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Loccitane Wild Cherry Tree Roadshow Review

Loccitane Wild Cherry Tree Roadshow

Last week I blogged about the Loccitane Wild Cherry Tree promotion (click here to read) so since I was at MidValley yesterday, I decided to dropby the roadshow again to leem-leem on the Wild Cherrty Tree collection. I'm such a sucker for things in pink! argh!!!

Wild Cherry Tree Collection RM159

Well besides the leeming-licious packaging of the Wild Cherry Tree collection and the sweet scent of cherry blossom, berries and rose. The promotion is damn good too! I mean the promo sets that I blogged about. My haul was the Wild Cherry Tree Collection RM159 set worth RM216. Why I bought this set?
  1. the limited edition Wild Cherry Tree EDT 50ml RM149
  2. Cherry Blossom Shower Gel 75ml & Body Cream 50ml (basically free)
  3. 300 extra member points if u purchase this set only!
Yeah the actual price of the EDT is rm149! and by buying this set, I'm kinda paying rm10 for the shower gel and body cream. On top of that, I get extra 300 member points from buying this special set! (only for this set). Check out the promotional sets below:

Wild Cherry Collection RM159 (NP RM216)
- EDT 50ml (np rm149)
- Cherry Blossom Shower Gel 75ml
- Cherry Blossom Body Cream 50ml

Cherry Blossom Hair RM128 (NP RM146)
- Shampoo 250ml (np rm73)
- Conditioner 250ml (np rm73)

Delicate Cherry Blossom RM129 (NP RM178)
- Wild Cherry Sold Perfume 5ml (np rm65)
- Shower Gel 250ml (np rm73)
- Body Lotion 75ml

Sweet Cherry Bath RM93 (NP RM120)
- Milky Bath 300ml (np rm93)
- Shower Gel 75ml
apparently the PWP only starts on 1st March, 2010

Notice the Cherry Blossom Box? I know it's lovely! I'm also a sucker for nice boxes haha. Check out my haul below. It's kinda bright in my room so the color looks pale. I got the RM159 collection and the limited edition Wild Cherry Tree solid perfume (alcohol free) rm65. As a member i get 5% discount on retail items too (not for promotional sets/discounted items).

my Wild Cherry Tree haul

my first solid perfume from Loccitane

Too bad I'm kinda broke to go after the GWP which has a cute pink Wild Cherry Tote Bag, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hand Cream 15ml and a Cherry Blossom mini candle. In April, I think the Olive sets will be the highlight. I been following the Loccitane calendar closely. Seems each month features a collection just like the calendar. Anyone who's interested to buy the Locitane calendar RM10 only pls e-mail me I have 7 lefts to spare!


  1. woman, have to confiscate your credit card liao!

  2. arrggghhh... so bad of u!!! I am resisting myself of getting it!! I love their solid perfume!

    BTW, what's their GWP in March??


  4. Cath: yea i love their packaging and deco!

  5. Candy: me love their solid too.. now i have one :D hehe.. push out solid perfume wild cherry tree scent.. slurp..

    their gwp is a wild cherry tree tote bag, cherry blossom shower gel, body lotion, hand cream 15ml and a mini cherry blossom candle.

    u can see the pics here

  6. Wait, why did u buy this whole set when u said u're in dire need of a new pc? lol dear...LOccitane can wait, dont u think so? ;)

    Pretty set anyway. =)

  7. hi miu, is these promo sets only for members???

  8. Wow Miu,

    You r really big big LOccitane fan...
    I saw their booth at MV too, so nice the packaging, but just
    ai...over budget liao..:(


  9. love it - love it- love it !!!

    But I am not a member, can I still purchase it ? How to be a member then?

    I tried finding u on fb , tapi tak jumpa ...pls advise..

  10. Zie: u mean the promo sets? anyone can buy np but the Hand Cream at 30% off, the SA at One Utama told me only member can buy using their coupon which will be mail to them by post.

    Sampai sekarang i tak dapat apa apa mailer..also! n she duwan to jual to me even when i show her i am member.

    my fb name is tammy lim chooi ing :D

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