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Cleo Beauty Workshop


Cleo Beauty Workshop
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It's a pleasant surprise to find Cleo teaming up with Neutrogena to do a Beauty Workshop. Perhaps they have done so in the past but this definitely catch my eye right away. AT RM30, I wished I was diligent enough to go mail in the payment but I'm just not so hardworking nowadays. Somehow the Neautrogena packaging reminds me of the Shu Uemura Deep Sea Hydrability packaging as well. With all the other big brands coming up with Whitening this Spring, Neutrogena & Shu Uemura is aiming to hydrate us this month :)

Date: 20 March 2010 (Sat)
Time: First Session : 10am - 1pm / Second Session: 2pm- 5pm
Venue: Gardens Club Lounye, Level 4, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City
Participants: 25 pax each session
Fees: RM30 per pax (inclusive of refreshments)

*The Cleo Beauty Workshop is available to the first 50 readers to mail in a completed coupon along with cheque/money order for RM30 payable to ACP Magazines Pte. Ltd.

Coupon can be found in latest issue of Cleo March.


  1. Thanks for the onfor. Will send in tomorrow......this time my sis going.This month and next month have so many workshop......dah "po ka' oredi. Wanted to go for the Clinique workshop at Garden Hotel this Sunday but i need to go for Origins Workshop in KL.....I very greedy.....all also want to attend but no time.Miu, are u attending any of them?

  2. quite interested with this one..but same...lazy to mail...

  3. Just posted out just now.. hoped its not too late to grab a seat for the workshop!


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