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Laneige Ornament Look Roadshow Reported


the secret of Korean beauty make up workshop

While at MidValley, I went to spy the Laneige's Spring Collection Roadshow and to inquire if there is any more brush sets (brush set free with purchase of any Spring Collection). One thing I like about Laneige is their generosity and fabulous gifts with purchases (GWP) that could make you happy as hell. Take a wild look here!

The Laneige Spring Collection
buy Ornament Eye Shadow palette RM115
and u can join the Laneige Spring Workshop!
(terms & conditions apply)

GWP upon spending RM380

Lucky Wheel spin and GSC Movie Vouchers

spend rm250 and spin the lucky wheel!
(unlike Robinsons infamous "lucky dip", Laneige's
Lucky Wheel states the gifts/promo CLEARLY)

If you spend RM600 you get all this!

omg look at this pink luggage!!!

Seriously I was so tempted to spend rm600 to get all the freebies above. I mean come on the freebies probably cost rm300-400 already! and Laneige's products are reasonably priced and their skincare is actually great! Problem is my bf is breathing down my neck on my shopping activity and might use the pink luggage to whack me while I am asleep.

a free Laneige lip gloss without even spending!

Not only that there's a lil'cute freebie for everyone who present the Laneige Spring mailer to get a free Laneige Snow Cyrstal Lip gloss (keychain type!! cute!!). I shall now end this post by putting down the GWP list here.

Tier 1 - Purchase RM250
-Spin the Lucky Wheel to get a freebie!
- Exclusive Makeover by Korean Artist Mr. Steven Cho
- Brush set (if u purchase any Spring Collection)

Tier 2 - Purchase RM380
- Spin the Lucky Wheel
- Exclusive Makeover by Korean Artist
- Brush set (if u purchase any Spring Collection)
- 10pc gift set (2 pouch + 8 samples)

Tier 3 - Top up RM100
- get 2 GSC Movie Vouchers

Tier 4 - Top up again RM120 (making it total RM600)
- trendy pink trolley bag
- skin veil foundation worth RM105

click on image for larger read

and if your purchases includes a Ornament Eye Shadow palette RM115, you get to go to the Laneige Ornament Workshop and get more freebies!!! wow..that's HELL A LOT OF GIFTS from just purchasing your daily regime and cosmetic needs lol.


  1. oh my I love the pink luggage.... T______T

  2. OMG OMG!!
    so tempted to get the pink luggage!!
    but is it available in JB? (i mean dis promo~~, seem nope)
    sigh sigh~~

  3. Harim: yeah i am seduced by it too!

  4. Cath J: lol.. me too..sob sob

  5. Zann: yay T_T rm600 n u get all that freebie and a pink luggage!!! wish there was more brands with this kinda promotions.

    Hmm this current one is held in Midvalley KL. Not sure if they're gona do launch roadshow in JB or not :( u can try inquire from Laneige JB.

  6. RM600 for everything..I am so tempted too....>.<
    dun see dun see dun see dun see.....

  7. Hey, i have got it today ! yay !! spent rm700 (sob...pok gai dy)but so much thanks miu for the info on your blog! yesterday i read your blog at wee hour and went straight off to get it this afternoon after i woke up =p

    i compared both red-white strap and pink cabin luggage, the red one looks equally nice ! after much contemplation, i took away the red want with me. Heee =)

  8. Thanks Miu for that info on that day when I met u, so I quickly go and get 1 free lip gloss for myself.


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