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  • My Isetan Member Club Shopping Vouchers


    Last week I collected my Isetan Member Club shopping vouchers total to RM362.00 from Isetan KLCC. Who knew shopping at Isetan would give you such perks muahhaha. I was wondering what to shop with my vouchers. I'm feeling so rich suddenly haha even with just RM362.00 worth of Isetan vouchers (can buy anything from Isetan).

    SO guess what I bought? hint = image above. I am pretty sycked that Isetan has a Loccitane shop coz that meant more Loccitane for me! I was looking to stock up my Loccitane's Delicious Almond Paste (it's my love atm). FYI, Loccitane's Almond Christmas Set is only available at Isetan KLCC (departmental store) until stocks last. The stand alone shops are already taking them off the shelves. The Almond Chrismas Set has Delicious Paste (body scrub) and Delicious Shape (body firming lotion) for RM280. Normal Price for the scrub is RM155 and the shaper RM162.

    Also I wanted to try their hand and foot cream. My hand and foot has been neglected for some time so I better pamper them soon. You can see one's age on not just on your face but on your hands too! (brown spots, dry, wrinkles, uneven tone. I hope the foot cream can make my foot baby soft again. This Hand & Foot set RM175 (150ml each tube) is last year's Christmas promotion. Without the set, the Hand Cream 150ml is priced at RM95 (the foot as well).

    cherry on the my haul (samples!!!)

    Of course, never leave a haul without samples to try! I'm leeming to know if their Almond Apple skincare smells like Almond or Apple? the scrub looks yummy too. Yay yippee generous of the SA to give me try some samples. Other outlets are so stingy.


    1. Why don't I get any Isetan vouchers? How much do you have to spend to get vouchers?

    2. Abby: from collecting points as a Isetan member. Hmm there's either 3% or 5% rebate from points collected. This is the description from isetankl.com.my:

      The Isetan Member Club (IMC) was created to make shopping at Isetan an even more delightful experience. And it has proven to be a tremendous success!

      Now we take great pleasure in inviting you to join this prestigious club. As an Isetan Member Club cardholder, you are entitled to enjoy a host of very special privileges as listed below.

      Isetan Rebate Voucher

      Two IMC promotions will be held for a duration of 6 months within each calendar year; the first begins from January - June and the second, July - December. Being a member, you will enjoy an array of exclusive promotions and privileges.

      With purchases amounting to more than 600 points but less than 1000 points during each promotion period, you will be entitled to a 3% REBATE.

      With purchases amounting 1000 points or more during the 6 month duration of each promotion, you will be entitled to a 5% REBATE.

      Note: 1.
      Any rebate vouchers not redeemed within the specific period will be forfeited.
      All rebate vouchers are not valid for accumulation of points. Collection of the rebate voucher(s) for the January - June promotion-period will be from September to November of the same year. Collection of the rebate voucher(s) for the July - December promotion- period will be from March to May the following year.

      Cosmetic Voucher
      • During promotion period, you will be entitled to redeem a RM10 promotion voucher* with purchases of cosmetics or fragrances exceeding RM 100.

      * Terms and conditions apply.

      Sale Preview
      • Cardholders are entitled to attend our Pre-Sales, which are exclusive to members.

      Isetan will not bear any responsibility for newsletters which are lost in the mail. IMC members are encouraged to renew their membership cards before the pre-sales as admission is strictly with Non-Expired cards only.
      * One card per entry.

      As an IMC member, you can enjoy an additional 10% discount for selected items during the Pre-Sales.

      Free Parking

      With purchases amounting to RM100 or more storewide, you will be entitled to have your parking fee for the first two hours waived. One IMC card is entitled to one parking coupon only.
      • Kindly present your parking ticket and receipt of purchase for validation.

      Alteration Service

      Members can request for complicated alteration *¹ at a special rate for apparel that are purchased from Isetan
      • However, Isetan provides free simple alteration *² service for our customers especially our honoured members.

      *¹. Alteration involved tightening or extending waistline of pants or shortening of sleeve for jacket.
      *². Alteration involved shorting of hemline for pants.

      Special Weekday Discount At Supermarket

      Members are entitled to a 10% discount for items purchased on the following days at designated counter:

      Monday - Fish
      Tuesday - Fruits
      Wednesday - Vegetables
      Thursday - Meat
      Friday - Japanese Frozen Food

    3. Do u need to show ur receipt at the counter to get vouchers? I bought Channel cosmetics at Isetan yesterday, n when i go back to collect my cosmetics, the salesgirl just took away my receipts when she gave me cosmetics. I wonder if she took it and go get the vouchers by herself cause actually I do not know Isetan provide voucher. Guhhhh.....

    4. Hey girl, yeah have to show receipts in order to get vouchers from Isetan (during their member day n voucher giveaway period). without receipt, cannot redeem anything. You have to ask her for your receipt back!

    5. hey thanks for ur information. Really get angry about what she did, but I think I just forget about it, lazy to go back there :|

    6. :( sigh.. really curious why she took your receipt, but it's a waste of time/money to travel back to isetan to ask her back for receipt. It's probably gone already T_T


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