Welcome to my wonderland where I share my experiences as a woman on beauty, shopping, travel & lifestyle. I love taking photographs with my epal phone so most pics you see here is taken with a smart phone!.
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FYI, there's a new kid on the block called Nuffnang X. What's Nuffnang X? It's not X-Files, wait it's much cooler than X-Files! because to all ya mobile-addicts out there who can't live without fiddling and surfing on your mobile...


Wait it's different from your usual blog reading on your phone because first you gotta go to your web browser, get to the blogs, read through and have a pain to comment. Not to mention how slow it is to load those blogs to read.

BUT not with Nuffnang X! this is the top 3 things why you should check it out:

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The Future of Reading Blogs!

1st - It's an app that you download into your mobile and can freely stalk blogs on it, faster and more efficient. Also you can follow your favorite blogs and get updated!

2nd - Commenting is a lot easier than your conventional commenting on mobile web browsers! It's a sure fast way to ask the blogger where she got that lovely dress from. You also can have personal conversations with the blogger.

3rd - If you're rushing or would like to get right down to the business of reading blogs in speed light years, there's a one liner feature that tells you if a blog post is worth reading.

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