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RIP CURL PRO Terengganu Nov 30th - Dec 2nd, 2012 Batu Burok Beach


sun, sea, sand and surf's up!

I'm really proud that Malaysia is going to hold it's first SURFING CONTEST which will be held from 30th Nov - 2nd Dec, 2012 at the coastal of Pantai Batu Burok, Kuala Terengganu. To all my readers staying nearby, be sure to catch the first ever 6-star pro surf contest because I'm sure there's going to be a lof of eye candy and hot guys riding the waves like models with extremely sexy hair and tan. That's what I see from our very own Malaysia's top surfers Brenda Lee, Bryan Ng and Suhaimi (also known as Semmy, he's only 17 years old omg!). Our surfers has won awards from all over and I'm game on to support them for this year's surfing contest given birth by Renowned Australia surf brand, Rip Curl and the State Government of Terengganu. Check out the opening launch of this press launch that's also a fashion runaway of the latest Rip Curl collection.

Pantai Batu Burok (cutiganusokmo)

Batu Buruk Beach or Pantai Batu Burok is one of the popular stretch of beach in Kuala Terengganu where locals go to duringthe weekends and in the evening. It is located just 1km away from the city of Kuala Terengganu and is in front of PrimulaBeach Resort, a 4 Star Hotel.
This stretch of scenic beach is sandy in nature and casuarina trees grow abundantly along the beach. The Cultural Centre is also located here and traditional games, stage performances are on display here on Fridays from 5pm to 6:30pm. The performances that you can see include the pencak silat, a form of Malay martial art, kite flying, sepak raga and top spinning.

Rip Curl One Utama

official launching ceremony with music & lots of cool beach wear

laze the day with macaroons & expresso

Rip Curl's fashion show featuring the latest must haves

 models are all from Amber Chia Academy

The event was held at One Utama on Monday with the media, VIPS and Malaysian's best surfers coming in to witness the launch and cheer for its opening. Now I wish this place had sand and more surfing boards so it'll be so more awesome! It's our first surfing contest anyway right? The launch started with a fashion show featuring Rip Curl's latest collections by students from Amber Chia Academy models. Then follow by a speech from Mr. James Hendy, the Marketing Manager of Rip Curl South East Asia who was as excited as the surfers to introduce what Rip Curl Pro is about and who our leading surfers supported by Rip Curl would be.

speech by Mr. James Hendy
(Marketing Manager of Rip Curl South East Asia)

official launch of the Terengganu Rip Curl Pro 2012

Media QnA Session from left Ayin, Jon Lee, Bryan Ng,
Brenda Lee, Vivian Chew, JamesHendy & Semmy

 Support our Malaysian Riders! 



While I was watching, I couldn't help but admire the strength that Brenda portray as a woman surfer. Her beautiful tan, her carefree hair and adorned in Rip Curl fashion wear. This is who I want to be too I said to myself! thought I can't surf and probably has no guts to. Talents like Brenda, Bryan and little Semmy is a gem to have in Malaysia. Did I mention Semmy is just 17 years old and is already recognized in the surf world? cool right. I can't wait to see their battle on the rough and tough seas of Terengganu.


  1. Tammy, do you surf? I love surfing.. internet... :P

    1. u dam funny lah Angel! surfing internet hahaha

    2. LOL I also know how to surf the internet =P

    3. See! See!! Easy to surf internet, super hard to do actual surfing...

  2. u going? my home town............

  3. =D wish to join this cool event too!!!

  4. Awesome! How I wish to see they surf in live

    1. I think you'll be able to see them on tv! it's our first ever surf tournament in msia

  5. So good u have fun yeah, fill me the detail hehe.. Too bad unable to join

    1. why u didn't join! would be so much fun if we all go...


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