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Trade Your Old Jeans for a RM300 Miss Sixty Jeans Voucher!


FROM March till May, Miss Sixty & Energie Malaysia will be organising the “Look Good Feel Good” Denim charity. The event was launched at the Miss Sixty outlet in Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur recently.Miss Sixty & Energie will be collecting and receiving donations of jeans that is no longer used to be given to the less fortunate for the event. A RM300 voucher redeemable for any new pair of regular priced jeans in the store will be given for the donation.

Miss Sixty KLCC launching.

Go Wild Girls! U can bring your old jeans (in good condition!) with no holes/damage zip or button/looks like brand new but actually old jeans! they got a right to reject jeans that they think is not suitable for them to donate to charity. I brought a old jeans today to KLCC but it got rejected bcoz my jeans pocket is those rugged type (meaning like furry rugged style) they say it look like damaged. Oh well I'll try my luck again in One Utama later. BTW the rm300 voucher redemable against their jeans which is quite expensive actually. If you're into Branded Jeans, then it's a steal for u. I check out a few collections, they cost around 700-800 something. I hope there's cheaper? coz i am so poor now!


  1. will any brand jeans do? I mean...is it really....like trading any jeans & u got rm300 voucher? O_o

  2. yeap any brand will do as long it is in good condition. Meaning:

    1. clean
    2. intact
    3. no koyak/lubang/zip rosak, pocket koyak/etc

    they got a right to reject jeans they think not suitable for donation.

    Btw the rm300 voucher can redem a Miss Sixty jeans. I check out just now the jeans are expensive from 700-800..something.. i not sure got cheaper or not. I din't check all the jeans price, only a few collections.

  3. Jamie...but is not that when a par of jeans are the best fitting and most comfortable I know for a guy that is when you feel at home in them when they are just starting to get to that point where they are soft no longer ruff and stiff

  4. when i first look at the advertisement i was like "wow!!!rm300 worth of voucher???that is something!!im planning to donate 2 or 3 pairs of my unused jeans..im not a really miss sixty buyer so i dont hv any idea what the jeans worth in their store,but when u told me they cost like 700-800..i was"...errr..so expensive woooo"..the rm300 voucher can only redeem like what..not even half of the jean's price ..rite??


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