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  • Stila Beauty Lesson Workshop


    Stila Oh Stila

    Finally I got down to blogging about my Stila makeover workshop with the girls last month at Parkson KLCC. It started in the morning 11am - 1pm. It was a simple make up workshop teaching us girls how to make up using few basic cosmetics. I was a bit disappointed that they could not get the event room/area for our workshop. It would help to give some breathing space rather than cramp everyone at the Stila counter.

    busy busy morning! (even Stila HQ people came)

    Well that won't stop us from having fun today right? The Stila girls have prep up the place just for us, with a new display counter and Stila mirrors attached on! It used to be just a flat table with the cosmetics on it. Now you can even see the cosmetics from far away! (good marketing).

    the make up counters

    There was 8 make up table for the invited guests but about 11 people showed up. Not enough, I had to sit at the edge of the table with a small mirror to do my make up. I was OK with that as I could always come back to Stila KLCC to learn, but for the other 2 guests, they had to share tables.

    We also had to share brushes and cosmetics as there weren't enough for everyone. I don't like to share brushes as I feel its unhygienic. Jasmine face broke out in rashes when she got back home from the makeover. She has really sensitive skin thats prone to dust & dirt . I guess that can't be help, most workshops/makeovers I go to do the same thing. I was more impressed with Stila's Make Up Workshop last year at Pavillion where everything was new and everyone had their own set of brushes and cosmetics to use. MAC Hello Kitty makeover was better too, with disposable mini brushes & Q tips being used (besides brushes).

    The workshop started with a make up demo by Lilian. The model was pick from the participants. It was Dee's friend, Sheila. I think Lilian did a good job picking the model. After the makeover, Sheila look so gorgeous (see pic above). I took short videos of this make up demo & I refer to it when I go back home to practice brushing my face. Also included is the introduction to the basic cosmetics being used in this workshop.


    Make Up Demo

    As the place is slightly cramp, everyone squeeze to watch the make up demo. Jasmine being the last to arrive, could not see anything due to the limited eye-view space. This is one of the reasons why make up workshops should have a private room/hall for their events/workshops. Thankfully, I was sitting in front of the model & manage to snap some really nice pictures of her.

    After the make up demo, Lilian urge all of us to try it and if we needed help, the make up artists hire for this workshop will be around to give us a helping hand. Since I did not have a seat, I went around snapping pictures of my friends indulging themselves in some make up & questions. I love the pictures as it caught what this workshop was all about - a learning experience.

    dee learning to blush

    no idea what Jasmine is talking about
    (but looks like she's really communicating with the make up artist)

    the make up artist answering the girl's questions

    the girls experimenting & trying on Stila cosmetics

    I like this pic of Jasmine, learning.

    totally love this pic of dee learning

    no Zang Toi or fancy catering! just fruit tarts for ^_^

    I've said earlier that this is not the usual workshops where you get yummy snacks from Zang Toi or fancy cafe. I'd like to thank Lilian for trying to provide her guests a little something to snack on - the Delifrance fruit tarts and water.

    How did we look after attempting to make up ourselves? I'd say we did a pretty good job trying to achieve a natural fresh girly look! That's what I like about Stila. The colors are easy to use and they have so many colors to choose from. We all look like so pretty!!!

    Besides the make up, there was also a promotion going on that day. It's been such a long time since I seen e/s palettes been given away for tier purchases. Spend rm450 and you can get a Pon Pon Gerbera E/S trio palette worth rm170 and Pon Pon Gerbera Lip Gloss worth rm90. These are limited edition colors and no longer for sale. I was so happy they release it as purchase gifts, but spending rm450 to get it, is MAD. They're pushing the limits aren't they? it used to be purchase rm120 u can get something nice, and rm240 above u can get a lip gloss.

    did anyone sign up as a member?

    I understand that they were trying to get people to sign up as Stila Girlfriend members but most of my friends didn't realize they were doing that. I don't blame them. How could they expect girls to spend rm300 just to be members suddenly? rm300 is alot of money. Spending RM450 was already MAD. They're scaring people off with these limitations. Not only that the promotion 2 be members were disappointing. I don't see any special gifts or promotions to get girls to sign up as members. When I signed up 2 years back, it was because of the cute Stila GF Member mug that attracted me. They also give a makeover voucher and if you're a MTV HL credit card holder, u get an additional freebie! a limited edition e/s palette.

    the member cup when u sign up

    This is quite a lengthy post, hope it's not too boring! I do love this workshop and there is room for improvement. I don't know if the girls who went enjoy it? I am bias here because I love Stila haha!!! Lilian wants your feedback so she can improve. Let me know what you think and what is your suggestions.


    1. Miu dearie,

      Do tell Lilian that yes, to get people to be stila girlfriend member, don't have to put purchase limit so high. Regarding the workshop, no problem. cos on Sunday, only me and the naggy old lady and 2 other girls.

      Anyways, I commented last time, I didn't get to buy more cos of some naggy old woman with me that time.

      You mean, we can't buy the Pon Pon Gerbera e/s trio anymore at the counters? :(( Uwaawawa

    2. On Sunday only 4 people?? no wonder she was a bit sad. To achieve quota need a lot of people to come. The naggy lady is your mom or m-i-l?

      yea u can't buy pon pon gerbera anymore at stila counters. I'm not sure overseas but even Stilacosmetics.com not showing it for sale. It's a seasonal colour, released last year. I still see it being promoted as tier gift purchase at Stila KLCC. if u r interested, let me know. Maybe i get a star from u if u become member.

      DO ask them what u can get if u become member. I feel stila klcc very limited in giving gifts.


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