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OPI DELL Laptops!


Matching our nail colors to e-mails.

It's official, my pc for nearly 2 years needs to go on a long long long vacation. Now I can't do much updates on my blog without my trusty computer beside me. Am thinking that I should get a laptop but sigh gosh I will have to put it on credit card installment (like those 0% interest rate plans). I don't know much about PC/Laptop stuffs, always been relying on my bf to do the thinking. I am tempted to get a laptop/notebook so I could blog whenever I am (besides updating via my BlackBerry muahaha). Anyone has any recommendations? looks like this week u girls gotta do some history reading on my blog and participate in the Vote for your Kitty contest coz I won't be updating much :( bummers.

(but this gives me plenty of reason to shop for a laptop/pc!!! muahahhaa)

omg check out the latest Dell laptop colors


Yeah I'm totally gona be shopping for a laptop... and this is on my research & destroy cash list. Quite a brilliant catchy idea to appeal to us ladies. Putting one of the most popular nail polish brands on a laptop to match our pretty fingers.


  1. wow..nice.. but I dun like dell..kinda bulky and dunno why just dun like it..=p

  2. am loving this..... especially the beautiful light pink one :)

  3. i want it in la paz-itively hot!
    so pretty! <3

  4. Same feeling with Jean too...jz don like Dell, Miu don u think of having a net book? More convininient and cheaper.

  5. Oh Miu... This lappy so sexy...


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