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Free Laneige Hydra Solution Trial Kit

Redeemed yesterday at Laneige, Isetan Gardens

Went to redeem the Laneige Hydra Solution Trial Kit at Isetan Gardens yesterday at about 9pm (yes very late right!) Joey came to meet me at 8pm from KLIA airport, n she lug her luggage all around MidValley & Gardens. The first thing she did was - window shopping. Of course to celebrate her coming back to Kuala Lumpur (just for the holidays) I kinda forced her to go redeem the Laneige Trial Kit for fun haha. I didn't bet on Laneige having any more kits for redemption coz it was already quite late and probably a lot of Laneige fans had already redeem theirs. BOY were we lucky that we got the final kits! so yes Laneige Gardens is officially out of kit since yesterday night being yours truly was the last one.

Read here to find out what is this Free Trial Kit is about.


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