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Introducing the latest innovation in eyeliners! Curvee by Elianto


do you know what this is?

Now you don't normally see me using eyeliner (that's because I'm no good at it). It took me a while to get this review out, I'll be honest I don't know how to use eyeliner & was trying to master it. I'm still struggling on using eyeliners, kohl eye crayons is still my safest bet but to achieve that fabulous define eye line, I think liquid eyeliners are still the best.  They also last longer, won't smudge easily and are waterproof.

introducing Curvee! the ink eyeliner pen

first of its kind, innovative product from Germany

Now you probably know from first sight that this is an odd looking eyeliner pen. Why is it shape this way? My first thought was it looks like a golf club. Elianto collaborated with Schwan-Stabilo Cosmetics to come up with this unique, fashionable and savvy product to help women achieve a precise eye liner even if they are right/left handed.  Watch the video below for a quick introduction on the product :)

the most eye catching eyeliner pen I have ever seen

you get a firm grip on the eyeliner

Now this eyeliner pen is ergonomically shaped for a reason. The shape allows for a firmer grip on the eyeliner pen while you're drawing so that you don't spin off somewhere else (the case with me). Just like a real drawing pen, you can draw a line without having to lose your grip. Having said that, a beginner would fare much better in using this as a practice tool than the conventional eyeliner. It still takes practice as I learn.

Kelly became my victim for the eye liner art contest
(hey don't play play we won!)

Also besides drawing a more define eye line with a firm grip, one can also create art with the Curvee! During the workshop of the Curvee launch for bloggers, I teamed up with Kelly to create a design on her eyes. I have my share of artistic sense from my mother so I took the initiative to be the "eye liner designer". First I needed to use blue eye shadows as a backdrop for my art, I thought since this is the Elianto Organic Hydra Workshop, I'll go with the water theme. Then using the Curvee eyeliner pen, I drew water flow and droplets on her eyes to recreate hydration flow. Who knew we were the first to win the prize for being so creative. It was a body care hamper (yay!).

My eye liner art is just the start, there's better ones on Elianto Malaysia's Facebook Page if you go see. It'll show you the many facets of art using eyeliners.

the new Black formula, more colors soon
RM33 Curvee pen, RM27 refill

The tip of the eyeliner is skinny, one has to really be gentle drawing using this pen. Don't be a roughy like me, I just hold too much power. I don't like the cap though, it won't close if you don't put it on properly. Tip? while holding it like a gun, the longest tip of the cap should be align on the top part. This should be the identifying part for you to close your cap with ease.

How fast does it dry? well since it's a ink pen, don't try to test it by applying and then test smudge it. It still need some time to dry off, though not really long. I still can't get used to the shape but it's the shape that will give you the precise draw :)

Reasons why you should try the Curvee?
  • waterproof
  • smudge free
  • control and grip with its ergonomic shape
  • comfortable to use
  • no paraben, no volatiles, no formaldehyde-releasing compounds
  • refillable (so you don't need to buy the Curvee again)
  • useful for beginners to master the art of eyeliner

Curvee is available at Elianto stores near you. 


  1. Nice one! Should try it next time!

    1. Knew you're going to comment on this.... u eyeliner user u!

  2. Replies
    1. It's the future.... *BAZINGA* lights shines on Curvee

  3. Kelly looks awesome. Great design, Tammy!

    1. I pick my models... prettttttty good.. muahahha!!! thx Angel

    2. thanks Angel & Tammny for the compliments :)

  4. Replies
    1. yeap! if I use this infront of ppl...sure going to catch some attention hahaha

  5. Will buy this when my eyeliner finished! :D

    1. wah.. let me know how you feel towards it vs normal pen like liquid eyeliners

  6. I'm using the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner right now..how do you think this compares to the Maybelline one?

  7. the victim come dy to check check hehehe... i am now hooked on liquid eye liner. quite like this elianto's curvee

  8. the victim come dy to check check hehehe... i am now hooked on liquid eye liner. quite like this elianto's curvee


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