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Clarin's Pure Pampering Workshop


In Trend Magazine March 09

I was reading In Trend magazine (March) and came across this article on the Clarin's Whitening "Snow Lotus" media launching. The media guests were invited to launching event and they had to dress in "white". When the media guests arrived, they were suprised by a lovely white/snowy setup by Clarins in conjunction with their latest new whitening range made from Snow Lotus.

pictures from the Clarin's revamp website!
(totally love what they do to the site now!)

I wonder who's going tomorrow for the Clarin's Pure Pampering Workshop which is also the launching workshop for their whitening range @ Snow Lotus. Shall we dress in white too? *giggles*. See you girls there tomorrow!


  1. Yeah, you should dress in white~ Follow their theme mar... sure fun to the max~ So regret that I can't join you this time... :( But don't fret as there are others activities for us! Woohoo~~

    P/S: Terima kasih for your wishes~ The next time I will meet you, there are free samples for you! Hehehe~ :)

  2. Hey, saw you at the workshop...
    Been following your blog on and off since I googled about Stila Makeup Workshop.

    Didn't know have to wear white.. I registered under Female magazine and was not told so. But you wore black! ;)

    Got a picture of your getting your facial, want it? How did it really felt?

  3. Hi Yng!

    no la, only white for their media launching which was is only for the media people. For the female no dress code :)

    aiyoh can't find any white to wear :( plus so many of my friends couldn't come so black seems to be the colour of the day! haha

    heey wan.. email to me pls?

    do u have blog too? wanna read your reviews too on this workshop.


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