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  • Stila Angel Light UV Base


    Can't believe that most of my Stila cosmetics that I bought few years ago is still around waiting for me to use them. That's the problem with me I like to buy & keep, not use. One of the items that I have been keeping is the Stila Angel Light UV Base SPF 30. I bought it like 4 years ago after I fallen in love with the packaging. Of course I also bought it for my make up base. However Stila has since discontinue this product on its Malaysia shelves (I don't know about overseas) and replace it with a much more improve base range like the Stila Illuminating Moisturising base that goes for RM115 now. 

    The texture is kinda oily creamy and like most of the UV products few years ago, its oily and slightly heavy. I guess that's why it's discontinue? the formulas for SPF base is much lighter and non-stick now. However one thing I like about this product is the angel glow it gives once I blend it nicely onto my face. It has this iridescent pearl like glow, hence the name angel light. If anyone see it overseas let me know! I might buy 1 just to keep for my museum.


    1. Haha, Miu, me also like that. Buy, buy, buy, well, I use them, but take so long to finish. Then, cos I have so many, I use 1 thing halfway, then, temptation to use other new products sets in, so use new one. Then, old one just left there like that lorr...

    2. same here...i think every girls had the same hobbies..haha...erm...i have this Angel light too!i'm still using it now le...i heard that it is only available for Asian countries...as we are expose to sun more than other countries does...i find it good n useful as primer base..but no choice since they have discontinue this product..i bought the hydrating primer spf 15.=.= sigh~

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