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  • Robinsons Customer Service is the WORST!


    Robinsons Customer Service - Highest Level

    On 28th January, 2010 - I received a call from someone name Mr. Kurr (spelling unknown as it's on phone conversation) from Robinsons who could be the Customer Service Manager or what not. It was regarding my complaint made 10 days ago on the misleading Beauty Hall promotion advert in their Robinsons newsletter. All I complained was:

    1. The Promotion is Misleading. It should be CLEAR.

    2. That I did go to the customer service to verify if the promotion is indeed giving away Treatment Voucher, Actual Size Products & Vouchers as the prizes! and whether there was still stock. I got YES & YES answers to both question. WHY DIDN't she just TELL ME no miss, it's random items in the lucky dip. Those are just the GOOD PRIZES. There's UNLUCKY prizes too! (as referred to as by Mr. Kurr on my "prize").

    3. I went to purchase RM230 (RM228 qualifies you for the lucky dip, where prizes are vouchers & actual size products (to where I was made to believe so after confirming with the customer service). TO MY HORROR, i got a 2ml Dior item called "capture totale one essential" (it's a skincare! a 2ml skincare!). Why on earth did no one tell me the prizes would also be SAMPLES? The Customer Service could have burst my bubble when I was asking her if prizes were vouchers n actual size products!


    4. I want my refund back for such misleading promotion!
    (based on newsletter and based after getting confirmation from CUSTOMER SERVICE)

    After nearly 10days of not getting a response, I re-sent my email to customer service and to Marissa Loong of customer service. To whom Marissa has never replied or called me. Instead I got a call from someone name Mr. Kurr (whatever his name spelling is but it sounded like this). BOY I did not HEAR A FRIENDLY GREETING when I ANSWER HIS PHONE CALL. It sounded like he's TIRED OF ME already.

    The conversation was roughly 15mins and it was the worst kind of customer service I ever got in my SHOPPING LIFE for inquiring or making a complaint! which only was quite simple, if you don't like it, you refund me! not badger me, contradict me, bull-dozed me whenever I am speaking, cut me off while I'm talking, use "high class English" on me, talk in misleading tone/sentences, refused to LISTEN to my complaint and said "Miss you're not listening to me". He even implied whatever happen was due to "ENGLISH" comprehension or something! between me and the customer service! on MY PART not the customer service which he said after doing investigations they did nothing WRONG. Even best! he said i got a MINIATURE DIOR PERFUME! I corrected him and told him all I got was a SAMPLE from DIOR not a MINIATURE and not a PERFUME. He refused to listen to this and kept saying it's MINIATURE! Hello!!! why are you rejecting what a customer is saying?!!!

    (miniature is the scale down of the
    actual product so this aint no miniature!)

    the difference between actual size, miniature & sample

    He even question me "Miss listen, have you EVER participated in any lucky draw or bla bla same like that BEFORE?" He repeated this question more than twice! like I am some kind of CRIMINAL?

    He also said "Miss, there is no XXXX will give you product worth RM300 XXXX bla bla"

    (what is he saying here? all Robinsons promotion/luckydip is a cheat? there's no good prize?? all cheapskate stuffs like samples?)

    I told him Parkson did the same kind of promotion and they did give and also when they do lucky dip they show what's the prizes clearly to the customer! (u'll often see posters showing voucher, cup/mug, etc on all their promotional events).

    Ok there's more to this conversation which I have already posted in my facebook (read it here if you're my facebook friend). Even if customer is wrong/right, there is no way a reputable company like ROBINSONS (if u check their website, they say their service is so good so good bla bla) should TALK THIS WAY TO A CUSTOMER! If i could get a copy of the conversation from MAXIS to show HOW THIS person talk to me! Being RUDE does not mean u spoke in broken english/shout/scream/etc. IT COULD ALSO BE THE WAY YOU HANDLE a CUSTOMER! REFUSING TO LISTEN, etc! The way you try to assert your "high n mighty powerful authority and super good english" on a customer who could be maybe KOREAN? JAPANESE? CHINESE?

    Me: So where are you based? I asked (coz he asked me to see him). Guess what's his reply?

    Mr. Kurr: Miss if you know very well there is only ONE Robinsons in Malaysia. That is Gardens Midvalley <-- SO DAMN ARROGANT AND COCKY.


    From what was just a simple complaint letter asking for explanation and refund, it has now become a ROTTEN CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSUE. I am thinking of either forgiving this DUDE who must be out of his mind yesterday or pursuing to report how he handle a Robinsons customer with such "good service that exceeds customer's expectation".
    Mr. Kurr: bla bla bla we apologize (nope don't sound like it) for your "UNLUCKY" dip bla bla bla..
    Funny thing when it's call a LUCKY DIP. It ain't so lucky after all right? coz afterall Mr. Kurr said no XXXXXXXX will give you a prize worth RM300. Another funny thing.. I was not even asking for a prize worth rm300 sigh.


    1. That sounds like an international shopping mall being managed by typical...

      staff who don't know how to respond to customer service.

