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The Watchmen

Last Wednesday I watched the special preview screening of "The Watchmen" at Mid Valley Megamall by Cinema Online. I can't say if you'll like this movie because for 2 hours 40minutes, some people like uncle frog & family says it's a train ride to boredom. Lady Dee says it's just okay. Well for me, truthfully I really like this movie. Why? because of the pseudo Nazi concept and the storyline of the once famous superheroes who retires and then some more. It's more of an adult psychological movie with not much action but a lot of prancing around in their superhero gear.

It started with the death of their super hero friend, The Comedian whom is a real jack-ass I say. I am suprise he could breakdown and cry at one part of the movie because he knew "the list" and Mr. Evil's plot.

Here's the smartest man on earth whose also super strong n fast - Ozymandias (weird name). He was once their pack leader because he's so smart n all? but hey all smart people wants dumb people dead.

Oh I love this guy. He's like justice at your face. His name is Roschach and he's the one I have been rooting for in this movie! smashes the villains face and kills child-murderer. Awesome!

This guy is Nite Owl II. The superheroes think he's like a toufu that can be eaten. He's like being potrayed as a loser x-superhero who has a underground hero facility where his big giant owl-plane sleeps. He has the hots for the chick below.

This chick is a horny one. Yes I am using the word horny because I think she is so wanting male attention, she decides to dump Dr. Manhattan because Dr. Manhattan couldn't satisfy her like a real "man" anymore. First she seduces him and then she feels he's not "man" anymore, go off and seduce Mr. Owl on top. Silk Spectre II is her name, takes after her horny mother Silk Spectre.

This is Dr. Manhattan, my dream guy. He's like the only one with super powers and he & Ozymandias are in a big project together. He's also smart coz he was once a scientist. Since his tragic accident (below) he is now a "life being" who can altered matter, turn people into a pulp of $%%^%&&^&*. He dumps his gf for Silk Spectre II who gave him electric eye chemistry during a photoshoot.

Ah I really like this photo. It's like the tragic tale of superheroes. Fate met with most of them in the photo leaving only this group behind:

Yeap the last few standing who continues to live on after retirement & then well tries to kill each other in the end (spoiler! haha).

More about Dr. Manhattan. You see his tragic accident that Zap him into thin air? he reappear later as a blue being with very muscular body out of the sudden. He also likes to be 1/2 naked most of the time. He falls in love with Silk Spectre II for obvious male reasons, and his gf found out n dump him crying off. He is smart, but he's really dumb actually. YEAHH because he like "humans can eat shit for all I care, I dun understand why they are such attention whores" attitude. Damn did he forget he was once human? hahaha...

Ops.. ok that is all. I just really wanted to write my review down seeing it has been a long time since I did any review. Nobody likes to read reviews when they can watch the movie themselves! So yea I hardly review movies anymore. I guess I will only review it if i like it.

I rate this movie a 4 star in my books.


  1. Hey Miu, I watched this too. Haha It should have been 18SG and 18SX! when my dad asked me I was like It can't be that bad, cos my younger brothers went along. lol! all the superheroes in this movie are sexxxy, but I had an issue with most of their costumes except for Ms Jupiter/Silk Scepter II. You're right about the horny part ;)

  2. Jamie...this is different then the other persons rating or is it 4 out of 400??
    I might go see it or wait tell it comes out on DVD but however you look at it some love it other hate it no real in between!

  3. Diana: YAH i wonder why it wasn't 18 rated, some scenes are quite "XXX" for kids. Like the scene where Mr. Manhattan duplicates himself and starts "stimulating" Silk Spectre II on the bed. She was moaning away .. uh.. kids close your eyes! nothing fun about electricity here! dun do it at home yah??

    Jamie" 4 out of 5 stars! hehe.. I kinda like dark manga/movies. It brings so much more to life than punches and vehicles/building being blown away.

  4. Rorschach was an especially well developed as a character; i hope the actor that played his role is nominated for some kind of an award (when that season comes around again)


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