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MAC Hello Kitty Party

Cleo MAC Hello Kitty Party @ MidValley

Finally got down to blogging about the MAC Hello Kitty party at Midvalley Megamall this morning. I got invited through Cleo Magazine & you won't believe it, I got invited also again by Kosmopolitan Magazine tomorrow. Well I'm going to talk about the one today. The place was AWESOME!!! love the set up & the models. I love the hello kitty baloons too! However there are a few things I do not like about this event though which you'll soon find out.

The night before, Shirley(met from sms me asking if anyone would want to take her spot as she could not go. I sms Dee and didn't get any response until 9am in the morning! Though it was a rush, Dee manage to come & even dress the part for the "Come Dress as Hello Kitty Mild or Wild" contest. Thanks Shirley! Dee enjoyed the event so much!

free makeovers anybody?

The event started at 10.30am and there's already a group of people getting their makeovers done. Me & Dee finally could sit together for our makeover session. This is the part that I regretted. You know why? because it took the make up artist so long to give us a makeover! why? because they were more interested in "selling" then getting us ready for the Cleo MAC Hello Kitty event! By the time I got my make up done, the event was already ENDING! can u believe it? sigh.

I'll just story a bit about my makeover. I thought this event was supposed to be testing out Hello Kitty collection but the makeover was done not using Hello Kitty collection. They use normal Mac cosmetics for it. Pure nonsense. Here I am being powdered in something else, using some other lip gloss and half of my eyeshadow is something else too and the beautician happily tries to sell me HELLO KITTY like as if I tested it. I asked the beautician why didn't use the Hello Kitty eyeshadow then only she ask me which color. Gosh I think the only Hello Kitty cosmetics on me was white pigments & 1/2 of my eyes was finished in wild kitty eyeshadow.

Ok so after a LONG makeover, I rushed to the "stage" area where make up artist Yoko was still talking a bit about make up. Seriously I don't know why they started the event without waiting for girls to finish their make up? I missed the make up demo, the talks and the prize giving Q&A session! You don't know how pissed I am! Lucky for Dee, she manage to finish 5 minutes earlier than me and the DJ nominated her for the "Dress as Hello Kitty Wild/Mild" contest and she was whisked to the stage to receive her prize. She was BLUR!! just finish make up and got rushed to stage hahaha.

dee with her prize as Hello Kitty Wild!
(totally love her style)

Ah, I dressed up too for the part, well I can't wear body hugging clothes due to obvious reasons but I still improvised! The "Dress up as Hello Kitty Mild/Wild" contest was about to end, and I was so hoping I could win too! The MC called up for people who dress like Hello Kitty I went to join. However this time the judges decided to "change" the contest rules and got 2 girls to join with me. They got selected because they carry "hello kitty handbag". I feel humiliated that I have to go through a vote instead. Other winners didn't have to do that.

hello kitty is also plus size! pls vote for me!

Anyway it doesn't matter coz I got 9 votes out from the crowd and won. I was so happy and I really wanted to kiss the 9 voters (dee one of them) for making my day. The prize was a nice set of MAC cosmetics. A tiny pouch, lipstick, eye glitter & eye shadow. OH THANK YOU KIND 9 VOTERS!!!

Light refreshments were served by Delifrance. Yummy pastries and mini fruit tarts. The male Hello Kitty came out and started giving baloons. Suddenly in our private party there were kids running about and unfamiliar faces snatching off baloons like no tomorrow. Where's the security?!

Dee wants to get baloons for her daughters

Male Hello Kitty in Msia wears a black sleveless shirt
(overseas they're showing their 6 packs!)

Well we started cam-whoring because we love the deco & models so much. This event is so cool with such arrangements besides the things that annoyed me earlier on. Taysir (my lovely reader) was also here in the event. Didn't manage to cam-whore with her but I'm so happy she won the Q&A prize! she's so happy sitting and eating her snacks so I didn't disturb her much.

We love the backdrop so much!

u can take pics with the models!

Ok the event ended but the beauticians kept reminding us to go reserve our Hello Kitty cosmetics and go to their MAC Shop nearby to buy stuffs. Seriously a lot of things are gone in a flash. Even when the event started, everything was out-of-stock except the eyeshadow palletes and pigments. Stock arrived after the event ended and girls flocked to MAC Shop to purchase Hello Kitty collections before it OOS again! There was NO PROMOTION and NO FREEBIES/SAMPLES given out for whatever amount of purchase u made. The only free thing given out is this TOTE bag which I saw was given out as goodie bags during the Media Launching. Wow they could give out free at the launching but for Cleo Readers, we have to spend rm350 just to get this "Tote" bag.