      When I made that complaint to Pavilion, they were rather courteous and responded speedily (within 2-3 days, if i remember correctly).

    2. ooohhh...CD sponsered a "miniature" size product to Robinson as the lucky dip thing?

    3. worst this not miniature..

      it's sample lol..

    4. This is a sample that can get over DIOR counter u purchase anytime oh...For lucky dip they mentioned in the newsletter, it's totally misleading. I believe there are lots of pp out there being cheated too.

    5. *dum dum dum dum*

      If like that ah.... its either they will point finger at Lancome,


      Lancome will point finger at them..

      or Lancome will say they provided no such "sample" for the Lucky Draw (saying everything is itemized) so it must be Robinsons fault.

      or Robinsons say, everything sapu. We pretend the "sample" size is miniature- the customers won't be able to tell.

    6. CY: i wonder if it's staff or Customer Service Manager? grrr...

      Pavilion is really awesome.. that's the way to respond to customers! I can't believe a reputable shopping department like Robinsons with their high n mighty customer service excellence profile plaster all over their website.. gives this kinda "service"

    7. ciawei: actually samples can be obtain if you want it, no need purchase anything. Its even stated on the box "not for sale" LOL!!!!

      The Mr. Kurr said he already refer to their lawyer who said they did nothing wrong. I wonder what the Judge or Consumer Tribunal would say?

      anyway I have more than one situation put into my complaint, all he kept answering was on his newsletter print which his lawyer say they did nothing wrong.

      So everything else is my wrong lah?

    8. CY: that's a good one!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Lancome... ahhaha

      I mean Christian Dior.

    10. well i think you should not bother anymore la, why waste your time and energy on this kinda idiot.

      just let it be already.

      what you can do is just dont shop there anymore la. easy peasy. dont get so mad over this ok? :)

    11. not going there ever again! regret applying their member card n seeing the newsletter! waste my taxi go all the way there to shoppin!

    12. miu,y dun u just refund the stuff and get ur money back? but i think they hv time limit rite? like within 7days etc.

      i know its a sakit hati case.but just a suggestion eh? y dun u email to the star or the malay mail or the sun bout your complaint and the bad experience (both for the misleading ad & customer service), include the links to the related post in your blog as well and see if they (Robinson) will respond to that? I'm sure you'll hv them in a hop or wat malay says "panas bontot"! tat "mr kurr" obviously didnt know tat ur a blogger and a popular one, if i may add.

      no harm trying rite? xdpt the refund pun xpe, but if dpt better la, but at least to me puas hati, show them that u know ur rights & u are not stupid!

      err.. sorry for the lengthy comment. i pulak yg rase geram!


    13. Aw, poor Mr Kurr, of all the person he could have made angry, he made Miu angry and showing off her claws and fangs....


    14. go for the throat, we are not living in the stone age anymore, consumer is ALWAYS right!!

      just like the cold storage thingy. just for for it, no more gloves, and since you have pursued the matter half way, don't give up now. it will benefit the people to know that when you fight for it, you will gain something, at the very least, some experience....

    15. Sample as lucky dip? thats so ridiculous...
      Miu: should tell him why not possible to get RM300 when purchase RM238? Is a lucky draw what! Does he know what is lucky draw..If is such the case, then those petrol company you pump petrol and get the chance to win a car is all fake? probably winning miniature toy car?Shoudl write to higher authority and complain about this Mr. Kurr...

    16. miu, if i may suggest, bring the complain to the regional level as MR Kurr didnt seem to provide any `solution' at all...

    17. I think they should check the promotion offer before.. print it out.

    18. Miu, i have a suggestion. why don't you write to robinsons, singapore stating the atrocious customer service you are receiving. you should try ALL avenues.
      i'm going to robinsons later as i realised with all the confusion i forgot to redeem my beauty hall voucher of rm15. lets see what they say.

    19. Whether or not if there is a mistake/misunderstanding/whatsoever, he shouldn't speak to you like that! BAD ATTITUDE! BIG NO NO!!!

    20. relax relax!
      actually if can, you can direct sue/complaint them at the NCCC, no need to talk to the guy anymore..

      They might not take action, but NCCC will...

      Good luck!

    21. ""JW said...
      Sample as lucky dip? thats so ridiculous...
      Miu: should tell him why not possible to get RM300 when purchase RM238? Is a lucky draw what! Does he know what is lucky draw..If is such the case, then those petrol company you pump petrol and get the chance to win a car is all fake? probably winning miniature toy car?""

