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a spur of the moment hair makeover

While hanging out with the girls at Bangsar on Friday, I decided to wash my hair at Shawn Cutler's Hair Saloon. Wayne (guy in picture) attended to me and while having a chat, I decided to ask him for a fringe cut. He advised me to go for a side fringe instead due to my plus size face and short forehead. It was just rm10 to cut fringe and he did a nice job blow-drying my hair to curls rm40 (hair wash & blow).

Wayne @ Shawn Cutler
10 & 12 Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-22846326


  1. I like the mirrors at the back! very classy! =D

  2. the concept of this store is kinda modern, I was pretty shock by it when they sat me down lol!

  3. Now what do I see besides a nice hair doooooo! but one of them Apple I-Phones but I guess you need that for all the appointments and to manage your time with all your cute friends ......Looking good Girl

  4. then i regretted i did not wash my hair with you....

  5. seemed the fella did a good job. my hairstylist didn't do a proper job for me this time and i am not happy with it, despite spending close to 200..i think probably i would just go to indian barber shop and get a crew cut instead, hahahaha


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