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MAC Hello Kitty - love it or hate it


MAC Hello Kitty Male Models abroad

When I first saw the Mac Hello Kitty male models at the Mac Hello Kitty party event in Midvalley, I had a bad feeling. I just find it too "weird" and "perverted" or "really out of context". Maybe I am just a frigid, old fashion girl but I really think it should be a 18SX event. I like the models and all, but the male Hello Kitty freaks me out. Children should not be expose to seeing a man, without a face, in a black Hello Kitty Head wearing somewhat a SM-ish gear. I must be dam dam outdated to be thinking this way? My bf says I'm not open-minded. Yes he's right.

Doing research online about Hello Kitty, I came across an interesting news related to Hello Kitty. It's called the famous "Hello Kitty Murder" that happened in Hong Kong in 1999. A girl was kidnapped, tortured (probably rape too) for a month by 3 men. She was finally killed and her head chop off and put into a Hello Kitty doll. This brutal killing involving a cute iconic character shocked Hong Kong. Okay at this point, I was totally shock. I wonder what would happen if the family/friends of this murder victim saw a the MAC Hello Kitty launching and a Hello Kitty masked man appear in "SM" gear to give them baloons. They probably will start screaming first.
You can read about the news here or google "Hello Kitty Murder":

Hello Kitty Murder
Hello Kitty Murder: Wikipedia
Hello Kitty Universe
Trio sentenced to life

Two Chinese movies were made using this murder story. They are "the human pork chop" and "there's a secret in my soup". In conjunction with the International Women's Day March 8, I'd like to say to MAC maybe you should remember that young girl who got tortured & killed with her head stuffed into a Hello Kitty doll.

Their commerical for MAC Hello Kitty is also another weird video. While some love Mac, Hello Kitty or both of the combined effect, many others are cringing at the mere thought of their innocent character becoming a dominatrix and surrounded with weird Hello Kitty men potraying SM-ish qualities. Bellasugar writes "Hello Kitty, Hello dudes in Masks. Goodbye Innocence" and she has 40 over comments agreeing to how weird it is.

More views on the Mac Hello Kitty video? try reading kitty hell website. His commentors are raging in with views that the director/creator of MAC Hello Kitty are Sick sick people. The video is creative, the concept wild, but underneath all that is there something morally wrong? I'd like to hear your thoughts too.


  1. it's so creepy.... totally freaks me out!!! do they run out of ideas???
    so insensitive la this M.A.C people!!!

  2. I am not helo kitty fan, but helo kitty is more for kids and teens, is like their fav toy. I dun understand why there is helo kity male dressing up like that too, such a bad image for kids.

  3. OMG,that's very terrible,killed her and chopped off her head and put it on a hello kitty doll??So cruel too :'( And yeah,it is awkward that MAC did something like this,it will surely make the kids cry instead lol


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