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Loccitane February Sales & Promotion


got this each for RM13 (but need buy a pack of 6)

Remember these? limited edition soaps from Christmas range? Candied Rose & Sweet Cherry? they're on sale now at Loccitane Malaysia (finally!) BUT instead of selling by the piece, you need to buy a pack of 6 for RM79.80 (which means it's RM13 per piece compare to RM19 retail). Also on sale were Sweet Cherry Candle, Vanilla Body Cream (both are xmas limited edition), selected fragrance (among them is Peach Blossom edt!), various soaps, selected Immotelle range, Shea Butter items, Mommy & Baby balm, shower gels, bath salts (Verbena) and etc! I'm so SYCKED! I'm going to check out what Pavilion Loccitane & One Utama is offering! (coz based on stock availability at shops). Discounts from 20%, 30% and 50% and not entitle to any GWP.

Loccitane Midvalley 20% and 30% off

Update: I checked Loccitane MidValley, Gardens, 1 Utama, KLCC, Isetan KLCC (no such clearance) and Pavilion today. MidValley has the most varieties and Gardens has 2 items on 50% off. Pavilion not much on clearance. KLCC has some items that Midvalley don't (like the pendant/aroma accessory tablet). Departmental store types don't have such promotion. 1Utama is about the same as Pavilion. Your best bet to hit 2 Loccitanes at one go is at Midvalley coz u can alternate between Garden's or MidValley Loccitane shop. I have yet to check out Bangsar & Curve.


  1. thanks for the sales shoutout!!
    am running low on loccitane sheabutter soaps adi...
    absolutely luv them ~ cleanup my hands before cleansing my face!

    wanna checkout the sales too!
    vanilla body creamm soundsss heavenly!but i still hav kores & lush~ cant seem to finish my body lotion grrr grrr

  2. is this for members only?

  3. is sweet cherry body cream on sale?

  4. Stellar: sheabutter soaps.. i think saw at MV Loccitane, small ones though. Price unsure. Vanilla Body Cream retail rm156, now rm100 nia. Save rm56! not bad.. i bought for Joey as xmas gift.

  5. Anonymous: not it's not :( but the candle is selling at MV Loccitane.

  6. i waas screamin out loud when i saw immortelle range on sales!!
    haha 1st time in history! "everlasting flower" said to hold the secret to eternal youth

    am soo sucker in by this line! haha

    saw the shea cotton creamy mask too rm100++ normal price is rm126


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