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Loccitane Singapore Promotion & Haul


YES! my Loccitane Singapore haul is back! I met my brother this morning at Port Klang for breakfast and chat. I have been looking all over Loccitane Malaysia boutiques for the Delicious Almond Supple Skin Oil but it was out of stock since December. It was making me crazy! so when Loccitane Singapore launch their Shea Butter/Mommy & Baby promotion, I couldn't wait anymore. It was a good thing my brother went to Singapore, he helped me haul back my stuffs & sign up as Loccitane Singapore member.

Loccitane Singapore's GWP promotion

Part of my haul needed to include either a Shea Butter/Mommy & Baby product so I decided to try the Mommy & Baby cleanser (which can be use for hair & body), a Lavender soap, Almond Supple Skin Oil (out of stock in M'sia) & the limited edition Almond Mist Concentrated (sold out in M'sia). FYI the Almond Mist Concentrated is actually a body mist spray with a combination of Almond Supple Skin Oil & Almond Milk Concentrate for body firming & moisturising.

My brother is the BEST! He made sure that I would get my gifts and samples too! (yea i let him have my samples). The gwp gifts are Shea Butter Fresh Face Water 100ml, Shea Butter Ultra Rich Cream 50ml, a travel size Shea Butter serum a Shea Butter pouch! awww cute! in about 3 weeks time I'll go collect my Singapore Loccitane member card.


  1. Miu, u really are a super loccitane fans!!

  2. Much more decent size and number of GWP than Msia!!

  3. I lurv the pouch! Their generous with the GWPs..

  4. SG having more choice than here? umm.. SG also no go b4


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