, overall I wanna look good and sexy too hahaha....

      1. I been holding my breath whenever photographs are taken, oh how i wish to look good too on photographs!

        good luck Karen!

    17. Follower ID : wifluvelle
      Name : ann tan
      E-mail : wifluvelle@gmail.com
      i took for granted of my body in my 20s, no exercise n eating everything thats fried and unhealthy. but past 30 now, im paying for my foolishness by working hard on exercise n not able to enjoy mcd or kfc anymore :( and yet the results are slow and painful labor sigh i expect body shaper to be super comfortable to wear (as i've tried many that cut off my breathing) lol i want to sit down have a good meal without worrying im carrying tyres around my waist!

      1. carrying tyre hahahha omg.. u made me imagine that!!!

    18. Follower ID: JajaIzzati
      Name: Izzati
      Email: superxoxostar@gmail.com
      Slogan: I just need some miracle for my pear shape body. Didn't expext to be like Hollywood stars. But at least I can experienced some Hollywood me. ;)

      1. some hollywood me, i like your phrase :)

        good luck JAJA

    19. Follower ID: christina ho
      Name: Ho Zhi Ching
      E-mail: christinaho_1988@hotmail.com

      Slogan: What do you expect from a body shaper?
      -I wish to have the body shaper to slim down my fats.
      -I have been working till late. unable to do workout. on weekend been lazy
      just want to sit on the sofa watch television.( I Know is an Excused)(been
      trying to do gym but is like all the people looking at me)
      -I Love to Eat Snakes...even after my dinner.( that what i do when i was a kid)
      -I Wish i can have a S figure so i can wear a bikini to the beach :)
      -know having the Body Shaper i can have my dream come true :)

      1. wait u love to eat snakes?!

      2. I think she meant "Sik Seh".. Eat snake.. Kakakakakka...

    20. follower id:jayjaysee
      name:see jing jing
      slogan:What do you expect from a body shaper?
      I want my body looks slimmer and trimmer, breasts appear fuller and perkier, J. Lo’s butt, and great support to my back, so that, I can get rid of hunchback. Besides, lightweight, comfortable, and no matter how many hours I have it on are something that I expect high.

      1. J'Lo's butt... hahahhaha sorry my eyes just rush to this word in your slogan!! good luck babe :)

    21. Follower ID: T.K. Letchumy
      Name: T.K. Letchumy
      Email: tk1284@yahoo.com
      Slogan: I believe a body shaper could enhance my curves and give me that sought-after Beyonce Knowles worthy body.

      1. Beyonce Knowles, yes she does have an awesome hour glass body! (must be the help of body shapers)

        good luck Letchumy!

    22. spread the giveaway here http://iluvcontest.blogspot.com/2012/10/who-needs-body-shaper.html

    23. This comment has been removed by the author.

    24. Follower: Suz Ng
      Name: Suzanna Ng
      Email: suzannang17044@gmail.com

      Look at the mirrow and i saw EWWWWW
      In my mind i hope i can be WOWWWW
      Look at the Neubodi Milan Body Shaper i say HMMMMM
      A try on it,I will be WAHHHHHHH

      [N] New body with Body Shaper
      [E] Effectively bring jaw dropping
      [U] Unleash the ideal shape
      [B] Bring the sexy body on board
      [O] O~la~la when body appear on mirror
      [D] Deliciously killer for many eyes
      [I] Ideal for a PURRRFECT figure

      1. eeewww wowwwwwwww hmmmmmmmm wahhhhh..how come remind me of ANTM's Lisa music video!!!

    25. Follower ID: Jessica Lee Keat Yen
      Name: Lee Keat Yen
      E-mail: lee_keatyen@yahoo.com

      What do you expect from a body shaper?
      I'm in my early 30s and my body's metabolic rate has decreased even though I exercise weekly. I face a tough time slimming down my tummy, butt and thighs. I feel so sad as I've not worn my favourite bikini for the past 10 years! And the worst part is my hubby said I'm getting flabbier and he wish my body still looks like when I'm in my 20s. I hope the body shaper could transform my body to a sexier, curvier and more confident me!

      1. totally understand how u feel.. i also hit 30s and... can feel everything is not the same anymore..

        wish i have body 10 years back too! good luck Jessica!

    26. Follower id : Mrs Blogs
      name : Shantini
      e-mail : teh.tarik.addict@gmail.com

      What do you expect from a body shaper?