Purchase RM350 and get this "tote" bag

Which was just a mass produced Tote bag unlike the limited edition Hello Kitty Tote Bag found on Mac Cosmetics website. Hell I regretted spending that much just for the Tote Bag. It was a weak moment and I wasn't using my brain T_T oh MIu why did U do it AGAIN?

So sad for Dee, both of us spend rm700 and when Dee asked the beautician for one more baloon for her daughter, the beautician & her manager say NO. WOW? they practically earn so much today and they can't give a lousy baloon to Dee? we spent rm700 and no freebies! Other cosmetic brands would've given us started kits, sets, tier gifts for spending rm300 above! Stila would've given me make up pouch/tin cans/some lipgloss and probably a make up case! MAC IS SO STINGY! I told the person off "We spent rm700 and u can't give her a baloon?" Oh sorry there's very limited around said the person. "Limited? then why give it to the public just now who wasn't invited in the event??" "Oh sorry very limited, come back at 3.30pm we'll give u one!". "3.30pm?? we have to go back now can't u just give her a baloon now?". Oh sorry we can't, very limited. I can reserved for u and 3.30pm u sure get!".

Heck? reserved already but can't give now? what's the difference? I wished we didn't spend that rm700 on MAC. I gave Dee my baloon for her daughter since STINGY MAC can't give. Haha sorry I might offend MAC lovers or whoever works for MAC here. This is just my experience and I am very dissapointed with MAC & the event management.

Here is my damage from MAC and I feel so angry that I don't want to keep any of it anymore. Whoever wants to buy it from me, please contact me. Same price as I bought and please don't ask me things like give discounts, I'm not earning here. These things are already sold out in MAC Shop today at Mid Valley.

-decided to just keep them for now-

My boyfriend said I looked like I got punched in the eyes.

Oh and what's more crazy then to receive a sms a day b4 event to let u know you're invited? I got an sms this afternoon inviting me to Mid Valley again for Hello Kitty Party by Cosmopolitan Magazine tomorrow morning 10.30am, I think I'll go because I blardy missed 80% of the event today.

Signing Off,

P.S: I think what people said about Mac Beauticians/SA is really true. They're arrogant/snobby/etc. When I asked one of the SA for a nail polish remover (after testing hello kitty nail polish at their shop) the SA gave a "look" that's not very happy and instead of talking to me, she talk to the air saying "Siapa punya customer ini?" (who's customer is this?). Gosh? does it matter who's customer I am? I just need a nail polish remover!.


  1. Jamie...kitty cat kitty cat how have you been...Partying it up and feeling like a Queen!?
    As long as you had some fun then that is what matters!

  2. true..their MAs are soo snobbish!i prefer BB's better!but MAC products are pretty tho' *sigh* by the way, is that Tahitian Sand?what's the real purpose for BP yah?

  3. lol..:)..I have been waiting for MAC HEllo Kitty since last year...but when it started selling last week...I'm like...uhh...all these colors are the same as their regular line or from the previous collection...nothing special about MAC anymore...have to say that if its not your day at will be served by snobbish SA...:)...usually I came in with something in mind...let the SA know what I want...paid and leave...haha..;)...anyway...happy shopping ;)

  4. Hey Miu, I saw you at the event yesterday! You were on the far left side being make up-ed at the time. I just googled to see if anyone rated the event or something so I found your blog, I didn't stay long enough to at the party though because I was dissapointed with the whole waiting and no showcase going on. Congrats for the prize!

  5. OH I forgot to tell you. I was very upset about the balloon thing. They let other people snatch them just like THAT and then when other people invited for the event wants one they couldn't give it. What nonsense! One of the M.A.C worker gave me one from store though :) Shh! If anyone asks, I bought over 1000 Ringgit of products. Not all of the MAC beautificans are snobby, its just that they were busy :( I met a nice one at mid valley and klcc.

  6. oh gosh!!! i heard a lot about mac SAs bad things before and they did changed their attitudes now. so i though i may give it a try. but now, after your case, i need to re-consider about mac ....
    thanks for sharing!

  7. Yea, Miu, I agree with you. I was in the MAC store and looking through the products and wanted to ask some questions. 1 SA by the initial of C**** T** just looked at me carrying my baby together with my aunty, like we can't afford to buy their products. Just because we were dressed in just T-shirt and simple pants doesn't mean we couldn't afford MAC.

    I never even looked twice at MAC until this Hello Kitty collection. Because I've heard so much about disgustingly sick, snobbish, rude, you name any negative trait, you can find it in many of those stu*** MAC staff. But not all la.

