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  • Clarins White Plus HP Premiere Launch Review


    Clarins at MidValley (Centre Court) from 24/2-2/3

    YO all Clarins fans and readers wanting to try out Clarin's whitening products! you'll be happy to know that during this period Clarins is at MidValley Megamall @ Premier Launch of their latest Whitening Skincare range a.k.a White Plus HP now enriched with Sea Lily! There's loads of fun stuffs to do if you visit their road show and even freebies!

    Clarin's Road Show at MidValley, Megamall (Centre Court)

    are those Sea Lily decorated at the front?

    I was invited via e-mail to their Premier Launch yesterday at 6pm. It was a nice set up with their signature red and white colour theme and there's a mini White Plus Hp garden at the front. When I arrived and signed in, the cheerful Clarins SA ushered me to the refreshments area for a bit up snack.

    assorted sushi yum yum

    mini cakes


    I kinda sapu these last 3 pc bread

    don't forget to take the Clarins Tunnel walk to get freebies!

    I wish my garden was like this...

    After snacking and chatting with Fatin for a bit, we decided to go check out the TUNNEL OF LOVE! a.k.a called the "TUNNEL" at this Launch. It's actually a Tunnel where you walk through and discover what the White Plus HP Sea Lily is about. MIND YOU, it's a really pretty & short tunnel. A really good place to pose & camwhore haha.

    be sure to take a walk in this Tunnel!

    Fatin & Miu walked the Tunnel of Love

    I choose Box NO.4 (Sea Lily Box) goin open with my key

    NOW HOW TO GET FREEBIES at the TUNNEL? At the end of your Tunnel Walk, you'll see 4 locked boxes on the wall. Each box represents one of the ingredients of the Clarins White Plus HP. You need to choose only 1 locked box to open. HOw to OPEN? the SA will give u a basket of keys. You need to pick only 4 KEYS and try to open the box you choose. If all keys fail, you don't get a PRIZE!!! if you manage to open your BOX then you'll be taking home a 3pc gift courtesy of Clarins!

    yay this is my 3pc prize!!!

    Me & Ciawei posing at the Tunnel of Love

    After the Tunnel and collecting my prize, the SA told me there's a lot of activities to do at this launch! wow.. more activities? I wonder what are they?! me & Fatin race out to see. GoodBye Ciawei! see u next time again!

    free makeover whoppeee

    free manicure!

    can choose from Clarins nail polishes!

    free skin analysis! (can check what kinda skin u have)

    free skin consultation!

    GWP Promotions! spend RM380 get 4pc gift + caricature
    top up and you get a cute bag +3pcs gift

    the White Plus HP Sea Lily Promotional Sets!
    (that caricature look like me or not)

    my goodie bag & prizes from this launch!

    has White Plus HP Sea Lily samples & 2 others

    After my skin consultation, I find that I need to try these samples first before I decide to switch coz I have sensitive skin. Don't want to my tomato face to flare up if I suddenly use a different skincare. At the moment, I am treating my sensitive skin with IDI Italy skincare products which has been really good so far. Don't forget your Tunnel Walk and chance to unlock freebies! I enjoyed this launch so much thanks Clarins!


    1. got manicure ar? we din saw it ohh.... reach thr abt 5pm

      nice samples u got^^

    2. not able to join this cause promised daddy to go home..sob sob~

    3. hi hi...

      didn't see any manicure or skin consultation when i was there >.<

      so, that was wat the keys were for?? I did walk through the tunnel, but they ddin't give me any keys to play with. LOL

      as for caricature.. i read elsewhere someone got it complimentary. how lucky!!

    4. my door gift dun have the White Plus Night Cream. ;( did see the manicure and no makeup for me cuz i didn purchase anything.

    5. I got a free facial treatment voucher when i opening the one of the 4 boxes... :P n some samples too.

    6. I LOVE Clarin's skin care products! Wish I could gave been there...

    7. so far only try toner of this brand

    8. Miu,

      Nice to meet u!!!
      Actually I did saw you at KLCC last time but didn't dare to call u.
      U so lucky got total 7 pcs of samples!!


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