      I don't expect a body shaper to take me from zero to hero, neither do I expect a body shaper to turn my 38-29-38 into a supermodel's 36-24-36. I would be more than happy and grateful if it could just smooth out my lumps and bumps, and keep my flabby tummy intact, just so for a brief moment, I can feel like I"m 21 again coz as they say, giving birth changes your body :)

      1. feel like 21 again.. ah....

        good luck Shantini!

    27. Follower ID : Allysha
      Name : Allysha Tong
      E-Mail : allyshatong@yahoo.com

      What do you expect from a body shaper?

      A body shaper should be able to keep unsightly flabs at bay,
      To curve me up at all the right places and slim up any ugly bulges on display,
      It should feel so comfortable and natural that I won’t mind wearing it every day,
      Plus easy to wash and maintain without its’ build-in support easily giving way!
      Of course the end result should be to regain back the shapelier and slimmer body I had back in my heydays,
      In order for me to feel more beautiful and carry myself with confidence every single day, in every single way!

      1. nice poem Allysha! it rhymes all the way man

    28. follower id: shiro
      name: shiro chen
      e-mail: ycchen920@gmail.com

      Slogan: What do you expect from a body shaper?

      My wish for this season is let the neubodi body shaper spell the magic and kick away the inches on me and turn me to hot mama instantly!

      I have a lovely daughter and I wish to snap lots of photos with her but I feel sad when myself look HUGE in the photo

      Year end is always full of weddings and I start to panic of what to wear. The slimming package that I signed did not give me the figure I want; exercises make me more muscular. Suddenly feel hopeless.

      I wish neubodi body shaper knows magic!

      1. oh man this sounds like a Christmas Magic Wish! I hope santa grants it.. good luck Shiro! thanks for joining my giveaway!

    29. Tammy, is it only 1 entry per person?

      1. good question, I didn't set any limitation but only 1 winner per prize based on the best slogan.

    30. Follower ID: Angel Kee/Angel Ng
      Name: Angeline Ng
      E-mail: angeline84ng@gmail.com

      Slogan: What do you expect from a body shaper?

      After serious consideration, a body shaper have to be able to meet my EXPECTATIONS.

      [E]nhance the size of my top (Boobs),
      [X]-cellerate my "Look Good" Process,
      [P]ush up the
      [E]xcessive flesh from my bottom (Bum),
      [C]omfortably burn fats
      [T]irelessly while cultivating skin microcirculation,
      [A]lleviate breathing while
      [T]ucking my tummies
      [I]n any
      [O]-some Attire
      [N]o matter WHEN, WHERE or on WHO!
      [S]-Shaped Mode ON!

      1. your first one still the best babe :D muahhaa

      2. First is always the best.. :) Like advertisement...

    31. Follower ID: ciksuzlin
      Name: Suzlin
      Email: busymonkey07@gmail.com

      Every figure has some flaws, so, body shapers which can smooth the bulges and take off inches, give me good body posture, health benefit in a long term, making clothes look nicer and boost my confidence level is a MUST. In order to meet my expectation, body shapers must have all the benefit of wearing Neubodi Body Shaper plus flexibility and comfortability [including open gusset, of course!]

      Oh, how I wish someday my body magically turn to healthy and gorgeous by itself without all those heavy exercise and diminishing all my favourite food.


      1. I wish for that too suzlin!!! T____T!!! good luck!

    32. Follower ID: Missy Doroshi
      Name: Dorothy
      Email: dorotee79@gmail.com

      Slogan: what do you expect from a body shaper?

      I expect a body shaper gives me confidence! Confidence on my own body, so i can walk out looking like a million bucks! I mean, all my frens will be checkin out on me, and i can keep my head up high n walked with breeze with my hour glass body!! The feeling is jst so GREAT! Frens will be wondering how did i manage to have an hour glass body shape after give birth. So there, it goes down to the wonder works of a body shaper under the clothes. A body shaper must not show people visibility that you're wearing it. Good body shaper should be discreet underneath the clothes.

      I expect a body shaper could slim my tummy, firm my buttocks, tighten up my thighs, straighten my back, create a waist line and have a good overall well balanced body structure and good posture.

      A body shaper should feel like my second skin, the material has to be soft, comfortable and not hot and suffocating. It will be unpleasant to be visibly beautiful body shape but appearing sweaty. I shoud also be able to manouvre easily and my daily movements shouldnt be restricted. Comfortable is the word, and when we wear, we shouldnt faint! :)

      A body shaper should be easily wear and remove. Time is important! Especially when we are rushing for a date after work, or goin to the loo. The innovation of NEUBODI body shaper that has a open gusset is genius!