    Then, came a very nice sweet girl, tending to all my needs. Even when I asked her to bring a chair for my little girl to sit on while I tested out all the Hello Kitty collection, she willingly obliged and help me with that. Of course, I took the chance to complain about that C**** T** B*tch. But she calmed me down and helped me to find the items that I wanted, even though many items that I like already sold out.

    And I bought enough to get the Hello Kitty tote. But I still wish they had the Hello Kitty tote like the one they have in the US. If they have that, even if they asked me to buy RM500 worth of items for it, I'd gladly do so! :(

    Btw, digress a bit....
    Miu, do u still have another of the Anna Sui tote, so pretty la, and very classy. I missed it... sob...sob...

  8. hey Miu, u dressed so CUTE! u deserved to win the prize! hello kitty bags carriers get off!

    And Dee won the prize as well. The spot is worth! cause both of you won the prizes!!

    and Im agree with bad attitude of the MAC beautician! I think they are out of their mind! I went there for lip stick once. I wanted to test the lip stick but it is dusty! I requested the beautician to do something with it, and she returned by question "are you requesting me to clean it?" SURE LA!! IF NOT?? and she returned the lip stick to me and said "this is the only nude shade selling in MAC!". excuse me? I am not make up NERD! I know MAC have a lot of nude shade!! Sigh~ MAC beautician always disappointed me.

  9. yeah,all mac beautician/sa all same attitude

  10. I'm one of ur voters too. hehe. I really think u deserve prize. Lucky u. I've been waiting for goody bag...& there was NONE. Huh. Btw..thanx for dropping by my blog! ^_^ (I've answered ur Q there. just wanna let u know) ^_^

  11. aiyaa... today i went to lot 10, just browsing the MAC counter at Isetan... I'm asking for the balloon, but the SA said Ive to make a purchase first, so I bought the tinted lip conditioner, and then she gave me a balloon, and when I'm asking for another one (for my lil sis), she started to do faces, still got a lots of balloon but so stingy meh... My loyalty of course still remain with Stila... Go Stila!!! ^_^

  12. ooohhhh sweet! you were at the event too. in Malaysia! hahaha. mine was in Singapore and you are so lucky to have won!

    we didnt get free makeovers although there was the option. too pai seh lah. haha. keep in touch!

  13. Jamie: haha! u know me! where there's something I like, I'll be there! by hook or by crook!

    Far: Yea not my day, but it's not at all bad. I still enjoy the event thou :) and I do agree, the collection is over-hyped! it's just regular stuffs in different packaging.

    @ddy: hehe! I've never tried Bobbi Brown b4, I am more of a Stila fan. I like to collect stuffs lol! The Tahitian Beauty Powder is actually something like a finishing powder. Can be used after foundation to even our skin tone, beautify your skin in a flash, colour correct and soften your blush. Well that's what the MAC makeup artist Yokoe Chan said.

    Diana: heyyy babe! u were there? got blog about it? me wanna read! Why u left so fast yah.. hmm i missed most of the event too but there was make up demo, Q&A, and the "costume" contest. The baloon time was crazy right!!! sigh I don't know why suddenly got outsiders in the event area. Isn't it suppose to be exclusive to Cleo readers? they also get to makan the snacks! Anyway u spent rm1k!! omgosh babe.. u really Mac Fan. Not all are snobby, my make up artist was nice but she was taking too long to make over me..with all that selling.

    Akiki: not all bad, but there are a few snobby one like the one I encounter. I seriously don't step into a MAC shop even if I am curious bcoz of all the horror stories. This event was my 1st time into Mac shop.

    VonVon: omg that person is so.. =___=!!! hello there is a child and a mother! can't help a bit? they think they're so sexy like models very hard to layan customers baik? anyway lucky got one nice SA serve u n calm u down. I wonder how u look when u were angry!! and what did u buy? i'll come over your blog to check it out!

    the rm350 n get that "tote bag" is so overated, but MAC thinks they're doing so well.. probably toilet tissue also is "atas" stuff to give away if u spend rm300.

    ssnowfish: i think i got read your blog today! but it is in chinese! which i dun....understand T_T sob sob. Thx for your spot! dee was so happy.. n the DJ jatuh cinta with her until nominate her for the prize! she didn't even know what was going on! haha. OH thank u for noticing that I try to dress up for the Mild/Wild contest! i can't believe the MAC ppl duwan select me go up. I was the last to get selected bcoz i volunter to go up ahhaaaaaa.. then the MAC person *boh song* and select 2 other girls go up and must do voting to win. So unfair. Fatty also beautiful in their own way ok!!! just bcoz i kenot wear Bustier or Sexy Skirt don't mean i cannot join yah.

