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Clinique Derma White Workshop

Attention all Isetan Card Members! the latest Isetan Newsletter has some pretty juicy woman promotions going on and a couple of workshops that you might be interested in! One of them is  the Clinique Derma White Workshop whereby you get to learn the how-tos at this workshop at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel!

Clinique Derma White Workshop
Workshop Fee: RM150
Date: 6th March, 2010
Time: 10.30am-1pm
Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Door Gift Worth RM188
RM120 redeemable voucher on Clinique products

*30 customers per session
*call 03-23820174 (by appointment only)
*need to buy voucher rm150 from Clinqiue Isetan


  1. Is this workshop exclusive to Isetan member only? If i'm not a member, can u just buy the voucher & participate this workshop?

  2. Hi Reena,

    it's open to all, I called Clinique and they didn't ask me if i was Isetan member or not. They just ask me to come buy the voucher from Isetan Clinique :D

  3. The tel should be 03-23820174
    I hv call the SE yesterday. She say still available but the voucher RM120 must use at the event woh... like this ok de ma?
    never try the clinique product before, dont know good bo...

  4. BT: thanks for pointing that out!

    Yah normally they will ask u to use on the event itself or..can go back to clinique to use. Am not sure what r the terms on the voucher yet.

    Clinique has been around for a good XX years. My auntie uses it diligently since I was a young potato. Allergy, scent free.. etc.. if u're looking for a product to try, a workshop is a good start and those starter kits that they sell at counters.

    I think they're also having a trial promotion going on, just inquire at clinique counters, check ur skin type n try out at home b4 buying.

    If it's all good, u're set for this workshop n can use the rm120 to good use


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