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M.A.C Hello Kitty Mid Valley Launching


Hey girls yesterday was the media launching of MAC HELLO KITTY at Mid Valley Megamall @ 4/3/09. Snap some awesome pictures of the event using my handphone. I got myself a Hello Kitty Baloon! so cute!! I hope Stila's Barbie event is better? or maybe there won't be a launching event since Stila is cutting back on cost! boo!!!

BTW, in the event there's light refreshments and plenty of Hello Kitty baloons for invited guests and media. There's a short fashion walk on Mac Hello Kitty models in black leather (called Hello Kitty Wild) and in white and pink (called Hello Kitty Mild). The event was awesome, I love the colours and the Hello Kitty inspired make up! I don't like the men model in skimpy leather n tights wearing a Hello Kitty head (looks pretty obscene to me).

Well that's all! starting today until the weekend, the MAC Hello Kitty roadshow will be at Mid Valley concourse area. Get your limited edition MAC Hello Kitty brushes or plushies!
check out the Hello Kitty collection at Mac websites & limited edition accessories! here


  1. hi tammy, do u know how much is the hello kitty brush set in malaysia?

  2. i think rm220, got face brush, eye brush n lip brush? the prices can be found on Cleo/Kosmopolitan magazine March issue on Mac Hello Kitty.

    I gotta go home check the price in the mag n update here back ^__^

  3. waahhhh pink combined with black! nice combination~ me love~ :)

  4. sure mrs SyeDiz np

    meiwah: yea very wild yah.. i hope i can go to this weekend's event for Cleo/Kosmopolitan readers T_T but only 100-120 1st readers to send in coupon get in.

  5. i tried the kitty series cosmetic in MAC shop a day before the launching.. tee-hee-hee... not going for the launching because not going to mid valley. still wondering who will blog it out. Yet!! I saw it in your blog!!! great job Miu!! Know that your news is FAST!!

    I posted the CLEO registration form for joining this event too ler. hohoho~


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