    =___= walao.. ask to clean/change the lipstick also so LC? it's dirty liao if got dust! it's this attitude in MAC that i dun dare to step into their shop at all until this event.

    cc: ya.. =___= i ask nail polish remover also kena.. watlah..they all..

    skylarkz: omg ty for voting for me.. i thought nobody notice i was tryin to dress up :( u know I am plus size but i still can be hello kitty!! and I do agree.. about the goody bag! it's sooo disappointing. What kinda event is this? no goodie bag and we have to be the first 120 to register to go for "party" which turns out not to be so exclusive at all. Public also can get free makeovers and baloons! they also makan free. At least give us goody bag, we took alot effort to go yah!
    (somore we blog for them also)

    Ayna: T__T dearie.. i can give u my baloon if u wanted one.. dun need to layan the MAC ppl! sob sob.. my loyalty to STILA TOO!! GO GO STILA MAKE BARBIE EVENT BETTER OK

    dweam: heyyy how a singaporean model end up here!!! ty ^_^ how was the SG Mac Hello Kitty event? no makeovers?! :( i got an email about the event from SG, i was thinkin it would be so much cooler! can't wait for u to blog about it!

  14. hey there =D
    I was there on Saturday. haha. I think I saw you! was kinda of boring and I could agree the security was abit not that good as other people starts coming in.

  15. harlo!

    ya it was boring.. lucky I got dee & taysir with me if not i duno what to do alone..

    actually i went on Sunday's Cosmopolitan magazine's event also..and it was more boring than Sat's Cleo event.. security also looser but baloon giving they made everyone line up behind the DJ area to get it. Public & Cosmopolitan readers have to go rush to line up to get it.. one each person.

  16. Hey Miu, yeah I do blog about it but my blog is private, I don't really blog about it that much though since I was on about the products instead. But I only spent 500, the 1k was a joke so that people don't snatch the balloons from the event. I was soo disappointed about the goodie bags too!

  17. Heyya Miu, congratz on winning the costume contest... I dare say you look more like Hello Kitty than ppl carrying hello kitty bags lah... hehe

    About the MAC SAs, yeah, they're known for their rudeness. But since I'm a loyal user of the MAC Studioperfect cake, i kinda HAVE TO go to MAC every 2-3 months. But since i know abt their attitude, i just go, get what i want, pay and leave. No window shopping for me, tqvm!

    I was at Mid Vly on Friday (day before the event) but the decor was all up and they were already selling the Hello Kitty stuff. I just wanted to get my studioperfect and leave, but just so happens that this time the SA that attended to me was v.nice so i indulged in abit of shade testing. I ended up buying a Lightful Studioperfect instead of my usual, and when i paid, the cashier saw me with a pile of brochures i collected from MAPEX upstairs and offered me a big MAC bag so i can dump the stuff in. I dare say that was the NICEST gesture ever given to me by a MAC staff. I guess it was one of their "good days" kot.. hehe.

    I have never tried Stila ever. Izzit really that good? I know they have very nice packaging tho ;)

  18. Ah...i am too late for this post as you have already sold out all the MACHK lip glass! bout the HK tote...i thought purchase RM100(any 3 items with 1 from HK collection)and above and you will be given it? i bought about 2 sets of RM101 purchase(lipglass+nail lacquer)separately to get 2 totes. so inconsistent!

  19. ya.. it was a bit messy and disorganised. if its exclusively for cleo readers, then they shud make it private as per the launching for media. wats the point of getting the invites when later u found out that public can just crash in? and no goodie bags :(

    thx to shirley for giving me her spot tho.. :) we had fun nevertheless. we were very excited and giggly when we first arrived :)

    u know, when i was q-ing to pay for my girls' stuff (u already paid by then), this lady who was paying then complaint that they shud not reserved stuff for their customers who are not there coz if in the end they didnt honour their reservation, it will not be fair to those who came and wanted to buy but cudnt. i do agree with her especially for limited/special edition stuff.

    sorry for the lengthy comment!

  20. Hello!

    I hope you are enjoying your MAC HK Collection. I think I was in this MAC HK Craze and blew a lot... got the mini pouch, big pouch, lipgloss, eyeshadow palette, Blush and Lip conditioner.
    I am surprise to hear that you need to purchase over RM350 to get a tote bag. I bought the stuff from 2 places and I got 3 totes. (Spent RM205 at one place + free ballon; the other place on 2 separate occasions).
    Kinda regret buying the Eyeshadow tho. Reminds me of Fafi collection.

    And yes, MAC Staff are really bad. Since it started in KL, I have tried nearly all the outlets and most are really terrible but you just got to look for the rare nice ones. And they almost never give (decent) freebies.

  21. Forgot to mention that I got invited by Cleo but for some reason my bf got a feeling it will turn crazy and there won't be freebies. X_x


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