      Dear JW: when you said its not possible to win a RM300 prize, cos "Is a lucky draw wat!" then ppl will then say, if you get a sample, WHY NOT TOO? its a "LUCKY DRAW" wat! means you're not that lucky la thats why you get the sample! if you say it that way, ppl can argue it another way.

      anyways regarding the prize of giving out a car, please do not be fooled. i once know someone who organised these kinda contest where the main prize is a CAR...u know what? The new car actually belongs to the boss of the company...the boss may have bought a new car for himself/wife/kid...and then put it out loud and say that its the GRAND PRIZE. ofcos NOBODY would win, cos it belongs to him!!! so he just gets some random person to stand near the car and take pic blabla...BUT THE CAR IS HIS.

      i'm not saying that ALL contests are fake, but dont be naive thinking that for ALL contests, the car is actually up for grab when its not.

      anyways Miu, i would also suggest to go full force but please bear in mind that you do not have any proof. do you have a recording of the phonecall? if yes, then it might be a good idea for you to go ahead but if not, then its his word against yours.

      i was once in your situation, i didnt have proof but then as what people alwiz told us, customers are alwiz right. so i went full force, brought my lawyer and everything, but unfortunately i lost the case and in the end...lets just say alot of money was wasted la.

      if you really semangat, do your homework and go for it. if not, why waste time and energy on this whoever Mr Kurr is, he might just burn in hell one day :)

    22. i got that exactly size from Dior counter as free sample without even paying a single cent on any items. Dior give this to all its members as free sample gift.

    23. i know where you're coming from about the tone of his voice, and the words which was used... it just makes me angry too, eventhough i was not the person in the conversation :P

      anyhow, good luck miu!

    24. go for it, babe.

      i like CHOKY's suggestion for you to write to robinsons singapore. i did that with st*rbucks once after writing to them with a complaint (which they said got lost) and i got almost instantaneous results - the area manager called me the next day.

      so yeah. let the singapore office know. i know they'd just LOVE to hear abt this (and give them the blog link too.) nothing better to get ppl started than to see their good reputation go DDDOOOOOOWWWWWNNNNNN the drain because of ONE stupid person working for them.

    25. Wow i think Kit Pryde is right! You should brig this up to the Singapore branch or someone higher than this Mr. Kurrrrrr... or else many ppl will be boycotting Robinson's and all their promotions after reading this.

    26. Ha-yaaaa... That mr.Kurr was RUDE... for sure... and about he keep mentioning 'their lawyer'.. is just to threaten us as a customer...

      I hope you get the refund!! never want to go there for shopping!! >:-C

    27. GOOD COMPARISON between the Actual Size, Miniature size and Sample size!

    28. Joey:
      Yup u can say that again, girl. Good job, Miu! Coz God knows who else will Robinsons Garden staffs with 'excellent service' trick after this.

      To Mr Kurr;
      If u have no idea how to work with people, DON'T work in this industry. "This is Gardens Midvalley." LOL do we give a damn on the location of your office? Working in a 'luxurious' workplace doesnt mean u have higher reputation nor the respect that u dont deserve.

      Respect should be earned, and from what I read in this post, all I can say is, "oiy balik kolej sambung blaja la!"

      To Miu:
      And this is another reasons why im so over Robinsons. High standard mall my butt!

    29. Conclusion : Robinsons = Con Artist

    30. Miu, next time tap your phone calls HOHOHO... this kind of people call you instead of writing to you because they can just deny saying or twist the story if you proceed to complain about how he handle the conversation. kekeeke.. not too late to learn how to record your phone calls yea? Future might meet more of these things

    31. Hi Miu! walaa Jaya Jusco customer service berjuta kali lagi bagus dari Robinsons...seriously..last time i write a complain they call me and listen to my problem..A big NO NO for robinson after this..

    32. You should consider Kit's suggestion to highlight the issue to Robinsons Singapore.. Also to NCCC and NST.. Papers will have a field day with it..

      Must not let them wash their hands off it so easily..

    33. OMG!!

      An "UN-lucky Dip" ????

      Well, if nothing else this "Mr Kurr" has invented a new and novel concept for promotions!

      No wonder Robinsons Msia seems to be going down the drain.

    34. "Why on earth did no one tell me the prizes would also be SAMPLES?"

      Er Miu, Robinsons' "UN-lucky Dip" (hope they haven't trademarked this yet and i'm not infringing TM) did NOT give you sampleS.

      What you got was ONE sample.


    35. I would be so pissed off if I got that after spending that much.
      I've gotten bigger and better samples/deluxe sizes from spending less than that.

    36. I think most of customer service in Malaysia sucks big time. They dont even know the meaning of customer service and most of them are biased too.

    37. I agree with you. Hope that it improves in Msia coz our Trade Minister wants to make this a shopping haven so services need to improve not just pre-sale services but after sales service as well. Most in Msia only focus on pre-sale services. After you pass over your cash to them, the service is gone.

    38. omg...it sounds so terrible...I seldom shop in Robinson. Unexpected their customer service so lau beh..If I were you, I also feel kena cheated and very pissed off!

    39. I guess they have been around too long to care. Singapore Robinson is not any better.

      Previously when I bought something, the tag said 15% off any 2 pcs, including items on disc. What they "forgot" to indicate is I've to buy 2 pcs from either the reg or disc. No mixing allowed.

      When I asked them, they gave me a are you stupid look.. And when I wrote in, nobody bothered to get back to me until I wrote in another complaint. This time round, someone did get back to me. But all she did was,"Ok, I'll reflect to the management."

    40. =_= crap!!! "award winning service"???


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