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Over Limit Fee?


I wasn't kidding about maxing out my credit cards for my last shopping spree at Metrojaya Warehouse Sales. Well my credit card statement don't lie & I didn't know a fee would be charge for "over limit"? I check my other credit card - Alliance Bank and they charge rm50 for over limit fee! omg? bank charges are crazy! or am I?

Over Limit Fee for Citibank is RM25-00.


  1. my my miu, i think you have to call and insist that they waive the over limit fees! where got such thing wan?! these banks are outta their mind.. if late payment charges still can understand la...


    where got such things wan? i never heard of it! i just made a call to Citibank asking what is this "over limit" i never see it b4? is it old or new thing?

    The customer service told me it's been around very long time already "over limit" fee. However this benefit only old/many years credit card holder. It don't block your credit card n u can still make purchases. New credit card holders will get auto-block.

    So i asked them, then what is my limit for? if i can just spend, then don't need place limit and let u charge me a fee?

    so the customer service say they will waive my "over limit" fee.

    PHEW!!! i think my bf will screw me off tonight if he read my blog.

    Ty Sheri! haha.. i didn't think about asking them waive it until u say that!

  3. Miu, banks will always have some sort of fee or other to chg to your card when you least expect it. That's why i try my best to be very careful with my card-spending. U're lucky it was an international bank such as Citibank, usually their svcs are waaayyyyyyy better than local banks, never rude and they normally can consider to waive your charges if you make a complaint, depending on ur case of course. Local banks?? Bah!!

  4. first time hearing of the over limit. thanks for info :)

  5. Jamie...ha ha I have never heard of that when I had credit cards and would use them they keep upping my credit till before I got rid of them one was 10,000 and the other was 28,000 but I have never heard of a over limit fee must be a new way to make their millions of dollars profit for the end of the year!


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