      A body shaper can burn fats, eliminates my water retention and cellulites and improve bloody circulation, it will definitely awesomely great! It can replace exercise, diet plans and all sorts of unhealthy eating yet provide me well shaped body.

      A Body shaper to me must be Easy, Comfy. No Sweat and Shhhhh Discreet!

      1. omg babe your submission is 300 words, the contest states within 100 words. Would you like to rephrase again?

    33. Follower ID: secretsunshine
      Name : meiling

      Slogan : what do you expect from a body shaper?

      Let me ask u this, what make a girl beautiful?
      It's that confidence in her being comfortable in her own skin.
      Neubodi has created all that a girl can ask for. To look good in a dress at the same time losing of weight. The product speaks louder than any slogan that we can write!!

      1. thanks SecretSunshine for pointing that out! you go girl!

    34. Follower id: angelzoe
      Name:azura zoe azlee

      Body shaper?
      A good one must be able to transform my silhuette from "aiyooyooo.." to "fuiiiiyooooo!!!!"..
      Must be user-friendly so i don't have to squirm and huff and puff when putting it on my dear body..
      Must not be too constricting so i can still enjoy running n jumping and yelling(!!!!). ..(hey!i'm a mother of a pair of growing n active kiddos i can't be a silent observer..;p)
      And most of all...must come in sexy..desirable designs..as i am a woman of substance..not a pole in zig-zag binds..
      So if u have it alll..bring it to me baybehhh...(aha!aha!) :D

      1. from aiyoyyoyooy to fuiyoyyooy hahahahahha!!!!

    35. Follower ID: Lavender
      Name : Pauline Tan
      email: paulinecltan@gmail.com

      What do I expect from a Body Shaper?
      When I see the name Neubodi, I immediately know that it can help me achieve a "new body". I want a Neubodi that does not restrict me in my movement. It must not restrict me with my sensible eating habit. The Neubodi that I imagine must be able to fit me well and create a beautiful silouette in lovely body hugging dresses. My new body will be sleek and sassy and to achieve it, is as easy as ABC because I have NEUBODI.

      1. A New Body that doesn't restricts. Good one Lavender!

    36. Follower id: Platinum_Girl
      Name: Aubrey
      Email: platingirl@gmail.com

      Slogan: What do you expect from a body shaper?

      I hope that it will give me back the confidence that i have lost for so long and i hope that it be the start of me losing the weight and helping me to get back on track to the hourglass figure i have always wanted. Most importantly, I want to be slim so that my son wont be the subject of ridicule because his classmates told him his mummy is a fatty bom-bom :-(

      1. motivation is an inspiring act of a miracle that will happen!

        don't let them make u feel down bcoz of that! let's go bom bom them!

    37. Follower ID: ChibiNeko
      Name : Jaslyn Choo
      email: genjo_sanzo88@yahoo.com

      What do I expect from a body shaper?
      I'm hoping Neubodi's body shaper can help me achieve that curvy silhouette like Christina Aguilera's new body in Burlesque *_*. There's so many things I'll be able to wear with a body shaper! Especially those tight-fitting-ass-showing bodycon dresses as Neubodi will be able to stuff in my belly fat, lift up that saggy ass and fix my body posture so that I can walk like sexy bombshell than a malformed oaf~

      1. Christina Aguilera, Burslesque... you had me at Christina!

    38. Hi Tammy!
      Follower id: Mrs K
      Name: Khadijah
      E-mail: khadijahabdulmalik@hotmail.com
      My answer: What I expect from a body shaper is to make me look like I work out regularly and on a health diet but I know that is not going to happen, period. So I need a body shaper to instantly make me look darn good! With four kids to handle, this will definitely give me a boost of confidence!
      Thanks Tammy.

      1. HEHEHHE ILLUSIONS ARE AWESOME! but neubodi is not only an illusion it also slims u down :D good luck babe!

    39. Hihi,
      Follower ID : My Sarah
      Name : Sarah
      Email : my_sarah90@hotmail.com
      Neubodi Milan Body Shaper, transforming a barrel to hourglass within a second!

    40. Giveaway has ended on 16/7. Results will be out soon :) I just submitted the finalists list for them. Cross your fingers everyone. Thanks for joining my giveaway, I appreciate everyone's comments on what they think a bodyshaper should do for them. Everyone is right and some are so good. It's tough, wish u all the luck!

      Tammy Miu

    41. Good luck everyone and thanks for giving us such opportunity Tammy!

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