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  • MAC Hello Kitty Party Live!


    It's really funny if I said that I got invited again to MAC Hello Kitty party @ Mid Valley Megamall. This time it's from Cosmopolitan Magazine. I got both sms a day before the event starts and that's not very professional. What if readers thought they never made it to the first 120 register participant list? (for Cleo) and 1st 100 (for Cosmopolitan Mag), and go off holiday already for the long weekend? I guess that is why I don't see that much participants at both parties.

    I like the Hello Kitty entrance

    My friends asked why I am going again. Probably the only reason I am going again is to capture the event's highlights coz I missed most of it yesterday at Cleo's Mac Hello Kitty Party due to the very-long-makeover-session. The girl who register me greeted me with "You are a Hello Kitty fan!" (because I was wearing the same pink ribbon on my head again). I thought she won't recognize me from yesterday but she did! good memory!

    I wasn't interested in the makeover, so I hang around admiring the Mac's make up artists. They are so cute & adorable. I love what they wore on this event which is actually not SM-ish like what MAC Hello Kitty is trying to promote but fashionably black and frilly.

    Manage to catch the make up demo this time & even recorded it! Yokoe Chan starts off by talking about Hello Kitty. In fact she talks a lot about Hello Kitty during the make up demo in between make up. Yokoe Chan says Hello Kitty is not a cat, but a girl. I am really confused here. I thought my favourite japanese character is a cat since I was a little girl. It's like being told Santa Claus don't exist. I feel so sad. Why Sanrio said Hello Kitty is not a cat? it looks like a cat! sob sob...

    Some of the Hello Kitty Collections used

    Basically the make up demo is really just a short demo about 15minutes or so. What happened was, the model is already wearing make up. What Yokoe Chan did was just touching up/showing us how to achieve the look, kinda like Britney Spears lip syncing in her MTV concert. I guess this is not like those event where u can watch the transformation (before & after look) using make up.

    wild kitty, male kitty & mild kitty

    I notice a few things missing from this event. It was different from Cleo's event. This time around there were no Q&A session or "Dress as Hello Kitty Mild/Wild" contest. I wonder why they still sent out sms asking us to come dress as one when they don't bother about the contest anymore. This "party" is overhyped by the media. It's not like a party at all. Take away the stage, the baloons. It's just a place where anyone can get complimentary make up, take baloons & eat freely without needing to be invited.

    MAC Hello Kitty Tote Bags were given on Launching event
    (but not to Cleo/Cosmopolitan "Party" event)

    Did I mention there was no goodie bags at all?
    During the Media launching, Hello Kitty tote goodie bags were given to invited guests, but for Cleo & Cosmopolitan readers who got invited had to purchase rm350 just to get that same tote bag. A lot of the girls who attended was so dissapointed at this fact. They came all the way even from Port Klang just to attend.

    Yesterday during Cleo's event, there were a packed of mad wolves wanting Hello Kitty balloons. Cleo readers had to fight for balloons with the public for it (WHY?). Today was no different, still have to fight with public for balloons but it was more organized now. Cosmopolitan readers rushed to line up with public behind the DJ box to collect balloons. Again I wonder why the readers who were exclusively invited for this "party" have to fight for balloons with public. Don't get me wrong, but there should be a separate balloon giving session for both parties.

    Manage to snap pictures of the yummy snacks from Delifrance. I thought this was exclusively for the party participants but public also coming in and eating them away. I don't know why when they say from 10.30am - 12pm is our event and yet got children, granny, uncle, aunties coming in to eat and get free makeovers and also the balloons. I don't feel anything special at all besides the fabulous event decorations. This Cosmopolitan event is boring. Cleo's was better.

    A snapshot of me wearing Hello Kitty E/S in the wild kitty palette

    I did get a "faster" makeover and this time I wanted to try the wild kitty e/s palette using pink and black? I also tried on the beauty powder in Tahitian. It's like finishing powder or face powder actually. Lip gloss in Mimmy, was something I like. Overall I think the collection colours are just regular colors with undeniably cute and adorable packaging. Makes one want to buy it just to keep it because of Hello Kitty.

    Make Up Demo by Yokoe Chan, Mac's Make Up Artist

    Make Up Demo - continue with face powder, lips

    Enjoy the Make Up Demo Videos I took, so even if you're not invited, u still know what happened and don't be sad coz it's just a normal event and most of the Hello Kitty collection already OUT-OF-STOCK. Maybe I should blog about the scandal? It seems most of the collection were already gone before the launching. What's the use of launching it when it's already sold out?


    1. scandal....hurmmm....may be they gave out ALL of the products during the launching...o may b it's just a tactic to get ppl buy their stuffies that instant.

      still...we got no goody bag. haha XP

    2. hahaa.. yah! that too!!

      but seriously all of it now on EBAY/Lowyat for sellin! more expensive than retail LOL!!!

    3. i so agree with what you have to say in your blogs....they're so unorganise...i was there too... :)

    4. i agreed with what you said in your blog...they're a bit un-profesional n un-organised... I was there too.. :)

    5. Hey Dazz,

      which day u went? Sat or Sunday? I feel not special at all their event sigh.

    6. Hey Miu,

      I agree! we got invited but we don't get any goodie bags, sigh :( But I think Cosmopolitan's invite wasn't that special from your point of view though. Well at least, their not like kedekut to give the balloons away to the invited guests. haha

    7. omg Thanks for the video! I wish I talked to you during cleo's party!

    8. I went for the event as well and most of the things were sold out that time. But being the hardcore kitty fan that I am, I went all the way down to Pavillion to get the remaning nail lacquer and lipglass.

      I wanted to get the cosmetics bag so much but it was already sold out before launching because those VIP members of them reserved all units of it! And now they are still it at LYN and ebay for more than double the price!


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