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La Senza further markdown!

from 13th till 19th March, 09.
Get instant RM20 Cash Rebate with every RM100 purchases in a single receipt.


  1. ai yo.... no money liao. over spend on the first day sale. bought rm400+ that day..... lost rm80 rebate... :(

  2. check out their further mark down just now... wah.. much better offer leh.
    cotton bra 3 for rm120
    panties 5 for rm50 and 5 for 70
    sleepwear, nighties, lingeries mostly 50%, pyjamas 60%
    member additional 10%
    plus.... rebate rm20 for every rm100 spend in single reciept.
    they have pump in some new stock..... tak boleh tahan...bought another 3 nighties... hehehe....

  3. wowwww.. that's nice!

    i'm so wantin to get more panties from them. I'm plus size and yet their panties fit me so comfortably! and still got room hehe!!!

    each time i wear the pinky panties, feel like a princess... ^____^

    so 5 for rm50 / 70?! here i come!! dun close shop yet!

  4. yup.... cotton panties 5 for 50. luxury panties 5 for 70. beginning of the sales is 5 for 60 and 5 for 80.
    if u look for betetr quality, go for luxury one. if for casual... and cute,then cotton one is great, but maybe not last long. depends how to wash and wear it.
    do share with us what u have grab oh...
    i saw the christmas sandae cup set is 50% now.

  5. wah my sundae cup is 50% off now??

    I think when i bought it, it wasn't even 50% off *sad*. But still it's a good time to go grab some nice panties & yummy lookin gifts for friends.

    u sound like bought lotsa stuffs from them!!! i already pokai, can't buy much T_____T

    hey on top of that promo, still can get 10% off it as member? I remember my last purchase 5 panties for XX got extra 10% off. This time i am not sure, coz they reduce and even givin out voucher.

  6. yes... member can get additional 10%on top of the discount given. then get rm20 rebat for every 100 in the final price.

    this month really pokai liao.... la senza plus popular book clearance. crazy .....

    bought 30+ book frm popular book clearance yesterday... very very cheap leh.... mostly 90%. my hubby bought a lot of cd, 90% too.... a full basket of cd... u try to can be a shopaholic too....

  7. tammy.. they are not giving out voucher. they straight away deduct from your total bill. every rm100, they will cut rm20 from the bill.

  8. wow u really shoppin kau kau.. i'd like to go see popular soon if i got time. trying to avoid shopping centers until after i come back from perth! haha..

    the La Senza yah, i went yesterday to 1u aiyuhhh a lot of things no more already.. i mean panties normal type left a few "colors" and size, mostly thongs (duwan thong) and no sundae cup!! I saw the 3 in 1 pouch thong, but it's S size and the one with earphone size M.

    Sigh.. how is their bra? is it long lasting? feel like gona out of shape after few times washing. I've never buy their bras b4.

    The PJS look so tempting!!! hmm

    straight deduct rm20 is so good!

    overall i think it's a good chance to go pack some stuffs but ish.. should've gone earlier like u.. I'll check out KLCC & PAvillion this week see got anymore stock!

  9. i used to buy their bra, so far for me is quite ok... is very comfortable too...
    there is a few different category with different price range. cheapest is cotton bra for casual daily wear. more luxury one like itec, gel bra, deep cleavage bra is more expensive... and quality is of course better than cotton bra. depends what type of bra u are looking for....
    i know some people complaint abt la senza ... but so far i dont hv any problem with their product, coz i know what i m looking for.
    i also bought victoria secret from US, but i think is too expensive.... so, i better spend my money in la senza. i prefer to try on the bra or sleepwear before purchase.

  10. I love La Senza especially baby doll lingeries, but they're very pricey that I only hesitate to go in during the sales. hahaha

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