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Loccitane Wild Cherry Tree Promotion

 Loccitane's Wild Cherry Tree is here!

In light that my pc has "kaput" (gone to pc heaven) I would have to update my blog either on my bf's pc or at my office (bangs head on wall). I checked out Loccitane's latest promotion/range Wild Cherry Tree at MidValley Megamall this afternoon. It's a promotional booth just outside Loccitane's boutique (behind the escalator). Themed around Wild Cherry Trees, you'll fall in love with spring! The scent of sweet smelling cherry blossom, berries, rose and soft woody base will draw you in to sniff a whiff or two. Fans of Cherry Blossom range will find this a sweet treat in addition to their collection.

The LIMITED EDITION Wild Cherry Tree EDT 50ml, Wild Cherry Tree Stick Sold Perfume are a few of the items in this collection being released in Malaysia. There's also Wild Cherry Tree candle, Cherry Blossom Hair Shampoo & Conditioner being introduced. Of course there's also the promotional sets where I think is quite yummy. They are:

Wild Cherry Collection RM159 (NP RM216)
- EDT 50ml
- Cherry Blossom Shower Gel 75ml
- Cherry Blossom Body Cream 50ml

Cherry Blossom Hair RM128 (NP RM146)
- Shampoo 250ml
- Conditioner 250ml

Delicate Cherry Blossom RM129 (NP RM178)
- Wild Cherry Sold Perfume 5ml
- Shower Gel 250ml
- Body Lotion 75ml

Sweet Cherry Bath RM93 (NP RM120)
- Milky Bath 300ml
- Shower Gel 75ml

Available from 1st March 2010 till stocks last. Limited quantities only. Other terms & condition apply.

There's 2 coupon cut outs in the Wild Cherry Tree promotional brochure. These are only for Loccitane Members only. Terms and Conditions apply.
SAVE 30%
The first 1000 customers with this cut-out* are entitle to purchase Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 30ml at RM24.50 (NP RM35).

SAVE 20%
With every purchase of RM100, you are entitle to purchase Peach Blossom Moisture Gel 250ml at RM80 (NP RM100).

 latest GWP RM350* - Cherry Blossom Travel Set

The Loccitane March GWP are as usual with purchase of RM350 and above (inclusive of a Cherry product)  only valid with normal priced items and not allowed for soap/hand cream, will receive :-
Cherry Blossom Travel Set
-Shower Gel 75ml
-Body Lotion 75ml
- Hand Cream 15ml
- Wild Cherry Tote Bag

 Loccitane's Ma Creme Nature

In the same brochure (and latest issues of Cleo/MWW) the organic ECOCERT face moisturizer by Loccitane called the Ma Creme Nature is finally coming to Malaysian shores! It was released in USA last year as I read. There's 4 steps to making this cream. YES it's FRESHLY MADE BY YOU (as stated on the brochure).
How to Use:
Pour sachet rich in plant oils into the glass jar.

Add spring water to concentrated preparation of olive tree extracts and add to glass jar.

Mix well.

Attach label to glass jar. Cool in refrigerator.

Freshly Made by you.
Loccitane has invented Ma Creme Nature, a 100% natural facial moisturizer with organic Olive tree extracts. Using a cool temperature to conserve it, Ma Creme Nature is kept in your fridge once it has been prepared. To be used over a 4-week period, this cream with its smooth, velvety texture brings your skin a detoxifying pause, a spell of purity. For skin that is deeply moisturized, revitalized, and glowing with health.


  1. hmm... i love the sweet flavor!! Tried it when I went shopping with bestie yesterday in MV... now budgeting whether to buy or not... i love their Wild Cherry Tree Stick Solid Perfume! So probably will get their Delicate Cherry Blossom Set!! Now still thinking thinking!!!

  2. made/mix my own skin care,cool! But if Jo tot that's his food, how...? :p

  3. Candy: I love the sweet smelling scent too!!! argh.. the problem is the promotional set look so good to pass right? darn.. this should come out last month lah..come out this month so... so so.. wrong timing (for me)

  4. love cherry too! but this brand is too expensive for me..I'll just continue using me body shop lerr..>.<

  5. d promo set is really too good to let go....T_T but i had spent lot of $$$ during CNY period....

  6. Hi,

    Where can i get the Wild Cherry Tree promotional brochure?

  7. Hi Wen, the brochure is available at the store but the coupons not for used as One Utama Loccitane shop told me, i could not use my brochure coz i pick it up from MV (got cross mark somore).

    Only un-cross coupons from brochure can be used and these will be deliver to the member's mailing address.

    RIDICULOUSLY I actually received mine TODAY 11/3/10 and the promotion starts on 1/3/10 with a lot of people already buying them without needing to show coupon.

  8. candygal: yeah its ridiculous!

    the promotions starts in 1st March, and the preview roadshow was done a week b4 that in MV. And today only i got the mailer for this!

    if they're serious about getting their members to purchase anything, the mailers should come B4 MARCH

  9. ya la... i totally agreed with u!! So disappointed la...

  10. nvmlah if they duwan business..

    their SA is the most stingy. Samples also reluctant to give out, even after making big amount of purchases.. they might give u 2 sachets@! omg.. unlike Kiehl's.


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